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Kaiserlich Waffenerbauer

The primary infantry armor and firearm producer of the Abwehran Star Empire, Kaiserlich Waffenerbauer's reputation for quality wasn't known until the Two-Month War (AF 01). Taking a risk and supplying weaponry to the resistance movement, Waffenerbauer's judgement earned them the place of prestige and power within the Imperial Government. Because of their quality of their products and the reputation they have earned for durable and reliable equipment, Kaiserlich Waffenerbauer has won many bids against other corporations for weapons manufacturing and design.

General Statistics

Headquarters Maschinenstadt, Abwehr, Jaspis
Chief Executive Officer Ulric Burger
Approximate Employee Population ~6,900,000

Major Factory Locations

Product Lists

Primary Customers

OOC Notes

This article was created by Matthew. It was approved by Wes on January 15, 2007: Approval Thread

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