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Aala Dash

Aala Dash is a player character played by Ametheliana.

Aala Dash
Species & Gender: Iromakuanhe Female
Year of Birth: AR 915/ YE 03
Organization: Hlaraian
Occupation: Hacker
Rank: N/A
Current Placement: Anticipating Deployment 1)

Physical Description

Aala has the uncommon violet hair of the Hlaraians that falls past her waist and the more commonplace blue eyes of them, as well. She has black skin as is common, which is as dark as a moonless, starless night sky.



A bit of an eccentric. Uses her toes almost as much as he fingers. She's wily and wild. Sweet like cinnamon and like a dream you'll never be able to live in. She is wanted for her skills and detested for her lack of manners. There is nothing she can't do with computers and nothing she can do when it comes to working with other people. There's only so much room for growth in her brain for pleasantries and particulars about how to deal with people, and, so, she doesn't learn what she should. She does know how to be kind, but not gentle. She's smart but not wise.

Quote from [ISS Shinpi] I Am The Yamataian
โ€œWoopdee,โ€ Aala murmured as she rolled her eyes, grin still intact, and keyed in the security code, โ€œdoooo~โ€œ

Likes: Trance music, Hacking, NI, Computers, Coffee, and 3D printed clothing.

Dislikes: Stiffs, hippy-types, drawing, silence.

Quote from [ISS Shinpi] I Am The Yamataian
Aala chimed out to herself as she hunched over the computers, โ€œOut of your depth to play games of life or death!โ€ She said as she flitted with the controls. With a giggle, she said, โ€œBreath of life and death of strife, commence!โ€


Now 22 AR old, she was the daughter of an archaeologist and a professor, both of which homeschooled her. She didn't get much socialization, but she made up for it by getting to know strangers on Commonwealth Communications Grid.

She learned invaluable skills on different sites and sel-taught herself hacking and computing skills. She eventually moved out of the home and system, as well, going as far as the Kikyo Sector.

RP History

Aala was found in a pod in the ISS Shinpi by Ronin, an ex-Yam merc that brought her aboard with few questions. She was able to fix up the place a bit with her hacking skills.

Then, they set out to get a bounty.

Quote from [ISS Shinpi] I Am The Yamataian
Aala Dash had her ebony legs stretched so that her exposed toes could swipe at the screen of the command console as she leaned back all the way on the pilot's seat. The three screens on the bridge were relaying all of the information she could possibly garner at the limited processing power the ship was capable of, relative to what she was used to. She wanted to be immersed. She wanted to feel the information and work with it by thought alone. She wanted so much more than the Kouken was giving her.

Skills Learned

Hacking: Skilled in the art of hacking, Aala can do so in Trade, Saalsari, and Yamataigo. She can work on AI of Yamataian and Nepleslian vessels and has an in-depth knowledge of NI on Iromakuanhe vessels. She can get through and bypass many systems.

Domestic: Aala can cook an easy and fast meal, but not much else.

Entertainment: Aala can compose and write synth music.

Vehicles: Aala can operate and handle vehicles.

Communication: She can speak in Trade, Yamataigo, and Saalsari, her native tongue.

Social Connections

Inventory & Finance


Aala has 13000 KD.

OOC Information

In the case Ametheliana becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? NO
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NO
Character Data
Character NameAala Dash
Character OwnerAmetheliana
Character StatusInactive Player Character
Not really deployment, just placement in a plot
Middle art by Primitive Polygon

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