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Iromakuanhe Ministries

The various ministries are comprised of government officials who are selected by the House of Speakers for their competence or backgrounds, from which the Makuzhar is elected. The Ministries are comprised of officials selected by the Iromakuanhe Conclave of the Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth.

The Ministries
Ministers 22
Deputy Ministers 50

About Ministries

The Ministries are a part of the executive branch of the Government of the Astral Commonwealth that are each given an aspect of the government to manage. They each head up large departments on their own, and are responsible for composing and presenting many of the resolutions that are considered by the government. Each Minister is only responsible for his own department, but is expected to cooperate with the other officials so that all affairs in the Commonwealth go smoothly.

Ministers are unable to vote for legislation under the separation of powers established within the Iromakuanhe government, but may pass bills and resolutions into the House of Speakers for voting.


The Ministries are tasked with enforcing the laws and may rely upon the Astral Vanguard and Municipal Government in order to execute the decisions of the government in order to do so. This entails a number of powers that are bureaucratic in nature, as is most of the structure of the executive branch of the Iromakuanhe governmental structure.


Ministers are meant to make and implement decisions on policy in the Astral Commonwealth. They head their own departments which work to secure the healthy, prosperous future of the Iromakuanhe through their work in tandem with the House and Iromakuanhe Conclave, as well as the Makuzhar. They are regulated by the Conclave and when an absence needs to be filled in the Ministry, the Conclave fills it. The Ministry is in charge of enforcing law in the Commonwealth.


Below are some of the various departments that ministers head:

  • Defense: Development, planning, and guiding of the Astral Vanguard.
  • Justice: Capable of maintaining the legal system, overseeing elections, and law reform.
  • Public Order: This department is responsible for policing and matters of national security.
  • Interior: Public administration, emergency management, and supervision of lower government are directly related to this department.
  • Foreign: A newly created department that deals with foreign affairs, implements foreign policy, and promote good relations with those outside of the Iruotl System.
  • Finance: Economic and monetary policy, commerce, and finance regulation are taken care of by this department in order to completely fulfill the financial needs of the Iromakuanhe people in an integral aspect of their lives on a day-to-day basis that also have the potential for long-term consequences or benefits.
  • Transport: Whether it be space travel for civilians, aviation, maritime, or rail transportation, this department deals with it.
  • Information: Publicity, censorship, and issuing official news fall under this department's umbrella.
  • Industry: Creating and sustaining the production of goods is an important aspect of the ministries and what the Industry Department specializes in.
  • Bio-energy: Harnessing biological energy is an almost intuitive skill of the Iromakuanhe, but policy in regard to it is taken care of by this department.
  • Education: This department is integrated with the various school systems in the Iromakuanhe way of life to better stabilize the future generations by utilizing the knowledge of the past.
  • Environment: Tasked with care and preservation of the environment, to protect it against industrialization and take care to be sure there are large protected portions of environment that are above the abuse civilization sometimes puts on nature.

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