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Star Army Academy

The Star Army Academy of Military & Medical Sciences (SAAMMS) is a traditional four-year military college located in Tania on Yamatai (Planet) that exclusively trains high-level officers of the Star Army of Yamatai. It was previously known as Star Army Educational Facility #2 (formerly PNUgen Educational Facility #2).

The school colors are purple and gold and the school motto is: Eruditio Superior Totus (Greek: Knowledge above All). It is commanded by Chujo Kaibara Kazumi.


Constructed in YE 20, Educational Facility 2 was originally meant to provide for the educational needs of the children of PNUgen Corporation employees who considered their local schools inadequate. The school gained fame for its “one stop” service, accepting students at around age 6 or older, and graduating them as full-fledged professionals when they reach around 22 years of age. Only the children of PNUgen employees were accepted, which made for a student body that was well-off financially and highly competitive in academics.

In YE 22, the Star Army of Yamatai also built an adjacent site as an officer school for training officers for the military.

Although the Star Army of Yamatai assumed control of Educational Facility 1 when its construction was complete, EF2 remained in PNUgen’s control when it was built. (The two facilities were built simultaneously.) It was not until YE 29, when the Star Army of Yamatai raided PNUgen HQ, that the Star Army of Yamatai took over the campus at Tania and opened the doors of EF2 to bright, high performance students from all over Yamatai. Those who show promise in the biological disciplines are especially likely to gain entrance.

In YE 38, EF2 merged with the Star Army Academy and they now operate as one school.


The Academy educates and trains officers for the Star Army of Yamatai and is part of the Star Army Training Administration. It also trains doctors for the national health service.

Its Star Army students are officers in training and have the rank of Shoi Kohosei. To join, students must fulfil the normal eligibility requirements for Star Army Recruiting such as minimum age (usually 21 Yamataian Calendar years). Upon graduation they become Shoi and must serve at least 3 years of military service.

The Star Army of Yamatai has given the school the additional mandate of training the next generation of medics, doctors, and biologists for the Empire.

The Star Army Academy is considered one of the top educational facilities on Yamatai. The Yamataian elite send their children there. Its graduates go on to serve in the Star Army of Yamatai as starship captains, medics and trainee doctors, and are usually immediately given important assignments.

Enrollment Requirements

Candidates must:

  1. Be between the ages of 21-29
  2. Have high academic scores (e.g. 4.0+ high school GPA)
  3. receive a nomination from
    1. the Imperial Premier, or a senator

The nomination process typically includes an interview with the nominating party. Additionally the Star Army Recruiting and enlistment process sets rigid requirements for physical and mental fitness and medical health for students becoming military officers.


The campus is a series of huge buildings and compounds that serve as lecture halls, classrooms, libraries, offices, and dormitories. EF2 also maintains its own fire station, police department, and hospital. The campus is a significant presence in the suburbs of Tania.

The buildings at EF2 host a diversity of architectural styles, and range from neo-brutalist, box-like dormitories to grand Oriental-themed lecture halls with black tiled roofs and crimson ceiling beams.

The military portion of the campus, originally a separate school, is built with sprawling stone buildings that resemble a series of castles.


The Star Army Academy offers two main programs, each from the historic sides of the campus: One is for line officers, and the other is the life sciences (medical doctor) program passed down from PNUgen.

The Star Army Academy does not offer remote correspondence courses or programs that are not traditional 4 year diplomas.

Military Sciences

The curriculum is centered on leadership and military strategy and tactics.

Length of Program: 4 years

Life Sciences

The curriculum mainly involves general studies tailored to each individual student. Students may choose to specialize in any number of major disciplines after 12 years. EF2’s specialties are Biology and Medicine.

Length of Program: 16 years

Making the Cut

Students who do not meet their credit requirements or are not in the top 80% of their class at the end of each year are automatically expelled. So, for example, if 1000 students start, a maximum of 800 will become second-year students, 640 will make it to become third year students, 512 will make it to the fourth year, and a maximum of 410 will actually graduate. To fail a class typically means washing out, especially in the last two years. Students who do not make it will become E4s (Joto Hei) in the Star Army.


The Star Army Academy has several Star Army facilities on site:

In addition, the following commercial storefronts are available:

OOC Notes

The Star Army Academy is essentially the Star Army equivalent of the United States Naval Academy.

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