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Eve is a deceased non-player character featured as an antagonist in several early Star Army plotlines. She was created by Wes.

Eve was a NH-7x3 created by PNUgen Corporation. Eve was one of PNUgen's first attempts at making adult Nekovalkyrja. Other early test Nekovalkyrja like Ketsurui Yui were created as infants and β€œraised” in a family type of upbringing. This lack of socialization, coupled with a powerful telepathic capability, lack of networked sisters (most networked Nekovalkyrja are meant to be in triumvirates) and a wealth of knowledge in warfare lead to her mental instability. She was sadistic and cruel. At one point she held a large number of the city of Geshrinopolis's children hostage, and amused herself by torturing and eating them until Ketsurui Yui stopped her. She was killed by members of the YSS Miharu crew in YE 30.

Further Information on Eve

  • Eyes: Red - Test weapon designation
  • Hair: Blue - Networked model, meant to be a part of a triumvirate but was a Solo model, marked with a β€œ3” designation
  • Special Features: A single horn in the middle of her head and a β€œX” designation signify that she was a powerful telepathic weapon. Known to eat metal, a Pennyeater, to reform it into weapons using her hemosynthetic ability. She had the kanji for death, β€œζ­»β€, on her right thigh and above her left breast.
  • Areas of expertise: Military tactics, hand to hand combat, butchering, survival, irregular warfare, explosives, torture
  • Known Associates and followers: Black Spiral members) who later formed Daughters of Eve.
  • Notable Terrorist Acts: Influenced the Yamataian organization, Black Spiral to commit treason against the Star Army of Yamatai; recreated Ketsurui Yuumi using a secret mental backup and held her hostage for several years, using her access to manipulate the PANTHEON system until Ketsurui Yuumi was rescued by the YSS Sakura in YE 29; gave Star Army of Yamatai technology to the Mishhuvurthyar.

Character Data
Character NameEve
Character OwnerWes
Character StatusPermanently Retired Character

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