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House of Speakers

House of Speakers
Members 1485
Represented per Member 25 Million
Planetary House Number of Members Overall Stance
Maekardan 684 Progressive/Traditionalist
Hlarai 521 Moderate/Progressive
Mazerin 280 Isolationist/Traditionalist

The House of Speakers is the legislative branch of the Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth organized in a senatorial manner. It is composed of members from each planetary house, each representing the interests of the people that elected them. Rather than have a party, with an agenda and particular values, each Speaker must clearly show his political stance and the general direction he wants the Iromakuanhe to undertake. The Iromakuanhe Conclave, the executive branch of the government and its representative, the Makuzhar, is composed of Speakers that have been selected by the House under the pretense they are the best suited for the job. When a member is elected to another position by the House, elections are done in his district to choose a new Speaker, to prevent a member from having dual or triple powers in the government.




Members of the House are typically classified under one of six 'Stances', which is reflected in their voting tendencies. Each is a different school of thought, though the agendas and opinions of members in the house under the same 'Stance' vary much more than it does between those of politicians under a partisan system.


Progressives seek to improve the conditions of the Iromakuanhe in the Iruotl System and thrive in a new renaissance, driven by new technologies and politics “for the people”. They are for the research and implementation of any new and powerful technologies, and advocate exchange with any and all cultures that are available. Members of this persuasion tend to be the quickest to change opinion on any given bill, but tend to oppose any propositions that would slow down the growth of the Astral Commonwealth.

Progressives currently are the majority in the House, and fill out a small portion of the Iromakuanhe Conclave.


Expansionists take the Progressive mentality one step further, and believe that the Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth should solidly establish itself in the local sector as a military and economic power. They are strongly behind colonization efforts, research into military technologies and follow a doctrine of protectionism towards local enterprises. Members of the Expansionist clade tend to vote in favor will favor any bill that grants a boon to the military, colonization and territorial expansion. They oppose most Isolationist viewpoints, and any bill that intends to reduce the Astral Commonwealth's ability to defend itself.

Expansionists are the smallest minority in the House, and have a single member on the Iromakuanhe Conclave.


Traditionalists hold the culture and religion of the Iromakuanhe dearest, and will stop at nothing to keep those values cemented. They advocate the spreading of the The Dreamer Vigil, and the establishment of the Astral Vanguard as the premier peacekeeping and peacemaking force in the local sector of space. They are often the first to present humanitarian missions to the House, and place voting favor towards bills that aid the poor and working class people over those for the wealthy and influential.

The current Makuzhar is a Traditionalist.


Moderates do not favor any one argument, and carefully weigh each decision during propositions. When voting, they will back any bill that offers a boon to the Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth, so long as there are no tradeoffs. When sacrifices are to be made, they prefer social and economic concerns to those of the military.

Moderates are the second largest group in the House, and fill out most of the Iromakuanhe Conclave.


Isolationists do not believe that it is the right time for the Iromakuanhe to be venturing into space, and have strong feelings about foreign affairs and colonization. They emphasize local growth and economic protectionism, and believe that military fleets should be kept to a minimum, as they are not needed. Isolationists tend to favor wealthy and well-off individuals, as they represent their interests, and place importance in research and the development of the economy.

Isolationists are the second smallest interest in the House, but are still significantly larger than the Expansionist clade. No members of this group have been elected to Iromakuanhe Conclave positions.

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