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Galactic Horizon

Established in YE 40, Galactic Horizon started as a small independent business that specialised in creating designs for technologies including weapons, vehicles, digital systems and suits and is not limited to military tech. Being small, Horizon had relied on corporate giants for manufacturing prototypes and demo models for its clients and in return had offered its designs and services for a trade price discount.

By late YE 40 the business had grown substantially and was able to produce some of its own products for special orders, in doing this the company also moved beyond simply designing technology in blueprints and now manufactures and tests these designs.

About Galactic Horizon

Galactic Horizon created in YE 40 was designed to be an outlet for creative minds by CEO Riccard Black, he wished to gather a group of people as passionate about technological design as he is and have them work on projects together. The business operates primarily on the design and sale of technological blueprints for many areas, this includes both militaristic and civilian uses which helps to increase their capacity for work, as well as providing employees with a variety of options not solely limited to one area of technology.

In late YE 40 Horizon began the long process of migrating their entire operation, the first step of this migration was helped along by the cooperation and hospitality of Iemochi Innovations & Sales who housed them for several months. During this time IIS took over construction of all Horizon products while the employees of it worked within the IIS station Avalon.


“With a new day comes a new idea, and with that a new horizon.”

General Information

Galactic Horizon
CEO Riccard Black
Faction Kingdom of Neshaten
Product Symbol Gh
Established YE 40

Art done by Quinditty


Original HQ

A small 4 floor office building with pentagonal shape, ground floor consists of reception and relation services, second floor consists of initial design team and system code team, third floor consists of secondary design team and post design team, fourth floor consists of the management offices and conference room.

It’s run by CEO Riccard Black and was purchased after the business was approved independent operation from within S6 space, on the condition they are transparent with Section 6 and cooperate with any of their requests and have restrictions imposed on security personnel.

It's Located within Section 6 territory, 20mi west of Osman city and 1mi south of the S6 complex on the planet 188604.

New HQ

After moving to Kingdom of Neshaten the Horizon HQ was reinvented from the ground up to allow for easier expansion in the future, a compound was built near the North Pole of Jui'varen II which housed the entire corp. The complex wall is hexagonal in shape and is 500m from one end to the other with the new sprawling mess of buildings easily contained inside, the central building acts as the official HQ standing at 10 floors tall also hexagonal in shape which is connected via protected walkways at ground level to the rest of the complex.

Within the compound walls there is also the residential area outfitted for comfort, the security building for detaining trespassers or attackers as well as housing the majority of defensive weaponry for the compound, several research buildings including a biomedical facility and the indoor environment simulation chamber. All the production facilities are located below ground with personnel access via several elevators and stairwells around the compound and supply and vehicle access via cargo elevators outside the compound walls concealed in the floor, these can also be used to deploy combat vehicles or supplies in the unlikely case of an attack.

The wall of the compound itself is made up of small, removable sections which can be disconnected and moved, allowing for easy expansion of the wall should the need for further expansion above ground arise. Art by TomTC.


A list of the current Horizon facilities located within or below their new HQ

Minor Production Facility: Funded and built in early YE 40 to accommodate the newly created Sonic Suppression Rifle and provide independent production ability for Horizon. The facility consists of one building and is lightly staffed without having to function 24/7, the staff consists of some new fabrication specialists and various old employees. This facility was mimicked in the new HQ location.

Macro/Micro Production Facility: Built by Horizon in mid YE 40 in preparation for a specific project as well as setting up the corporation for the future, the Macro/Micro facility specialises in developing the biggest and smallest tech Horizon offers with large fabrication bays for vehicles such as the Redback. In the second wing however many small labs house the precision equipment used to make the tiny internal components and for future development of nano technology. This facility was mimicked in the new HQ location.

Indoor Environmental Simulation Chamber: Built by Horizon in mid YE 40 to accompany its new production facilities, the advanced simulation chamber acts as the first test zone before live outdoor tests of weapons, vehicles and utility equipment alike. It contains the means to simulate space, deep sea and various atmospheric pressures as well as being outfitted with several of the Horizon weapons to test munition resistance on items expected to be used in combat situations. This facility was mimicked in the new HQ location.

