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ADNR (Aggregated Diamond Nanorods)

Aggregated Diamond Nanorods, a high-density allotrope of Carbon, is an uncommon armor substance used by a few factions in place of the common composites, space-age alloys, artificial metaloids and metamaterials of the day. It offers excellent protection due to the hardness and density of the material, yet is not as brittle as diamonds or easily combustible as more common allotropes. Additionally, ADNR can be produced as a porous or nonporous surfaced sheet or block, with varying opacity and color depending on the grade of the material. In societies where metals are rare, or carbon is in an abundance, ADNRs are a natural solution. As well, the materials science behind the mass production is generally that associated with late-era, space-age, pre-FTL cultures.

The main users of this material are Elysia and Novacorp. Independantly of the other two, the Iromakuanhe corporation Ahmida Civiltech produces variant of the material known as Agridinn. It is likely that other early spacefaring races have produced the material in one way or another.

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