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PNUgen Corporation

The Pagoda no Uesureya Genetics Corporation was a megacorporation that specialized in the fields of medicine and genetic engineering. It was the original creator of the Nekovalkyrja. Founded in YE 01. It enjoyed a profitable run until YE 27 when out of concerns about weapon production being in the civilian market. It was absorbed by the government and its assets divided up.

Notable Facilities

PNUgen Kitsurugi No Iori Research Base and Sales Center (Geshrintall) Dr. Kitsurugi Uesureyu, MD

PNUgen Uesureyan Fields Manufacturing and Storage Depot (Geshrintall) Dr. Arvakr Wikkedsson, Ph.D., Psy.D., M.D.

PNUgen Capital Manufacturing and Sales/Service Center (Geshrintall) Dr. Rafaela Neapolitana, MD

PNUgen Central Uesureyan Storage Depot (Geshrintall) Major Mishikawa Kurasawa, GSA

PNUgen Black Sands Test Range Complex (Geshrintall) Dr. Sugoimi Elena, Ph.D., Psy.D., M.D.

PNUgen Ice Queen Mountains Test Range Complex (Geshrintall) Dr. Ingrid Sarasdottir, Ph.D., Psy.D., M.D.

PNUgen Ayenee 1: Research and Sales Outpost. Dr. Shinichiro Nobumoto, MD

PNUgen Ayenee 2: CMC Research Base Dr. Shinichiro Nobumoto, MD

PNUgen Ayenee 3: Special Research Facility Dr. Janus Starr

Notable Products

  • NH-1 PNUgen “Geshrin”/“Warmaiden”
  • NH-2 PNUgen “Nekovalkyrja”
  • NH-3 PNUgen Elf mod
  • NH-4 PNUgen “Controller”
  • NH-6 PNUgen “Bubblegunner” (smaller ID-SOL-type with personal forcefield)
  • NH-7 Nekovalkyrja PNUgen/WickedArms “Nekovalkyrja II”
  • NH-8 PNUgen “Shadowshifter”
  • NH-9 PNUgen Weapon
  • NH-10 PNUgen NH-X Twin Nekovalkyrja
  • NH-11 PNUgen “Shadowshifter II”
  • NH-12 Nekovalkyrja “Mini-Nekovalkyrja”
  • NH-13 Shadowshifter II
  • NH-16 WickedArms “Bubblegunner II”
  • NH-17 Nekovalkyrja WickedArms “Nekovalkyrja V”
  • NH-18 Adaptive Weapon
  • NH-19 PNUgen Experimental Nekovalkyrja used for hybridization

Notable Employees

  • Dr. Shinichiro Nobumoto, MD, Geneticist,
  • Dr. Ketsurui Uesu (creator of the original Nekovalkyrja)
  • Relmaya Mersina
  • Dr. Ezekiel Shaitan, Geneticist
  • Dr. Emily Claire Simon, Chemist
  • Dr. Busumjima Kayakana, Geneticist
  • Dr. Mitchell Daniels, Geneticist
  • Nurse Arula Kay Toryken, Lab medic
  • Sasami Iruja, Assistant
  • Lena Ravenoak, Technician
  • Jeremiah Hauerr, technician
  • Masapiel, scientist
  • Kayuki Shima, Geneticist
  • Agent Jeremiah Kain, Chief of intel
  • Agent Mashu Noeru
  • Agent Koh Montai
  • Agent Sirus
  • Agent Shane Rawain,
  • Special Agent Jack Chandler, Chief of PNUgen Internal Affairs
  • Special Agent Jacob Meyers
  • Special Agent Isha Sekei
  • Field Marshall Mechanized Infantry Robot 8g, Chief of PNUgen security
  • Saptheran Vanaxian,
  • Jack Buna, guard
  • Kayuki Shima, guard
  • Jaiden Qatarne, guard
  • Dr. Shinobu Kenja, scientist working on Nekovalkyra, left in YE 26

Weapons By Serial Number

  • B-0320 Kitsurugi Midori, Uesureyu
  • B-0321 Kitsurugi Susi, Uesureyu
  • B-0322 Tal, Uesureyu
  • B-0323 Ketsurui Yui, Uesureyu,
  • B-0324 Kitsurugi Yumi, Uesureyu
  • B-0325 Eve (deceased), Shinichiro
  • B-0326 Lillian Kirn, creator unknown
  • B-0327 kirn_justin, creator unknown
  • B-0328 Masapiel, Shinichiro,
  • B-0329 Omega (deceased), creator unknown
  • B-0330a Zynesai, Simon
  • B-0330b Vay, Simon
  • B-0330 Jaece, Simon
  • B-0331 Muonuduu, Simon
  • B-0332 Rita, creator unknown,
  • B-0333 Orion, Okaida,
  • B-0334 Sysis, Fujiyama,
  • B-0335 Lilly II, Shinichiro,
  • B-0336 Mhyrr, Ravenoak,
  • B-0337 Brass, Orion
  • B-0338 Dragonhalf (both)
  • B-0339 Cleopatra
  • B-0340 Kitsurugi Mizuki, Uesureyu
  • B-0341 Kitsurugi Mayame, Uesureyu
  • B-0342 Cloud Winter, Busujima
  • B-0343 Cally Winter, Busujima
  • B-0344 Kwan
  • B-0345 Cathirine.a, Orion
  • B-0346 Alura, Kitsurugi Yui
  • B-0347 Maila, Masapiel,

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