Personnel Recreational and Residence Village: Built by Horizon in mid YE 40 to accommodate for the extra staff hired on with the recent announcement of the Horizon Expeditionary Force and the construction of the new production and testing buildings which require more security and manpower to run the equipment. This facility was mimicked in the new HQ location.

Biomedical Research: A new addition to the standard Horizon complex which was added after the company moved to Neshaten territory. Built to allow further research and development of technology in the biotech and biomedical field, the makeshift medical bay was also replaced by these better equipped facilities. This facility was mimicked in the new HQ location.

Underground Hangar: Built during construction of the new HQ in YE41, the underground hangar lies just below the surface of the ice and stone. The floor of the hangar acts as huge cargo lift and can be raised up to ground level when the main hangar doors are opened, doubling as a landing pad.


An extensive guide to the internal structure of Horizon can be found here at the Galactic Horizon Personnel Structure


List of the current products offered by Horizon including their type, name, description and price for ease of access when browsing the stock.

Weapons and Ammo

Basic table describing the type, name, basic use and price of each publicly available weapon and ammunition types sold by Horizon.

Type Name Description Price
Weapon (Handheld) Sonic Suppression Rifle A sonic rifle that uses sound waves of varying pitch and decibel to incapacitate targets 1 250KS
Ammo Galactic Horizon Energy Cores The standard power source for many GH products 100-250KS
Weapon (Starship) Orbit Jumper Missile System Starship grade missile launcher, suited to fighters and smaller attack craft 6 000KS
Ammo GH Mini Missile Munitions for use in the Orbit Jumper, both AP and HE variants 500-800KS
Weapon (Starship) Shooting Star Machine Gun An automatic cannon suited for fighters and small attack craft that uses flak style ammo, more to be added 8 000KS
Ammo GH Flak Round Flak ammo for the Shooting Star, has standard and tracer rounds 50-75KS
Weapon (Handheld) Rock Salt Home Defence Rifle A cheap and simple gauss rifle for home defence 150ks
Ammo Orb Shot Ammo for the Rock Salt rifle, several variants increasing in damage 60-160ks
Weapon (Handheld) Galactic Horizon 7.62x51mm Sport Shot Hunting Rifle Basic rifle for civilian consumption, good for personal defence and hunting or target shooting 250KS
Weapon (Heavy) Gauss Rod-Rifle An anti-armour gauss chaingun intended for use with strength-enhancing power armour 1 000ks
Ammo Staballoy Rods Munitions for the GRR 200ks
Weapon (Starship) Albatross Anti Starship Laser Array A laser beam weapon designed to be used with larger mecha and starships 5 000ks
Weapon (Heavy) Hyper-Shift Rotary Chaingun A chaingun that fires either laser or kinetic rounds, for use with heavy PA or mounted to a vehicle or structure 5 000KS
Ammo GH Hyper Rounds Both kinetic and laser variants of the hyper ammunition for the Hyper-Shift 1 000-2 000KS
Weapon (Power Armour) Sonic Defender Gauntlet A gauntlet weapon designed to replace an existing gauntlet of a suit of power armour, primarily used as a last resort 1 500KS
Weapon (Heavy) Trike Compact Assault Shotgun A compact assault shotgun capable of firing anti-personnel and anti-armour shells 550ks
Ammo Galactic Horizon 12Gauge Shotgun Shells A variety of shotgun shells 75-150ks
Weapon (Power Armour) The Shank Gauntlet A simple and relatively low tech telescopic sword gauntlet for use with PA 1 000KS
Weapon (Heavy) BreachaNova Heavy Shotgun High powered breaching shotgun configured to use 10cm shells 1 250KS
Weapon (Power Armour) FiveR Missile Pod A five capacity missile mod designed to be mounted to a Power Armour or vehicle 1 500KS
Ammo Galactic Horizon Long Range Striker Missile The strongest missile of class 2, a high yield explosive equipped to fly up to 1500km with +/- 10m accuracy. 2 500KS
Ammo Galactic Horizon Tactical Missile Less focus on explosive power and more on tactical and more on tactical use of fire, smoke and interference. 1 000KS
Weapon (Light) Sonic-Flare Sidearm A sidearm stun-gun devloped alongside the lasertag variant, designed for use by all manner of security personnel. 1 000KS
Weapon Galactic Horizon 7.7x30mm Recoil Compensating Revolver A sturdy wheel-gun designed to mitigate as much recoil as possible through non-powered means 400ks
Ammo Galactic Horizon 7.7x30mm A mid-tier caliber designed for heavy sidearms or light rifles 40-50ks
Weapon Galactic Horizon 7.7x15mm Covert Carry Revolver A smaller “hammerless” revolver designed to be used for concealed carry and self defense purposes 250ks
Ammo Galactic Horizon 7.7x15mm A pistol caliber cartridge with low recoil 40ks
Weapon (Hand Held) Kiwad Ring A self defense/escape tool packed into the form factor of a ring 300KS
Weapon (Heavy) Dualarity Anti-Armor Rifle A large anti-mecha rifle designed to be weilded by power armour users or an unarmoured user when prone and braced 4 000ks
Weapon (Plasma) Mekir’ve Variable Plasma Sidearm A variable output plasma sidearm, the civillian version of the Tokir've 800KS
Weapon Galactic Horizon “Pike” 12 Gauge Hunting Shotgun Modernization of the classic hunting shotgun design. 450KS
Ammo Galactic Horizon 18x63mm Bighorn Hard-hitting, large-bore projectile capable of removing a humanoid's torso 500KS
Weapon Galactic Horizon 7.7mm “Legion” Variable Revolver A simple, variable revolver designed to use the company's entire lineup of 7.7mm munitions. 300KS

