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Bounty Hunter Series

A series of plots based on the exploits of Bounty hunters.

The Plot Plan

This Bounty Hunter Series follows the action of a group of Bounty Hunters and their exploits throughout the known sector, seeking fame, fortune, and action.

The plot is also PG-13 rated, although players can take the 18+ stuff elsewhere in the forums.

The format will mostly consist of Single Posts and a bit of joint posts

Current GM: Whitehart


Language Sexuality Violence
2 1 3

Plot Scores

  • March 17th, 2013 - 92 (A)
  • April 17th, 2013 - 93 (A)
  • September 11th, 2013 - 93 (A)
  • January 12th, 2014 - 76 (B)
  • August 30th, 2014 - 96(A) - YEAH BABY BACK BEING ACE
  • January 19th, 2015 -103(A+) - KEEP DAT SCORE RISING BABY


Current Location

Plot History

Old Prologue - Meet the Hunters

Rin Carpentor, the Mayor's daughter has been kidnapped and the Mayor has put up a 50,000KS bounty for her safe return. Samantha Wong entered the bar “Greased Wind” while following information that a gang leader that visited the bar knew some information. The name of that man was Roger Mittins, who gave up this information after Sam took down his goons. Dimitri Rogues was on route to the “Coin Love” Casino when he decided to take a shortcut though the alleys only to find a woman under assault by some thugs who he realized was the Mohawk gang that probably had information on Rin Carpenter. After a short fight he learned that a former merc Greg Vanderson has hired the aid of the Bloodpaw Gang and had the Mayor's daughter hidden in a ship looking warehouse. Three bounty hunters converged on the location, Sam accidentally fell from the second floor and was knocked out and was sent to a hospital later, Atverm Doe with the help of a policeman and an investigator arrived at the office while Dimitri took a more sneaky path and had arrived there sooner. Together they dispatched Greg Vanderson and prevented the Mayor's daughter from being killed in the firefight.

Old Bounty 01: New Kohana Blues

Sarah Keller requests an escort job for Sora and herself for 3,400 KS. Atverm, Dimitri, and Raven took the job and initiated a firefight in the streets. After some fighting and running into an abandoned bar, the group decided on a battle plan only not to be needed since whoever attacked them decided to stay away from the bounty hunters to keep their losses at a minimum. The story of New Kohana ends here.

Prologue 2 - A New Flight, and a New Fight

Location - Aboard the “Joyride” Starliner

A relatively vague post requesting John McRenar dead, and a reward for his killer is put up on the bounty board, attracting the attention of some Hunters. Soon after the ship leaves port, due to the sabotaging of a few 'undercover' pirates, the ship is boarded by Kara, Captain of the Iron Ferret, who intends to forcibly separate the passengers from their possessions, their lives if necessary. The Hunters, Nicholas Clarke, Desmond Stroud, Helric Johnson, Jacob Fuller, and Kendra “Boa” Galanis, band together to fight their way off the ship, rescuing a few of the passengers in the process. Meanwhile, Kara kills the “Joyride” 's Captain, and makes her way to the cargo hold with McRenar, who had been associating himself with the pirate gang. In the Cargo Hold, a handful of pirates had plotted mutiny, and executed their plan, failing to kill Kara and McRenar. It comes down to a showdown between Amanozako and James, versus Kara and John McRenar. Kara and John both die, by Amanozako's hand, while James is killed protecting Amanozako. The other group of Hunters clear engineering, removing a bomb from the ships engines, only to come to a tense meeting with Amanozako. After resolving the issue, they all take the pirate shuttle, with the intent to board, and seize the pirate ship for themselves.

Prologue 2.1 - The "Iron Ferret"

After arriving, the hunters find the ship is almost empty. Dispatching the 'Welcoming' Crew, (With the exception of “Lucky” Luke), the hunters find the bridge clear of pirates, which was taken by another mutinous pirate, Lapas Vejo. For the remainder, the group split up to do their own things, exploring their new home, meeting the resident mechanic and doctor, for better or worse.

After arriving at Delsauria, the crew is ambushed outside the ship by thugs who think Kara is still Captain of the vessel. The thugs are looking for compensation and blood, and find only death at the hands of the hunters. At the end, they discover some small leads on the origin of the thugs, leaving Nicholas to do some research while the others have some down time.

Afterwards, the crew did few small missions. Especially Desmond, who also recruited new member of the team, a mercenary called Raven. Nicholas meanwhile did some digging on the thugs who attacked the crew and met a tiny heavy weapons specialist Tecuma, who also joined the crew.

Bounty 1 - The Sand Rally

The team was hired by local law enforcer by the name of Robert Burdo. The team was hired to protect a caravan of local merchant against possible raider assault and, much to their displeasure, the caravan was actually assaulted by the desert raiders. After a lengthy fight against giant lizards, a tank, and several bandits, the bounty hunters and the mercenary band that were with them emerged victorious right before the marine support they were promised arrived at the scene.

Bounty 2


Right after the events in the desert, the bounty hunters of the Iron Ferret did several small jobs with a single, bigger purpose in mind. These jobs, which consisted of hijacking ammo from the biggest gang around and scout their main base of operations, as well as hiring more people for the crew, ultimately paved the way for the operation that would try to take them town.

Castle Crashing

With the way paved after the previous assignments, the bounty hunters finally get ready to assault the headquarters of the gang that had been giving them a rough time ever since they landed on the planet, once again hiring the help of Jaina's mercenaries. The operation consisted of an attack by two groups, a main one which would draw the attention from the forces inside the industrial complex that the gang had been using as headquartes, while another one went unnoticed to deactive the building controlling the automated robots defending it, which consisted of the bulk of their forces.

