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Sleeping Pods

Sleeping pods are standard fare in most Astral Vanguard vessels, acting as a combination of bed and emergency stasis pod should life support fail while the crew are sleeping. They are armored in a thin layer of Aerudirn and have their own Prajna organs, which allow the sleeper to be put into suspended animation by severely slowing down their metabolism and other life functions. Their shape is similar to that of a stretched out lemon, covered in a layer of smooth eggshell-like material. The inside is filled with spongy white hexagonally patterned organoid tissues that use brainwave and touch sensors to read the occupant's body structure to conform to it. Cradling and cushioning the body, this makes the beds significantly more comfortable than the standard fare of the common soldier in other nations, if only a little claustrophobic.

In case a pod is lost out in open space, they carry small space disturber beacons that generate small spatial oscillations, which can be easily detected by modern sensors systems.

Statistics and Statistics

Name: Sleeping Pod Type: Furniture/Stasis Pod Government: Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth Designer: Solan Starworks Manufacturer: Solan Starworks

Armor Structural (Mecha): SP 3 Range: 48 Days Ping Range: 2 LY

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