Utility Items

Basic table describing the type, name, basic use and price of each publicly available utility items sold by Horizon.

Type Name Description Price
Utility (Wearable) Cold Climate Suit A mid-grade suite designed to regulate the users temperature in cold conditions, not suitable as combat armour 150KS
Utility (Wearable) Arid Climate Suit A suit of body armour with an internal cooling loop 150ks
Utility (Autonomous) Basketball Drone A small, smart basketball that returns to the user after each shot to assist with training 50KS
Utility (Communications) Handsfree Communications Collar Throat worn comms device, utilises laryngophone technology to provide clear communication 150KS
Utility (Component) Aurora Synaptic Controller Interface A widely available synaptic controller interface that is easily integrated into most other equipment 50ks
Utility (Weight Bearing Harness) Porter Pack A simple backpack rig for hauling objects the old fashioned way 50ks
Utility (Component) Multifunction Optical/Audio Sensory Suite A widely available optical sensor that is easily integrated into most other equipment 50ks
Utility (Component) Sensory Smart Coating Stealth coating designed to hide personnel sized equipment and objects from various sensory detection methods 75KS
Utility (Respiration Kit) External Respiration Kit A simple yet high quality respiration kit Price varies
Utility (Medical) MultiMendFoam A multipurpose medical gel that hardens to foam Price varies
Utility (Nanomachine Fabricator) Honeycomb Fabricator A self-contained nanomachine fabrication module that converts energy into mass 1,000ks
Utility (component) Volumetric Display Module A simple and effective volumetrics projection system capable of both tangible and intangible constructs 350-450ks
Utility (fitness) Physical Exertion Gear A suit of synthetic muscles that that make your life more difficult but better at the same time 250ks
Utility (medical) Stym An injector-based stimulant to temporarily overclock the user's biological functions 75ks

Armour and Defense Gear

Basic table describing the type, name, basic use and price of each publicly available armour or defense product sold by Horizon.

Type Name Description Price
Armour (Situational) Adrenaline Utility Gear A set of helmet, pack, gauntlets, greaves and crossbow designed to assist users in environmental challenges 1 000KS
Power Armour (non-combat) Orbital Reentry Carapace A utility style powered suit useful against the elements and in tough conditions inside and out of atmosphere, can survive some combat but is not designed exclusively for fighting 2 500KS
Defensive (Deployable) Pridwen Deployable Cover A portable insta-cover device that can be used in street riots, freak weather and combat alike 1 000KS
Defensive (Deployable) Bubble Blower Grenade A portable insta-shield device that can be used in combat and other dangerous events 500KS
Armour (Lightweight) Armoured Racing Suit A lightweight suit designed to protect the wearer in case they are involved in a vehicular accident 250ks
Armour (Helmet) FourSight Helm A sturdy, multi-function helmet with enhanced optical and communication capabilities 500ks
Armour (Powered Armour) Enhanced Mobility Armor A lightweight and relatively cheap suit of power armour designed to enhance the mobility of the wearer 1 750ks1)
Armour (Stealth) Photon Stealth Armour A lightweight combat armour set designed to hide the user in a variety of situations with less armour compensated by stealth and speed 3 500KS
Armour (Base Layer) Padded Armour Layer A standalone pressure suit designed to be augmented with various other pieces of gear 175kS
Armour (Smart) Pellis Intelligent Survival Suit An adaptive suit of armour that makes use of three Honeycomb Fabricators to alter it's functions 2 500kS
Armour (Powered Armour) Zytone Heavy Combat Armor A large, powerful power armour designed for use within heavy combat environments, packed with weapons and extras to give pilots an edge in combat 20 000KS

