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The following is an article on the culture of the Iromakuanhe and the Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth.

Sturdy of body and will, the Curdatl are the descendants of the colonists that arrived on Maekardan. They form the large majority of the Iromakuanhe people, and work in nearly all fields of endeavor, but are known specifically as the tenders of the massive agricultural complexes that dot the worlds colonized by the Iromakuanhe. They are a jovial lot, and get along with almost anyone, though they have difficulties dealing with the odd temperaments of the Sund Wakir and Ivuori.

Physical Traits

Color (Hair/Eye) Eyes Hair
White Very Rare Rare
Gray Uncommon Rare
Black None Common
Brown Common Common
Red Uncommon Common
Orange Uncommon Common
Yellow Uncommon Common
Blue Common Rare
Violet Common Rare
Green Common Rare
Skin Color Rarity
Chalk White Uncommon
Brown (“Black”) Common
Rose Pink Common
Flesh Common
Pale Purple Very Rare
Average Stats
Male Height 6'4“
Female Height 5'11”
Male Weight 170 Ibs
Female Weight 150 Ibs
Male Build Athletic/Muscular
Female Build Toned/Athletic
Bra Cup Size C/D


General Behavior

Generally speaking, the Curdatl are the easiest to get along with among the Iromakuanhe, though they are not quite as adventurous as the Eyr Ranr. They enjoy the simple pleasures in life, such as food, fine drink, a bed and a partner to warm it. That's not to say that the Curdatl can't enjoy finery and culture. As if for pure convenience and a sense of acceptance towards the way the universe unfolds itself to them, their preferences come from the availability of the simpler things in life, versus the expensive and austere.

Marriage Practices


With a very strong family-oriented culture, the Curdalt typically are typically married to a single person, and elect to remain so for the remainder of their lives. Until marriage, youths are encouraged (and slightly expected) to enjoy very wild and lively love lives.

The Ceremony

The Curdatl, having such great joie de vivre, will spare no expense on the celebration of a matter as wonderful as marriage. A rather lavish spectacle is held, though much of the budget goes into food, drink and entertainment, rather than decorations or clothing. In a religious ceremony, the couple is wed after and exchange of vows and an embrace. Celebrations involve the extended family and last several days of merrymaking.

Familial Practices

Curdatl families are nuclear in nature, and very large in size. Because of the heavy workload on Curdatl communities, the youth work at home and go to school, in a very character building childhood. Families typically have two parents and 3-6 children.


The Curdatl are very tolerant of homosexuality, and will even allow gay couples the right to marry under a religious ceremony. The value is placed on love itself, rather than the person it is directed to. Heterosexual couples are only preferred because they produce children, but with a population growing as quickly as it is, it is reasoned that there is no reason to worry over the matter. Society in general dislikes certain degrading fetishes publicly, but does not go out of it's way to halt them. The Curdtal have a particular like for the sheen of well-polished and laquered horns.


Curdatl architecture is a stunning combination of pleasant rusticism and cutting edge environmentally friendly engineering. Wide, tastefully decorated, open spaces are preferred, with plenty of plants. Harmony with the green places of the world is emphasized.

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