After a prolongued battle with some misfortunes, the bounty hunters and mercenaries laid a siege to the main factory building, where the last remnants of resistance were located. Storming into the building, the survivors from both sides fought in a brutal melee, which ended in the gang leader being captured alive, while two bounty hunters went after some of the gangers that escaped.

Bounty 3


Upon taking down one, if not the, major gang in Delsauria, the bounty hunters laid low for a couple of days. During this time, Desmond Stroud assisted Amanozako in returning an NMX escort back into working order, as well as hired the services of Rathe, Irene, Liam and Kira to prepare for the next jobs.

Eviction Notice

After all hands were paid, the crew of the Iron Ferret headed for Dawn Station, securing a job with Origin Industries to clear their abandoned complex in the Tami system of any hostiles, while another group of bounty hunters went after another bounty inside Dawn Station itself


A small group of bounty hunters goes after a bounty placed on a single woman in Dawn Station, unknown to the mysteries surrounding it. After some minor frustrations, however, the bounty ends up in a dead end and failure, as the captain of the Concordia Veil seemingly disappeared from the station. With the security personnel and the ship's own crew closing in, the hunt is called off.

Bounty 4 (Current Chapter)


Using the data acquired from the raid in Delsauria, the bounty hunters and mercenaries find themselves following the money-trail that led to Funky City. Their next stop is to raid another compound under the control of a gang called the “Burnouts” which have a serious obsession with setting things, and people, on fire.

The raid was a full out offensive performed with a coordinated effort from two sides. While the main building was half destroyed and cleared the real threat was in the warehouse on the compound. Filled with combustible and flammable fuel it was also home to a patchwork and largely jury-rigged suit of rudimentary power armor. It's entrance on to the scene was highly dangerous thanks to flamethrowers connected to both of it's arms. With a concerted effort the Hunters we're able to reduce the armor into a towering inferno that was a spectacular display to end the raid.

Sadly, this raid proved to be the last for the group as a whole. Many of the Hunters moved on from the group, either retiring or moving into solo jobs. The ad hoc leader Desmond Stroud left both the Iron Ferret and it's hefty vault in storage until someone once again took up the reins.



Player Name Character Name Specialty
Whitehart Duncan Whitaker Face puncher
Floodwaters Kira Denere Straight shooter
Charmaylarg Shasta Archeletta Toy Operator
Primitive Polygon Phage Nine Two B 92B-4561-8893 Tech hoarder
Mrmister Salem G. (Greenlee) Fowler Smooth operator
Soban Sacre Sanssinia (Fork) Medical cutter
SirSkully Adley Hayabusa Purple killer
club24 Satto Okamish Gentleman assassin
Sageshooter Tecuma Citlalli (Tech-hu-mah Sit-lol-e) Diminutive powerhouse

Other Characters / NPC's

Character Name Gender/Race Purpose Notes Appearance (If needed)
Jaina Derring Female/Nepleslian Mercenary leader Works closely with Bounty Hunters In bio.
RN-01D Robot Nurse Old model, goes by Arnold
MX-1N3 Robot Pilot Old model, goes by Maxine
DN-13L Robot Steward Old model, goes by Daniel
Riki Sentient Ferret Engineer/Mechanic
Roo Sentient Ferret Engineer/Mechanic

Wall of Honor, previous Hunters

Player Name Character Name Specialty
ShotJon Kendra "Boa" Galanis Thievery/Small Arms/CQC/Art
Foxtrot813 Desmond Stroud Engineer/CQC
Luca Danny H.L. Stealth/CQC/Search & Rescue
Nite Train Rathe CQC/Driver/Medic
Mrmister Salem G. (Greenlee) Fowler Medic/Rifleman
Bloodyscarlet Gearhead Shutdown Sixty Four 64-5884-2916 Repairs/CQC
Born-on-board William 'Bill' Mitchell Senior Citizen
Gunsight1 Amanozako Riflewoman/CQC/Stealth

The Vault

The Vault is money used for, buying essential supplies, and other needs or wants that benefit the entire group. Basically, this money is intended for buying things that will benefit the group as a whole, instead of a single person, such as vehicles or machinery.

Vault Balance History

Balance Addition Subtraction Reason
22,000 DA 2,000 Deposit for Prologue 2.1
20,000 DA 20,000 Seizure of “Iron Ferret” 's Safe
50,000 DA 30,000 Money acquired from Castle Crashing raid
70,000 DA 20,000 Money acquired from selling intel to the IPG
20,000 DA 50,000 DA Purchase of Terrene Assault Transport
17,500 DA 2,500 DA Purchase of NA-K2 Outrider Armored Car
8,000 DA 9,500 DA Purchase of Corona Heavy Gunship

Posting Requirements

Players are expected to post at least once every week, if all players have posted under that timeframe the GM will do his best to get a new post in as soon as possible. Joint posts aren't mandatory for the main missions, but if the opportunity presents itself and all players affected can join, then they will happen.

Players who do not post within the time frame and who do not present a reason either on the OOC thread or by PM on the forums will be auto'ed in that post for the sake of moving the plot on. If the player is still inactive by the end of the mission the character will be moved to the Inactive Characters section of the wiki and be kept out from other missions until the player returns.

Requirements to join

The only requirement is to get in contact with either the GM or Co-GM. Don't worry, they don't bite. Much.

Positions Wanted

Contact Whitehart for details.

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