Vehicles and Components

Basic table describing the type, name, basic use and price of each publicly available vehicle and component sold by Horizon.

Type Name Description Price
Vehicle (Non-combat) Redback ATV A single seating motorcycle style 6 legged scout model vehicle, can also hover and reach high ground-speeds 10 000KS
Power Generator Phoenix Fusion Generator A fusion generator designed to power medium starships, large ground vehicles and buildings/complexes. 4 000KS
Vehicle (Armed Carrier) URSA Armoured Transport Unit An armoured fortress on wheels, large enough to hold 30 people, their vehicles and their supplies. 100 000ks
Shield (Starship) Environmental Starship Shield A shield system designed to protect more form the dangers of space than enemy ships with advanced weapons. 2 500KS
Propuslion (Starship) Cirrostratus Ion-Grid Propulsion Drive An Ion-grid sublight propulsion system designed for wide use across a variety of ship types and sizes offering fast to medium speeds. 3 000KS
FTL (Wormhole) Falcon Tunnel Drive The first GH FTL drive, using wormhole technology to open easy to traverse gates between two points in space 4 000KS
Vehicle (Multirole Industrious) Balaena Industrious Platform A multirole industrious vehicle designed to work with a compliment of additional equipment to choose from. 10 000KS
Balaena Module Squid-Rig Balaena Attachment A set of mechanical arms designed to assist workers in the field with a variety of potential uses 2 000KS
Balaena Module Sardine Tin Balaena Equipment An addition to the Balaena allowing it to transport up to 60 people in relative comfort and safety 3 000KS
Balaena Module Grouper Excavator Balaena Equipment An addition to the Balaena which is used primarily for recon of potential mining sites and for sample collection 6 000KS
Shuttle SkyHawk Shuttle A small shuttle designed to make trips from larger ships to a planet, or from place to place within atmosphere 5 000KS

Recreation: Lasertag

Basic table describing the type, name, basic use and price of each publicly available lasertag item sold by Horizon.

Type Name Description Price
Recreation Activity Galactic Horizon Laser-Tag Standard lasertag game with far more advanced technology for the equipment
Armour (Recreational) Eclipse Gear Body suit and attachable armour pieces, to be used in lasertag only 1 000KS
Weapon (Non-lethal) Starburst IR Assault Rifle Standard assault rifle style lasertag weapon, good all-rounder 800KS
Weapon (Non-lethal) Supanova IR Shotgun Shotgun style lasertag weapon, good close quarters 800KS
Weapon (Non-lethal) Singularity IR Sniper Rifle Sniper rifle style lasertag weapon, good long range 800KS
Weapon (Non-lethal) Solar-Fire IR Sidearm Pistol style lasertag sidearm, good last resort tool close up 800KS
Weapon (Non-lethal) Event-Horizon IR Minigun A large, overkill style minigun used for special modes and events in lasertag 800KS

Custom Models and Restricted Items

Basic table describing the type, name, basic use and price of each private commission or special product made by Horizon. These items are not for sale and cannot be acquired by a character unless they work for a commissioning entity or contacting SirSkully directly.

