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Iromakuanhe Common Phrases


  • “Divine presence at our engines.” Blessing. Also commonly used as a greeting, especially in the Astral Vanguard. Due to its prominence of use, a shorter form consisting of the first two words has spread into civilian speech as well.
  • “Dreamer's Peace.” Reply to a greeting. Used to denote some degree of informality for the conversation.
  • “Jarin's fortune.” Blessing. The Jarin Wyrm is a symbol of good luck among the Iromakuanhe, and references to it are a way of wishing the other person well.
  • “Touch divine, until we next meet.” Farewell. Best wishes to the person this is spoken to.
  • “May your ancestors awaken to see what you've become.” Statement. Depending on the context, it can either be encouraging or derogatory.
  • “My dreams smile on me.” Statement, Used to say that one feels well, physically and mentally, on the occasion
  • “You can tell a lot about a girl by the way she takes care of her horns.” This phrase originally extended to both sexes, but nowadays it's just a reference that means a girl's personality is reflected in her horn care methods. Clean, well groomed horns can be a sign a girl is tidy, or uptight, while horns with lots of paint or intricate designs indicates a wilder personality. Usually this refers to not only their general personality, but also how they might act during a lovemaking session.
  • “His horns lie.” An expression meaning that a large horned male probably has a small member.
  • “Loud enough to wake the Dreamers.” Originally this expression just meant any sort of loud noises, but it's meaning has shifted to only refer to loud lovemaking sessions.


  • “The freedom of the skies is worth the turbulence.” Statement. Some things are worth fighting for.
  • “The winds are tamest on the ground.” Statement. Life is easiest when one's dreams are low and boring.
  • “Starwinds carry your dreams home.” Farewell. Common at eulogies.


  • “What use is a star to my crops if it has not shone yet?” Statement. Proven worth outweighs potential.




  • “(The) Sand shifts unfavorably.” Statement. This situation is not ideal.
  • “My tears are sand.” Statement. Your sob stories are irritating to me.
  • “Sand Dreamers sleep for a reason. The very same that we do not.” Statement. Reality can be harsh, but it is harsh because it is reality.

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