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Solan Starworks

Company Statistics
Established AR 632 (BYE 373)
Employees 127, 000
Associated FactionsAstral Commonwealth
Nomenclature IDSo-
NicknamesSolan, Solanii, Starworks

About Solan

“The shining example in a nation among the stars.”

Established in AR 632 (BYE 273) Solan Starworks is the premier manufacturer in the Astral Commonwealth. It is firmly established as the primary supplier to the armed forces of the IAC, known as Astral Vanguard, and has kept a tradition of excellence for three centuries. Despite this reputation, there had been little economic growth after the first 50 years of the company's inception, and stagnation had begun to set in.

Then after more than two and a half centuries, it was announced that a massive expedition would be launched out of the star system, and there would be a huge demand for new craft, tools and of course, weapons. Existing facilities were expanded and preparations were made to build new ones over the course of the next few years. It would be a time of ongoing growth again for Solan.

A generalist corporation, Solan's six departments each specializes in a different field, though interaction between each is common.

Corporate Goals

  • To ensure the success of the Erla Miraiv Expedition by giving the involved personnel cutting edge equipment and craft.
  • To improve a stagnant economy.
  • To engage in trade with any nearby nations, if possible.
  • To improve the standard of living by building more powerful and efficient technologies.


  • Administration
  • Testing Division
  • Staryards (Shipyards)
  • Starforges (Weapons Manufacture)
  • Starlife (Biotech and Genetics)
  • Starwinds (Physics Labs)


Products and Components

Staryards (Ships and Vehicles)





Starforges (Weapons and Combat Gear)

Melee Weapons

Ranged Weapons

Armored Suits

Starlife (Medical Equipment and Engineered Lifeforms)


Medical Equipment

Starwinds (Subsystems, Misc and X-Tech)




Power Systems

Propulsion Systems




Mareyn Riel Iromakuanhe, Minister of Finances, CEO Personality: Quiet, efficient. Has a private passion for the sciences. Notes: Mildly nearsighted, polishes her horns. An Ivuori. Appearance: An Iromakuanhe in her early 50's, though she appears to be in her mid thirties, at most. Short brown hair, blue eyes and slightly pale complexion. Slim build.
Kaerl Solan Iromakuanhe, Head of Staryards Personality: Passionate and inspired. Enjoys combining form and function. Notes: Half Curdatl son of the Minster of Finances, and a descendant of Starworks' founder. Appearance: Long light brown ponytail, bright purple eyes and lightly tanned complexion. Athletic build.

OOC Notes

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