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Government of the Astral Commonwealth

The government of the Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth is a tightly-knit confederacy of the planetary, lunar and orbital colonies of the Iruotl System, composed of an assembly of representatives elected by the people of their home districts, the assembly selected ministers of the Iromakuanhe Conclave, and the figurehead government representative known as the Makuzhar.

It operates with a significant amount of laissez-faire in rapport to its individual colonies, sharing a common military force and only intervening with lower levels of government when it fails to meet the mandate of the various ministries.

The Structure of the Government

Because of the large number of inhabitants it possesses, the Astral Commonwealth relies on a complicated network of governmental houses, councils and ministries to function effectively. The people elect their representatives in the House of Speakers and the members of their municipal, district and planetary (colonial) government. The Conclave and various ministries consist of government officials who are selected by the House for their competence or backgrounds, from which the figurehead leader known as the Makuzhar is elected.

The system is bureaucratic by nature, with the middle areas of leadership having the most practical power. The “head of state” is more or less a spokesperson with veto rights and political power that outweighs any one member of the House or Conclave.


  • 1, directly responsible/commands levels below.1)
  • 2, forms the legislative and executive branches of national government.
  • 3, makes up the bulk of/elects/enlists in the levels directly above.

Components of the Government

Executive Branch

The executive branch is composed of three political bodies, those being the Iromakuanhe Conclave which codifies and implement new laws, the Ministries which enact and enforce them on lower levels of government and the figurehead Makuzhar who represents the executive powers of the government to the people and the whole of the Commonwealth in the international forum. This area of government is the most thoroughly bureaucratic, with the Ministries themselves being large entities which oversee policy execution and comprise many thousands of officials each.

Elements of the Executive Branch

Legislative Branch

The legislative branch consists of the House of Speakers and the various public forums for the citizenry. It is here where ideologies clash and laws are made, and is generally in tune with the needs of the people. The House is the least bureaucratic element of of the government and experiences significant turnover in times of unrest.

Elements of the Legislative Branch

Sub-National Governments

Government on the sub-national level operates in an ascending hierarchy of community, province, and planet or colony, each with a system which is similar to the national level of government. Communities elect or select a mayor or elder, the province elects its vice-governor and the planet or colony may select a full governor. In the case of many smaller space colonies, the colony may be considered a province of the planet it orbits, while outer-system colonies operate as component states in the Commonwealth.

Elements of Sub-National Governments

Citizen Interraction

In the case of the Ministries and House of Speakers, this line is inverted.

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