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International Currency Exchange

The International Currency Exchange was created due to the need for proper exchange rates between factions. As friendships and alliances began to grow it became difficult to trade if certain factions did not acknowledge foreign forms of currency or have set exchange rates. Citizens and governments were left reliant on bartering or guessing the rates of exchange, leaving some cheated out of their hard-earned money and others exploiting the ignorance of tourists - thus it was decided that the currently known rates of exchange were to be compiled, recalculated, and modified in order to create standardized exchange rates that would accommodate the people of all factions.

KS and DA are both accepted virtually everywhere around the core of the Kikyo Sector - but as one goes deeper into Nepleslia or the Ketsurui Military Sector, they become much more faction-oriented; locations on Hanako's World and in the Nepleslian Colonial Expanse, for instance, respectively only accept KS or DA.

The exchange rate has been fixed for OOC simplicity purposes. KS and DA can be readily converted to each other digitally (over networks such as SYNC or the InterNep) or physically (at banks and spaceports).

Using the International Exchange Table

The International Exchange Table was organized so that it would be easy to determine how much one unit of a certain currency would be equal to in another form of currency.

  1. Find your current form of currency along the top row.
  2. Find your desired form of currency along the third column.
  3. Follow the row and column until you are given a number. That number is the rate of exchange - essentially, how much of your new currency you would receive from one unit of your old currency.
  4. The simple formula of c * r = n (where c = current amount, r = rate of exchange, n = new amount) can be used to calculate the amount of the new currency you should have.
  5. A question mark (?) indicates that no official conversion rate has been established for that particular combination of currencies.
  6. An โ€œN/Aโ€ indicates that the faction does not accept that particular currency.


Let's say I have 200 Nepleslian Davis Alliances and I wish to convert them to Iromakuanhe Kuon Dalris. I locate 1 Nepleslian Davis Alliance on the top row (my current form of currency) and then locate the Iromakuanhe Kuon Dalris along the third column (my desired form of currency). I follow the row and column and am given 2.00 KD. This means that 1 Nepleslian Davis Alliance has the same value as 2.00 Iromakuanhe Kuon Dalri. Basic math tells me that my 200 Nepleslian Davis Alliances are equal to 400 Iromakuanhe Kuon Dalris (200 * 2.00).

The Exchange Table

Flag Faction Currency Yamatai Star Empire 1 KS Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia 1 DA Abwehran Star Empire 1 C Azorean Commonwealth 1 NA Elysian Celestial Empire 1 AR Hidden Sun Clan 1 OW Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth 1 KD Kingdom of Neshaten 1 RN
Yamatai Star Empire YSE KS - 0.50 KS 0.33 KS 0.25 KS 0.20 KS 0.50 KS 0.25 KS 0.50 KS
Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia DIoN DA 2.00 DA - 0.67 DA 0.50 DA 0.40 DA 1.00 DA 0.50 DA 1.00 DA
Abwehran Star Empire ASE C 3.00 C 1.50 C - 0.75 C 0.60 C 1.50 C 0.75 C 1.50 C
Azorean Commonwealth AzCo NA 4.00 NA 2.00 NA 1.33 NA - 0.80 NA 2.00 NA 1.00 NA 2.00 NA
Elysian Celestial Empire ECE AR 5.00 AR 2.50 AR 1.67 AR 1.25 AR - 2.50 AR 1.25 AR 2.50 AR
Hidden Sun Clan HSC OW 2.00 OW 1.00 OW 0.67 OW 0.50 OW 0.40 OW - 0.50 OW 1.00 OW
Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth IAC KD 4.00 KD 2.00 KD 1.33 KD 1.00 KD 0.80 KD 2.00 KD - 2.00 KD
Kingdom of Neshaten KoN RN 2.00 RN 1.00 RN 0.67 RN 0.50 RN 0.40 RN 1.00 RN 0.50 RN -

Where to Trade Currency

Most banking facilities, spaceports, transportation hubs, space stations, and military complexes offer stations for currency exchange. Contact your local government officials (read: your local Faction Manager) for more information about finding an exchange location near you.

Non-Traded or Limited Currency

The forms of currency listed below are restricted or not traded on the open market.

Freespacer Resource Vouchers

A special currency used for bulk trading between independent 'spacer fleets, companies, and other large organizations. They are far too large for usage as an individual currency, as the smallest denomination of voucher is worth approximately 1,000 KS. These 'bills', in fact small solid state encrypted diskettes, are used as payment to outside organizations and can be redeemed at Freespacer trading ports for refined alloys or precious metals, which in turn may be sold on the open market for more common currencies.

Despite the race's obsession with hacking, it is actually an extremely secure monetary system; this is because the data is not stored on a network and is kept in solid state, yet also cannot be easily falsified as physical bills are. Every time a money-disk is used, it is also verified through Freespacer network connections to check the note's personal transaction history. Duplicated disks can thus be flagged remotely, and any suspicious activity prevented from messing with the overall value of the currency.

OOC Notes

The information and rates of exchange listed in this article override any conflicting information listed elsewhere on the wiki.

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