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Scientific Studies Service (SSS) - Gakuin (Academy)

The Academy portion of the Gakuin section of the Scientific Studies Service (SSS) is the largest part of the Gakuin branch. It has two major responsibilities in the SSS:

The first responsibility is the operation of the SSS Academy its members fill all the positions at the Academy; instructors, counselors, staff, and support personnel.

The second responsibility is supplying the educational requirements for the SSS Tanken: Hara (Field), Riezon (Liaison), and Tansaku personnel.


The Scientific Studies Service (SSS) Academy is a science oriented college. The purpose of which is to promote advancements in the sciences. It offers a wide range of courses related to the sciences. The Academy operates under guidance of the Yamatai Department of Education.

Degree programs


Attendance at the SSS Academy is open to all Yamatai Star Empire citizens. The Academy offers a range of class options. Students can be full or part time. They can attend courses on-site, or remote via teleconferencing.

Students pursuing a degree at the Academy are offered a contractual agreement with the (SSS). The agreement is in exchange for full-time classes and residence, upon graduation they will work under the Yamatai Prestige System for the following periods:

  • Associate degree - 2 year of service
  • Bachelors degree - 4 years of service

Students who decline entering a contract with the (SSS) are required to enter into a contract with other Yamatai Star Empire agencies.


Active duty Star Army of Yamatai personnel can take courses at the Academy without a contractual agreement


The Academy also offers special subject seminars. Seminars typically run from one to three days. Most seminars are offered both in class and via teleconference. These are free to all Academy alumni. Star Army of Yamatai personnel may attend free of charge provided their commanding officer approves.

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