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This is the third planet in the Daichi System. It was colonized late in YE 31 by the Scientific Studies Service (SSS) as part of Project Kyasshu. The planet boasted a verdant ecosystem and numerous valuable ore deposits. They named it Daichi 代地 which means ground; earth; the solid earth; the (vast) land as it was an ideal place to test the colonization ideas, and production methods.

Planetary map Daichi clouds

About Daichi 代地

Dachi is the civilian capital of the Saiki Cluster,

The SSS colonized Daichi as a test facility for their ideas on colonization and as a means of gathering resources for their operation. Daichi has five continents and six oceans or seas.

Heading Details
Planetary radius: 8,054 km
Surface gravity: 1. G
Escape Velocity: 11.00 km/sec
Rotation (day): 25 hr
Length of year: .81 years (295.23 days)
Number of satellites: 2
Population: 17,000,000

Continents & Oceans

Symbol Description
1 Shinrin
2 Kobune
3 Tsume - largest continent
4 Hokku - hook shaped continent
5 Ha-pu
Symbol Description
a Western Sea
b Sankaku Sea
c Arashi Sea
d Himiko Sea
e Yajuu Sea
f Hokku Sea
g Youma Sea


This section provides information on the continents of Daichi.


The first settlement on Daichi was established on the second largest continent; which the SSS called Tsume meaning claw because it resembled a claw from orbit. The purpose of the colony was to provide resources and raw materials for use by the SSS. Tsume also sports the largest inland sea found on Daichi. The sea is shallow only reaching 304.87 meters (1000 feet) at its deepest. The western portion of Tsume has large grasslands and prairies. Several species of herd animals flourish there.

Symbol Description
A Himiko Sea
B Initial colony location (Ryou)
C Extensive ruin site
D Reserved
E Mount Yui


Evidence of an ancient culture is present at this location. The site appears to be the remnants of a large city of a pre-Empire culture. The SSS has set up an ongoing expedition at the site to investigate.


This area is reserved for future development. It is located near large useful mineral deposits, that will be used in later development.

Mount Yui

The tallest mountain on Daichi is located southeast of Ryou, and is 10,326.22 meters (33,870 feet) tall. The SSS named it Mount Yui, after former Empress Ketsurui Yui.


Stretching across the northern most region lies Shinrin. This is the largest continent and densely forested hence its name. It boasts large areas of tundra and alpine landscapes. An active volcano exists on the eastern peninsula.


This land mass was named kobune (boat) because it resembled a sailing vessel. A chain of mountains runs the length of it, and it is prone to earthquakes.


This land mass was named hokku (hook) because from orbit it resembled a hook. The southern portion of this continent is covered in dense jungle.


This harp shaped land mass lies between three major landmasses. It was formed by volcanic activity, but shows no signs of activity now. A second site of ruins was found on the east coast of Ha-pu.


This section provides basic information on the primary seas of Daichi.

Arashi Sea

The Arashi Sea is a tempestuous body of water. During the initial survey two large cyclonic storms were noted in this region, hence its name Arashi - storm. It is the second deepest ocean on Daichi and has a depth of 4,025 meters (13,204 feet).

Himiko Sea

The Himiko Sea is surrounded by Tsume on three sides and has a wide opening to the east. It was named in honor of Empress Himiko I. The deepest point is 2,247 meters (7,372 feet).

Hokku Sea

The Hokku (hook) sea was named such because of its location to the land mass Hokku. The deepest point in it is 2,674.39 meters (8,772 feet).

Sankaku Sea

This large body of water in the northern hemisphere was almost named the Northern sea, but the deep scan showed a triangular basin, and so it was given the name Sankaku Sea (triangle sea). Its deepest point is 3,607.9 meters (11,834 feet).

Western Sea

This body of water was given a rather simple name, because it lies far to the west of the original site for the colony. The deepest point in this sea is 3,412.2 meters (11,192 feet).

Yajuu Sea

The Yajuu Sea was given the name because from orbit the deeper water areas resembled a mythical beast. Yajuu means monster. It is one of the deepest bodies of water on Daichi with the deepest point more than 4,573.17 meters (15,000 feet).

Youma Sea

This ocean in the far east between Hokku and Shrinrin was named for the deep water shadow it possesses. Youma means ghost.


Bordolf, Gunther is the Governor and Senator.


This was the first settlement on Daichi, and the team named it Ryou which means hostel, dormitory. Ryou was built on the shores of the Himiko Sea. The start of the colony consisted of a large collection of Collapsible Rapid Deployment Modules. Initial construction supplies and provision were supplied by the YSS Tsuuken and YSS Sapurai. Since the colony site was fairly temperate they chose to build houses reminiscent of the Shoin-style. Colonization was done in three phases.

Location of Ryou

More details on Ryou.

An SSS Campus and a Tansaku Staging area were established just outside of Ryou based on the design of the originals.

In YE 34 the Tamahagane Corporation placed the Amatsu-Daichi in orbit above Ryou. Amatsu-Daichi came online providing jobs and manufacturing facilities.


Early in YE 33 Joukai was the second civilian settlement on Daichi. With an influx of Elysian from the war, the SSS contacted the Department of Colonization to have a settlement created using Type 30 City Blocks. Joukai was established with a predominantly Elysian population base. It is located high in the mountains south of Ryou.

More details on Joukai.


Early in YE 33 Bakufu was constructed to be the third civilian settlement on Daichi. When word of the fall of the city plan was greatly expanded.

See: Bakufu.

Refugee Towns

In YE 33 the Yamatai Star Empire constructed 500 Refugee Towns, capable of supporting 9,200,000 people with additional overflow capability in the form of tent cities if necessary. This was done to ensure the welfare of displaced persons from the former Yamataian colonies in the United Outer Colonies.


Notable Fauna

Communications Network

In YE 34 a network of EM-O3 "Hirakeru" Communication Satellites were put in place allowing the various settlements to have continuous communications. This network was expanded to the other planets in the star system in YE 36.

Defense Force

In YE 32 the Second Expeditionary Fleet established Fort Shotou, to provide protection for the colony and the home base for the new fleet.

"Guriddo" Defense System

OOC Notes

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