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:!: Updated based upon Economic Growth. :!:

The Abwehran Economy

A Free Market Economy with few State Owned Entities and Government Regulation, the Abwehran Economy is strong (though its currency lacking due to its neighbors). Government Regulations are in place for consumer safety and environmental sustainability.

Basic Economical Statistics

Type: Free Market Economy Currency: Credit Current Economic Growth: 10% per Quarter 1) Exchange Rates: International Currency Exchange Current Status of Economy: Growing Inflation Rate:2) N/A

Gross Domestic Product

Total Gross Domestic Product 214.28 Trillion Credits (71.43 Trillion KS)
Snapshot Taken 02/06/10/261 06/05/2014

Division by Territory

Northern Sector
Total Gross Sector Product 81.43 Trillion Credits 38%
Himmel Der Bergleute Gross System Product 32.57 Trillion Credits 40%
Meltra Gross System Product 21.17 Trillion Credits 26%
Schongebiet Gross System Product 27.69 Trillion Credits 34%
Southern Sector
Total Gross Sector Product 132.85 Trillion Credits 62%
ASE-006 Gross System Product 1.3 Trillion Credits 1%
Jaspis Gross System Product 131.55 Trillion Credits 99%

Division by Economy

Consumption 126.05 Trillion Credits3)
Investment 49.29 Trillion Credits
Government Budget 13.74 Trillion Credits
โ†’ Government Expenditures 14.29 Trillion Credits
โ†’ Government Waste 548 Billion Credits4)
Net Exports5) 25.20 Trillion Credits
โ†’ Imports 20.30 Trillion Credits
โ†’ Exports 45.50 Trillion Credits


Instead of listing imports and exports on a National Level, imports and exports shall be listed on a planetary level. See System Links for Details.


A list of some of the Corporations that have access to the markets of the Abwehran Star Empire.

For a complete list of Corporations in Abwehran Space, please visit Corporations And Businesses In Abwehran Space

Foreign Corporations
Kagayaki Cosmetics Cosmetics and Spa Company
Origin Industries Multi-product Manufacturer
Native Corporations
Abwehran Imperial Yards Star Vessel Designer / Manufacturer
Dietrich Starkwerk Multi-product Corporation
Flegel Motors and Vehicles Ground Vehicle Manufacturer
Kaiserlich Waffenerbauer Military Armaments Manufacturer
Meltra Aerospace Aerospace Design / Manufacturing Company
Northern Manufacturing Corporation Planetary Vehicle Manufacturer
Volkswaffen Civilian and Military Arms Manufacturer
State Owned Entities
Civilian Space Administration Agency Orbital Facility Management
Kaiserlich F&E Research and Development Repository

OOC things

The Stahlmunde was in development by the last FM, and is left for posterity but is not being implemented at the moment.

Standard Year
if applicable
Note: After taxes
Government Waste is funds missing from official book-keeping.
Exports - Imports

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