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Mazerin, or “Place of Treasures”, is world of largely permafrosted tundras, snowcapped mountains and great glaciers, with a temperate/warm equatorial belt that plays host to a large number of its sedentary population. Outside of this zone, the icy landscape is dotted by sprawling arcologies, enclaves carved into the sides of mountains, underground herding camps and small mining and industrial cities that produce most of the metals and composites found in the Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth. If Hlarai is the breadbasket of the Commonwealth and Maekardan is the heart, Mazerin are the harsh, weatherworn hands.


Eyr Ranr city-airships are denoted with MzAS (Mazerin AirShip).

Equatorial Region

The equatorial region of Mazerin is the primary settled region of the planet, housing no less than a third of the population is massive high-efficiency arcology systems. Because the temperatures and climate are subtropical, the designs themselves are more open and tend towards high-reaching towers instead of the more utilitarian fare.

Ghoroun Region

The Southern Ghoroun Province is the temperate home of the great military academies Mazerin is renowned for, while the north is a wintry plain interspersed with jagged peaks and massive glaciers. Many mining towns and industrial cities make their homes in this northern area, as it is surprisingly rich in many of the exotic heavy metals essential in Iromakuanhe particle and spatial compression physics.

Hashida Peaks Region

The Hashida Peaks are a long chain of mountains that cut across the eastern edge of Ghoroun, separating it from the milder oceanic winds of the Sea of the Spires. The inner edge of the mountains are free of the heavy snow and rainfall of the coast and the howling winds of the central continent, and so have become the main settling grounds for the local Ivuori enclaves and many others.

Ghăgerad Archipelagos Region

The Ghăgerad Archipelagos are a vertical band of islands stretching between the northern polar circle and southern sub-polar lattitudes, clustered along the elongated Ghagerad sub-continent. Considered the geographical divide between the two 'seas' that comprise the planet's main ocean, it is considered an important wildlife preserve due to its unique fauna, and consequently sparsely populated, with only a few seaport cities and tourist towns.

Sea of the Spires Region

The Sea of the Spires is the 'western' half of the Great Mazerin Ocean, noted for a large number of ruins under the shallow waters, from an unknown, failed colonization attempt on the planet. Eyr Ranr have established a range of spire cities, large thin towers which jut out from the shallows formed by the sunken landmasses, to keep their fleets operational without relying on the services of the capital.

Sea of Mu'Klamal Region

Star Islands (Space Colony) Region

Airships and Caravans

Planetary Data

General Information

  • Type Tundra
  • Orbital Radius 44.8×10^7 km (3 AU)
  • Period 24.5×10^2 Hours (2.8 Earth Years)
  • Hydrosphere 21% Water, 79% Ice
  • Atmosphere Thin, Partially Toxic
  • Biosphere Complex Fauna, Developed Flora
  • Gravity 13.03 m/s^2 (1.33 Earth)

Practical Information

  • Day Length: 36 Hours
  • Year: 1022 Days
  • Seasons 4; Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn

Practical Information

Key Features

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