Type Name Description Price
AI System Dawn AI The first AI developed by GH, designed for use within their equipment and facilities NFS
AI System Dusk AI the second AI developed by GH, designed for use within their products and facility's physical systems NFS
Armour (Faceplate) Custom Model 001 – Bio-Disaster Faceplate An environmental hazard protection faceplate commissioned for Seinosuke Iemochi NFS
Starship (Drone Fighter) Custom Model 002 – Rapid Deployment Drone Fighter An autonomous drone fighter ship designed on commission for Iemochi Innovations & Sales NFS
Utility (Computer system) Philanthropic OSO Tabletop Entertainment Rig A multi-purpose computer system designed to cater to several needs. NFS
Starship (Gunship) Custom Model 003 - Jadeite Class Gunship An expeditionary gunship class craft designed on commission for Akemi's Umbrella NFS
Mecha (Combat) Custom Model 004 - Painite Combat Mech Multirole, heavily armoured combat mecha designed on commission for Akemi's Umbrella NFS
Armour (Helmet) Custom Model 005A - Skull Bucket A custom made helmet rated for atmospheric work NFS
Armour (Body) Custom Model 005B - Battle Corset A custom made chest rig with a few too many gun holsters NFS
Anti-gravity boots Custom Model 006 Sky Tracers A custom made set of lightly armoured boots with gravitic drives in the soles NFS
Material Skusten A unique metal found only on Jui'varen II, Galactic Horizon are the sole distributors of this material Case by case
Weapon (Sonic) Custom Model 007 - Sonic Aggression Turret A custom riot-control acoustic cannon requested by Kirinov Automotive Servicer and Supplier based on the existing sonic weapons NFS
Armour (Stealth) Shinobi Active Cloaking Suit, Type 41 A lightly armoured stealth suit designed for use by the Star Army of Yamatai NFS
Armour (Helmet) Star Army Helmet, Type 41 "Kabuto" A modular combat helmet designed for use by the Star Army of Yamatai NFS
Utility (Visor) "Enkei" Visual Enhancement Visor, Type 41 A sensor-enhanced visor designed for use by the Star Army of Yamatai NFS
Weapon (Rifle) Aetheric Heavy Anti-Material Rifle, Type 41 An aether-based heavy anti material rifle designed for the Star Army of Yamatai NFS
Ammunition 55 x 120 mm Aether-Slugs Mass-driven aetheric slugs wrapped in an EM-shielding material designed for the Star Army of Yamatai NFS
Starship (Cruiser) Galactic Horizon's Abyssal Nomad The one of a kind cruiser designed and fielded exclusively by Horizon NFS
Weapon (Rifle) Galactic Horizon 7.8x74mm Designated Sharpshooter Rifle Updated precison rifle for use by Nepleslian forces NFS
Ammunition Galactic Horizon 7.8x74mm Magnum Perfected precision munitions in one of Nepleslia's favourite calibers NFS
Mech Custom Model 008 Khan A high-performance, custom mech designed for Zeke Rykiel NFS


In the closing weeks of YE 39 Riccard and his two children, Kryss and Donvan, along with a small group of his associates created a basic analytical AI they named Project Dawn. Having heard of S6 through various technology developers such as himself, Riccard and his group moved from their homes in Yamatai to 188604 to pursue the group. After several meetings to discuss the advantages of a partnership to provide S6 with a new independent design group and Horizon with the opportunity of a start-up alongside an advanced research group an agreement was reached.

Together Riccard and his group designed and built the company while further developing Project Dawn to assist them in running a business with the limited staff they had. On the day of the new year, Galactic Horizon became an officially recognised entity after the group was approved purchase of an unused office building in Section 6 territory after they were evaluated and approved by S6. In exchange for permission to purchase land and the building and operate their business out of S6 territory, they agreed to be transparent about major digital system breakthroughs including their own AI and other systems, along with cooperating with all S6 requests and having restrictions placed on security personnel numbers.

During the first half of YE 40 Horizon underwent several major expansion efforts to increase their ability as an independent and intergalactic producer as well as physical expansion of the HQ and surrounding complex, the new personnel buildings contain recreational and living spaces to ensure staff are comfortable when on site.

In late YE 40 (Aug-Sept) Galactic Horizon followed the lead of Section 6 and decided to leave the USO in search of better opportunities. When searching for a new home they could setup in, the idea to contact the Kingdom of Neshaten came from Horizon's own fox Anaska which provided the company with a new home and allowed the girl to visit her family again after months away from home with no contact. Using a ship borrowed from S6, Horizon was able to both attend a meeting graciously hosted by the Neshaten as well as move their small operation to its new home on Jui'varen II.

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