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Altjira Biomedical

Company Statistics
Established AR 533 (BYE 507)
Employees 2, 722, 990
Associated FactionsAstral Commonwealth, Independent
Nomenclature IDAj-
Nicknames Altjira, Alji

About Altjira

“For the whole you.”

Preceding even Solan, Altjirah Biomedical is an interplanetary corporation that was founded in the early days of Iromakuanhe history out of necessity, as state-sponsored oversight committee charged with ensuring that all food production was being done cleanly and efficiently. Eventually, the company grew in size as the farmers became increasingly prosperous, and was officially made into a public corporation in AR 533, two decades after it was originally founded. While it was now subject to corporate whims, Altjira remained in some ways attached to the government, the subject of heavy regulation, and a permanent fixture in the agricultural businesses across the Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth.

Though not all farms and agricultural complexes are directly affiliated to Altjira Biomedical, most purchase their non-mechanical equipment from them, including livestock, new genetically modified plant species and special fertilizers that do not destabilize the environments they are in.

Corporate Goals


  • Administration
  • AgriBio (Agriculture & Maintenance)
  • EnviroBio (Environmental Protection)
  • MediBio (Equipment and Pharmaceuticals)

Products and Components

AgriBio (Agriculture & Maintenance)

EnviroBio (Environmental Protection)

MediBio (Equipment and Pharmaceuticals)


Draren Mhezzil Iromakuanhe, CEO Personality: Incredibly passionate of the life sciences and biological technologies. Generally easygoing. Notes: Inherited majority share from father, who passed away several years ago. An Ivuori. Appearance: A Iromakuanhe man in his early thirties with very boyish features. Light unkempt brown hair and dark blue eyes. Medium, if slightly scraggly build.

OOC Notes

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