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Scientific Studies Service (SSS)

The Scientific Studies Service, known colloquially as the SSS, was founded in late YE 30 through an Imperial Charter crafted by her Majesty Empress Himiko I, and funded by a sizeable grant by the same.

“Increasing our knowledge is vital to the continued survival of the Yamatai Star Empire. We can only reach our destiny, if we have a clear understanding of our origins, and the origins of those species we encounter.” Empress Himiko I


The core of the SSS Logo is the SSS symbol, a stylized Y formed by three S's, in purple, silver, and white.


SSS Symbol



The flag is flown at all campuses next to the YSE flag. It is also used in various ceremonies.


“Semper Eruditio” meaning “Always learning”

General Information

Scientific Studies Service (SSS)
CEO Professor Saiki Kouan
Faction Yamatai Star Empire
Product Symbol [Ss]


Expand the understanding of the development of sentients and cultures by promoting the study of Anthropology, and Archeology, Astrobiology. To provide expertise in the field to assist with the establishment of better relations with new species. To further the boundaries of Yamataian scientific knowledge across a broader spectrum of sciences.


Professor Saiki Kouan, one of the Empire's experts in numerous academic fields, was chosen by the Empress to be the Director of this institution. When asked to comment on his appointment he offered, “Science is something best left to scientists. I have nothing but admiration for our Military, and the job they have done so far when dealing with new species. But Military personnel tend to see things in a military fashion. We hope to eventually provide our military with civilian scientists trained to handle these encounters in a scientific fashion. Besides its unrealistic to tie up valuable military resource for six months or more on a location to do this kind of work.”


The Gyouseifu (meaning Administration) building is the executive portion of the SSS. It is from where Saiki Kouan controls the SSS. It takes care of finances, provides oversight, guidance and when necessary controls all aspects of the organization. It is currently located on the Primary Campus.



This is the Academic portion of the SSS. Gakuin is charged with establishing academia facilities for education and reference work. Early in YE 31 the SSS completed work on the Primary Campus. With facilities and classrooms, the SSS can now offer courses in the areas of study. View more details about the Academy.

In YE 31 the Gakuin started establishing satellite campuses.


In addition to this effort is the SSS Library project. This project is to create a state of the art research repository. The repository will consolidate all available reference materials in these areas of study; and provide them to SSS personnel in both print and digital formats. View more details about the Library.


Originally the departments of the SSS fall into two branches: Gakuin and Tanken. Gakuin refers to 'Academics', and Tanken refers to Expeditions. Towards the end of YE 31 the SSS restructured itself, branching the Tanken efforts into three separate subgroups.

Gakuin (Academics)

The Gakuin branch handles the educational and academic work of the SSS. This branch operates the Library project, the Academy, as well as all static, planet-based research stations on known and stable worlds.

Areas of Study

Tanken (Expeditions)

This is the expeditionary portion of the SSS. Learn more about their Expeditions here: Expeditions.

Important Tanken resources and positions can be found below:

Tanken has three subgroups:

Hara (Field)

The Hara subgroup of Tanken is charged with conducting expeditions in the field. Hara is responsible for acquiring the equipment for performing independent field studies. It plans to acquire transportation, supplies, personnel, and field equipment such as shelters, environmental equipment, sensors and provisions. View more details about Hara (Field).

Riezon (Liaison)

This subgroup of Tanken supplies scientific liaison specialists for assignment on Star Army of Yamatai vessels. These personnel are granted honorary rank of Santô Juni or higher depending on their level of expertise. As such they are subject to the military authorities on each vessel. View more details about Riezon (Liaison).

In YE 31 with the number of Riezon personnel increasing, the SSS started establishing Liaison Offices at military locations with starships.

Tansaku (Starship personnel)

This subgroup of Tanken makes up the crew members of the SSS Tansaku-class Science Vessels. The crews of the Tansaku are typically a blend of field personnel and trained starship personnel. View more details about Tansaku.

SSS Products

More information about the resources of the SSS can be found here: Resources

Below are major products and systems used by the SSS:

SSS Projects

Guide To Making SSS Characters

OOC Notes

  • The SSS was originally submitted under the name 'Yamatai-CAARS' or 'Y-CAARS', and was renamed based on a suggestion by Wes.1)
  • Nashoba was heavily involved with the original creation of this organization, as he submitted the initial article and he also wrote up the man who led the organization from its outset, Saiki Kouan.2)
  • Artwork created by Nashoba.

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