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Discovered in early 259 AF - Fourth Quarter (YE 30), the Meltra system is one of the Northern Colonies under control of the Abwehran Star Empire. It is also the site of first contact between the Abwehran and Iromakuanhe peoples.

Star System Data

Old Man Star

  • Type: M8 IV Red SubGiant
  • Radius: 1.79 x 10^6 kilometers (2.58 x sol)
  • Mass: 2.18 x 10^30 kilograms (1.10 x sol)
  • Temperature: 2100 Kelvin
  • Luminosity: 4.73 x 10^27 W (12.30 x sol)

Planetary Data

Meltra I

SEE: Meltra I

  • Type: Chthonian
  • Orbital Radius: 1.05 x 10^8 kilometers (0.70 Astronomical Units)
  • Period: 5.17 x 10^3 hours (0.61 standard years)
  • Gravity: 9.92 m/s2 (1.01 G)

Meltra II

SEE: Meltra II

  • Type: Rock Planet
  • Orbital Radius: 1.85 x 10^8 kilometers (1.24 Astronomical Units)
  • Period: 1.22 x 10^4 hours (1.39 standard years)
  • Gravity: 10.80 m/s2 (1.10 G)
  • Special:
    • Planetary Rings


SEE: Eisjewwl

  • Type: Terrestrial Planet
  • Orbital Radius: 4.24 x 10^8 kilometers (2.83 Astronomical Units)
  • Period: 4.20 x 10^4 hours (4.81 standard years)
  • Gravity: 21.62 m/s2 (2.51 G)
  • Population: ~20,700,000
  • Facilities:
    • TBC

Celestial Data

Meltra Belt

An asteroid belt located between Meltra II and Eisjewwl at an orbital radius of 2.52 x 10^8 kilometers (1.69 Astronomical Units), the Meltra Belt is a relatively sparse belt consisting of highly metallic asteroids. The belt has an orbital period of 1.93 x 10^4 hours or 2.21 standard years in length.

Artificial and Hollowed Satellites

Station Station Type Purpose
Meltra Trade Harbor-class Trade Station Commercial and Manufacturing
Meltra Outpost Bulwark-class Military Outpost System Defense and Customs
Meltra Belt Listening Cluster Frontier Asteroid Base System Defense and Customs

Population Statistics

Approximate Total Population: ~20,700,000

Major Features

Non-Orbital features of the system.

Currently None Available

System Organizations

Export / Import Data

The following commodities are major exports and imports for the Meltra Economy.


  • Commercial Goods
  • Mining Equipment


  • Industrial Materials / Equipment
  • Raw / Process Metals
  • Raw Materials for Ceramics
  • Raw Materials for Electronics

Rumors and Events

Role Play Opportunities for Independent Plots and/or Rest & Relaxation Arcs in Factional Plots.

YE 35

  • It is said that Meltra II has been seeded with nanotechnological life, though it is currently not known who did the seeding. Scientists from Abwehr have been trying to gain permission to study this life for years with little success.

OOC Notes

This page was originally created on 2013/06/11 14:51 by Abwehran Commander.

Map Locations
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Map Display NameMeltra
Map Coordinates1745,1950
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Marker AnchorBottom Center
Places of the SARPiverse
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