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Ahmida Civiltech

Company Statistics
Established AR 801 (BYE 148)
Employees 879, 570
Associated FactionsAstral Commonwealth, Independent
Nomenclature IDAc-
NicknamesAhmida, Civil, Ahci

About Ahmida

“Virtues in quality, wealth in quantity.”

Established in AR 801 (BYE 102), Ahmida Civiltech was late to join the Iromakuanhe markets, but was quick to enjoy many good years of sales pending the release of sleek, attractive vehicles employing the GE Lifter system. While under Solan's contract, they developed numerous non-military vehicles that saw popular use by many other entities in the sphere of the Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth, civilian, corporate and military alike.

However, after the rough equivalent of a century in business, things had begun to slow down as market saturation settled in. To cope with this, Ahci was quick to establish a series of repair and part shops on all three Iromakuanhe worlds, ensuring a stable source of income. It was during these later years (BYE 1, YE 21) that a racing circuit was gradually established, giving many Iromakuanhe, especially the Eyr Ranr, a popular passtime.

Over the course of a few decades, Ahmida has actually exceeded the size of it's benefactor, Solan Starworks. However, it does not have access to the large scale construction facilities located over Maekardan or Mazerin, and remains behind in effective construction capacity. Both corporations remain on friendly terms, and subcontract to eachother regularly.

Ahmida is a specialized corporation, but due to peripheral operations and child companies, has many divisions.

Corporate Goals

  • To provide employment to the people of Hlarai.
  • To build clean and sustainable technologies for use in the Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth.
  • To improve the economy and profit from it.
  • To engage in trade with any nearby nations, if possible.


  • Administration
  • Landworks (Land and Hover Vehicles)
  • Airworks (Air and Space Vehicles)
  • ACR, Ahmida Craft Restoration (Repair Shops)
  • AGP, Ahmida Grand Prix (Racing League)

Products and Components

Landworks (Land and Hover Vehicles)

Airworks (Air and Space Vehicles)



ACR (Parts)





Shunai Ahmida Iromakuanhe, CEO Personality: A heavy-handed, serious, consummate businessman. A very happy and nice drunk, and a frequent drinker. Notes: Has a hookah in his office, which he smokes regularly. A Sund Wakir. Appearance: An Iromakuanhe in his late mid-forties, with a sharp, youthful look to him. Long jet black hair in a tight ponytail, reddish-brown eyes and tanned complexion. Medium, but toned build.
Rau Ahmida Iromakuanhe, Chief of Airworks Personality: A very sanguine, relaxed person that can calmly analyze most situations. Notes: Married to the daughter of an Eyr Ranr airship captain. A Sund Wakir. Appearance: An Iromakuanhe in his early fifties, with a perpetually curious expression. Short, brush cut jet black hair, maroon eyes and deeply tanned complexion. Medium build, and very slight paunch.
Ushano Biran Iromakuanhe, Chief of Landworks Personality: Loud, obnoxious and determined. Has a complex about being treated differently because he is the youngest of the designers at Ahmida. Notes: Amateur racer. Has a tendency to take stimulants to pull longer shifts. An Eyr Ranr. Appearance: An Iromakuanhe in his mid twenties, with an unusually defiant expression. Light blue/blonde hair in a short, loose spiked look, dark blue eyes and lightly tanned complexion. Wiry, but strong build.

OOC Notes

Authored by Exhack and approved by Wes on May 18, 20081)

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