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Multifunction Optical/Audio Sensory Suite

The Multifunction Optical Sensory Suite (MOASS for short) is a plug and play optical sensor that can be implemented into anything from a microscope in a lab to the targeting system of a rifle, to the optical input of a mech suit.

Designer: Galactic Horizon
Nomenclature: GH-u8-4b


The gh-u8-4b was developed in YE 40 by Anaska DePolanskaya as a multi-purpose optical sensor that would be able to fill any role it needed to. It was made primarily out of off the shelf consumer products that were tweaked and hardened until they would be tough enough to be considered military-grade.


The MOASS contains an optical camera that is software-stabilized and includes light amplification, thermal imaging, infrared vision, a microphone and a laser range finder all contained within an EMP-hardened casing. The MOSS has no internal battery pack and therefore must be hooked up to an external power source via the data and power hook-ups on the rear of the device.

The audio/visual sensors as well as the physical connections are well protected and should continue to function after being hit by an EMP

Sensors Include:

-Optical x100 zoom





The MOASS is a two-inch-long cylinder that is three centimeters in diameter with a small black lens at one end and covered power/data ports at the other, it is a rather unassuming and generic looking component with a matte grey outer-casing.


The gh-u8-4b is available in most hobbyist electronic stores or through Galactic Horizon's website as either a physical item or a one-time use blueprint that can be used at most fabricators.

Recommended Retail Price: 50KS/refer to here for currency exchange

*disclaimer: no matter where the unit is sold or fabricated, the components have a Galactic Horizon watermark engraved into them.

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