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The Wayward

The Wayward is a roleplaying plot created October 8, 2014 by Syaoran.

Status: This plot is currently open for any approved character to join.

Plot Overview

The plot follows the crew of the Anbruch as they go about their adventures in space. Mining, Salvage, pirate hunting, even relic hunting, as long as it's fun the Anbruch might give it a shot. This means that there will be a lot of individualism and infantry related activities where as things like ship to ship combat will be less emphasized.

Rules and Pacing


Posting will take place primarily in SP format on the forum, however if the players want to do a JP it can be arranged if enough people can get together at the right time. All players will be expected to post within 5-7 days of a post requiring their reaction, GM or player. Of course if something comes up and you can't make it for a while try to tell everyone before hand if possible.

If a player does not post within 7 days they will be contacted by the GM, as well as possibly having their character auto moved if a GM post is being made. Repeated infractions will result in the character being left out of post and moved to inactive members. Characters can then only return at story appropriate areas. If a character that has been inactive multiple times continues to miss the posting requirement it could result in death of the character.


Plot is currently a 16+ plot. The rating can be raised or lowered by unanimous decision of the participants.

Characters and Players

Active character

Character Player Rank Position
Tanja Dunst Syaoran König Captain
Aala Dash Ametheliana - -


Character Rank Position
Gabi - Pilot
A 5'5“ red head EM-J2-3a Douryo Android (Deluxe) with curly hair and grey eyes. They are rather quite, but direct when speaking. They behave and dress androgynously after their upgrade1).
Stefan Beutel2) - Scientist
A large 6'8” Oberflächenbewohner male with tan skin and light brown hair that brights to blonde at the tips done up into a faux-hawk on most occasions. He is a bit loud, and very open about his opinions, but he avoids directly criticizing people.


Character Player Rank Position
Saku Hana Ametheliana Bauer -
Ashtoreth “Ash” Demir Cyborg aka DJ Moose Springer Combatant
Analiese SmokeEmpress Springer Engineering
Adiel Avraham Blizzard Springer Combatant
Jun Nan Whitehart Springer Computer Expert
Quinn Cathal Enansel Springer Medical
Janelle Jacobs Floodwaters Springer -

Former Characters

Character Player Rank Position
Shadow Wraith Quantumditto - Engineering
matthew_henderson Acewing13 Unassigned
Reed Sterling Cmd_Jackson Läufer Pilot
Hugar Semjax Läufer Sensors/Navigations
Rev'tock Embel Bloodyscarlet Springer Operations/Weapons
Doctor Wilhuuf Creed Frankly Bauer Unassigned
Darling Cookies Bauer Unassigned
brigid_piper ArsenicJohn Bauer -


Rank Meaning Salary(Weekly)
König King/Captain -
Dame Queen/Sub-captain 600KS
Turm Rook 500KS
Läufer Bishop 400KS
Springer Knight 300KS
Bauer Pawn 200KS

Open Positions

Vist here for information on what crew is being sought.


Episode 1- First Steps

Thread The Anbruch was purchased in YE 36 and originally used by Tanja Dunst as a mining ship. After some altercations she decided that it was best to get a full crew if she wanted to continue venturing independently in space.

After hiring her new crew, Tanja wanted to test them out, so she took them to the old Origin facility on Tami where they were going to salvage materials and data for a client. Things were going well until they encountered some resistance toting NMX weaponry. After a bit of a struggle they managed to subdue the aggressors and retrieve some old Origin Data that they took to Dawn Station to receive payment for.

Episode 2 - Distant Memories

Thread With new crew members joining they took on their second assignment, escorting a Qel'noran to an uninhabited planet for research. The trip was easy but when they arrived they found themselves in the middle of an asteroid field and after taking some damaged were forced to crash land on the planet. The planet was found to have a breathable atmosphere but some aggressive wild life. At the location of what looked like a building abandoned for many years they found bones that require more research.

After locating a what seemed to be a structure on their sensors, as well as picking up another ship entering the atmosphere, the team decided to split up. A portion went with Rulloo to investigate the structure while the others stayed at the ship to watch it. Watching the ship probed to be rather eventful, after a bit of discussion on board, one crewman made their way off the ship and confronted a large bear like creature they met earlier. However after getting too close, and other following, the bear became aggressive and lashed out at the crew, forcing them to kill it and causing one of their own to run off in frustration.

While this was happening, the group investigating the structure found a strange tower that began emitting sounds when it was touched. With no detectable transmissions or mathematical patterns to the sound, they found themselves at a loss until a large creature made it's presence known. The group distracted the beast while Rulloo continued his analysis of the structure, however it wasn't quick enough and the captain was thrown by the creature and blacked out after hitting a tree.

After some tense moments, the crew managed to recover the captain and get Rulloo's analysis done and narrowly escaped the planet before some other 'visitors' had a chance to get their hands on them. However with the captain seriously injured, it was decided that they would rest at Waypoint Trade Station while she got surgery. The over week break gave everyone enough time to resupply, as well as new crew members to join.

Episode 3 - The Ups and Downs


After Tanja recovered the crew received a new mission, somewhat different from the usual. This time they were tasked with the removal of squatters from an Abwehran science station, and then to repair crucial systems so that it could be used again.

Though there were struggles, the crew did manage to find and suppress the squatters, that turned out to be a pirate crew using the station as a base of operations.

Episode 4 - New Heights


After the last operation, the crew took a bit of a break to relax. During this time Tanja was in talks with the ASE over a new request.

Due to their results with the last request, they were requested to assist with the exploration of uncharted space that the ASE had found and called the Sea Of Clouds. In order to help them complete the mission they were outfitted with new equipment and would also have a support ship trailing them to help with their needs.

While laying the first of many beacons that would help them navigate, they were attacked by a new lifeform they would call 'Cloud Bugs'. The Cloud Bugs were not intelligent however and the crew escaped safely with the beacon set up.

Episode 5 - Out at Sea


The crew found themselves at the edge of the ionized space, where they could use FTL once more. They had decided to place a beacon to mark the area, but just when they had begun to make preparations, a ghost ship showed up on sensors. It was quickly revealed to contain a large quantity of CloudBugs and soon a fight broke out between the crew and the bugs.

Episode 6 - Unlisted

Thread The crew landed on a strange planet that appeared to be covered almost entirely in moss. So they set out to explore and find water. Along the way they encountered several life forms with unusual characteristics. After spending some time investigating, it was decided that it would be best to return to Cloud Harbor and give a full report on everything up to this point.

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