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Scientific Studies Service (SSS) - Tansaku Staging area

Located two kilometers north of the Scientific Studies Service (SSS) - Primary Campus, is the Tansaku Staging Area (TSA). The staging area for Scientific Studies Service Tansaku-class ships. This is where materials and equipment are stored and then prepared for loading. It was completed early in YE 31.

The TSA has the capability to service and load up to eight Tansaku ships. The Control Center for the TSA is located at the top of a tower located in the southeast.


There are four warehouses located on the west side of the area. Vehicles used to transfer supplies are kept in between the warehouses.

Personnel facilities

In the northeast corner of the TSA are two structures for personnel.

Temporary quarters

The site maintains temporary quarters for visiting crew members which the Tansaku crew can stay at while their ship is being serviced. Shuttle service is available to take personnel to either the Campus or Kyoto.

Passenger terminal

The first two floors of the southern (second) building serves as a passenger terminal area for SSS expedition personnel to wait prior to boarding.

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