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Yamatai Department of Education

The Department of Education is responsible for establishing and overseeing the operation of civilian schools within the Yamatai Star Empire. As of YE 34, Raymond Akiyama (Nepleslian name order) heads the department, with the title of “Minister of Education.”

The Department of Education must approve the curriculum of any civilian education facility. Parents are responsible for the education of their children from the age of 1 and 5. The education takes place in the home, or in some cases preschool / day cares.

The department also provides guidance on at home schooling, but the local prefecture is responsible for oversight. Additionally, the Department of Education is also responsible for establishing testing standards for the various education facilities to ensure a uniform learning experience. The department is also required to conduct routine inspection and observation of all compulsory schools.

The Department of Education has an office in each prefecture on an established, or in the case of a colony world a single office.

Civilian schools fall into one of five classifications:

Shōgakkō (小学校) Elementary

This is compulsory education. The students start at age six. It consists of six grades 1 through 6. Students are exposed to a wide variety of subjects, both academic and nonacademic, and “special activities.” “Special activities” are scheduled weekly times for class affairs and preparation for activities that emphasize character development and the importance of group effort and cooperation. Standard curriculum includes arithmetic, Yamataian, social studies, history, and science. Students also participate in arts and crafts, music, homemaking, physical education.

Schools are typically named for the local community, or prefecture. Sometimes they can be named after a significant figure.

Example Elementary Schools:

The Kyoto Academy for the Arts offers Shōgakkō level classes but it's primarily focused on secondary education. As such, a student taking Shōgakkō level classes gets a very different experience from those taking Chūgakkō or Kōtōgakkō level classes. Most significantly, students at the Shōgakkō level must commute to school as opposed to secondary students who reside on campus.

Chūgakkō (中学校) Lower Secondary

This is compulsory education. Students generally start at age twelve. It consists of three grades 7 through 9.

Note: It is possible, but rare that a student will leave the education system after completing Chūgakkō. Typically when this happens it is because the individual is pursuing a career that is best learned by hands on rather than classroom.

Schools are typically named for the local community, or prefecture. Sometimes they can be named after a significant figure.

Example Lower Secondary Schools:

Kōtōgakkō (高等学校) Upper Secondary

This is non-compulsory education. Students generally start at fifteen. It consists of three grades 10 through 12. Most students in the Yamatai Star Empire attend Kōtōgakkō, but their curriculum is either an academic program for students preparing for higher education or technical and vocational courses for students expecting to find employment after graduation.

Schools are typically named for the local community, or prefecture. Sometimes they can be named after a significant figure.

Example Upper Secondary:

College of Technology

Some students, may opt to bypass Upper Secondary, and enroll in a technology course for a five year program. Students start at age fifteen, and graduate at age twenty.

Example Colleges of Technology:

Daigaku (だいがく) University, College or Vocational School

These are the highest education institutions within the Yamatai Star Empire. Many of them offer a wide range of courses and degrees, while some of them may specialize in a particular field.

Example Daigaku Universities, Colleges or Vocational Schools:

Neko Gakuen (ねこ がくえん) Neko Academy

With the emergence of civilian Nekovalkyrja Younglings with the NH-29, the department was tasked to create a school designed to handle the special needs of the Younglings. See details about the Neko Academy.

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