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YSS Miharu

YSS Miharu, NJ-X1-00, was a prototype Himiko-class Light Escort built by Ketsurui Fleet Yards in YE 29. She was destroyed in Battle of the Blue Rift in YE 33.

Miharu in Roleplay

The Miharu plotship was roleplayed storyline that was headed by the GMs Fred, and started on August 2, 2006 and lasting until December 31, 2011 (5 years, 4 months, 30 days). It focused on the pursuit of the notorious nekovalkyrja criminal Eve. Following clue after elusive clue left behind by the activity of Eve's followers, the “Daughters of Eve”, Miharu's crew eventually uncovered a scheme to liberate a Yamataian warfleet that had disappeared after a catastrophic incident that sealed them into a time-frozen dimensional pocket. Eve manipulated events so to provide her the resources to create a universe-spanning gate which would allow her to cross over into the prison-dimension and then mentally enslave the fleet with her mental powers, but Miharu arrived into the nick of time to the sceme and foiled her nefarious plot to overthrow the Empire.

Eve's demise had been engineered by Melisson, whom had left clues for the Miharu's crew like stray breadcrumbs so that they would dispose of Eve for her, allowing Melisson in turn to seize the lost fleet for herself. As Melisson's formidable Shlarvasseroth-type flagship would be at its most vulnerable inside the dimensional-prison, Miharu's crew bravely pursued Melisson when she went in, and fought her there. Miharu was unfortunately too damaged to go on during that final confrontation, but sacrificed itself in a ramming attack to give her crew a chance to infiltrate Melisson's flagship and bring the fight to her directly.

Melisson was then defeated, her flagship destroyed and her attempt to mentally take possession of the fleet broken, and the crew emerged from the prison with the several thousand lost warships they could save. Miharu's crew returned the lost fleet's survivor to Yamatai as heroes as they instructed the numerous warships to crown their homecoming by reclaiming Nataria, the fleet depot that had been lost years prior to the NMX.

Miharu's History

Ship History

The following lists of events are in chronological order.

YE 28

  • Elf starship designer Firiel Morningmist obtains sponsorship of Ketsurui Fleet Yard in designing a light cruiser that would be geared for ambassadorial and exploration assignments, tailored specifically for the needs of the Star Army of Yamatai's expeditionary fleets. Project Himiko - named after a protege of Emperor Uesu - began. It was hoped that with the Mishhuvurthyar beaten back, Yamatai could focus less on warfare and more on exploration and scientific discovery.

YE 29

  • New Mishhuvurthyar hostilities had Project Himiko grind to an halt, thanks to building priorities going to warships in those trying times. Designer-in-Chief Morningmist salvaged the project by uprating the Himiko-class specifications with proof-of-concept advances, changing its classification from light cruiser to escort.
  • The YSS Miharu prototype was built. Its shakedown cruise revealed considerable problems with its power systems.
  • Taii Kotori is assigned as the Miharu's commanding officer for special operations against the rogue Black Spiral SAINT splinter-group and the Daughters of Eve. While the vessel's systems are being ironed out to make it space worthy, she assembled a crew and had them do qualification testing for the Mindy Mark 2 and the Daisy power armors.
    • The YSS Miharu, now given the registry NJ-X1-00, left from the Secret Scorpio Research Base in the Ketsurui Nebula and headed toward the Taiie star system to collect a civilian tactician and to load up on supplies.
    • The vessel's uprated sensors are the first to detect the signs of a new Mishhuvurthyar flagship unleashing a powerful transposition weapon. Taii Kotori ordered an emergency launch to try countering the weapon with an interdiction field, but unfortunately did not anticipate that the transposition weapon was not aimed at any Fifth Expeditionary Fleet installations, but rather at the Taiie star to have it go hypernova. The hypernova released a shockwave that promised to destroy everything within the Taiie system shortly - the Taiie IV and its orbitting star fortress had less than 15 minutes before the shockwave reached them.
    • A SMX 90-ship taskforce lead by the Dark Mishhuvurthyar warlord Melisson outmaneuvered the Yamataian defences of the Bard cluster and folded in-system. Almost immediately, the flagship deployed an unprecedently-wide anti-FTL field that damaged the FTL systems of the defending ships. Miharu was included amongst the disabled ships and Taii Kotori ordered it to go in a slow stealthy retreat while the Mishhuvurthyar and 5th XF vessel engaged in battle.
    • A ruse was made to masquarade Miharu off as a Black Spiral vessel, to then converse with Melisson herself. The Mishhuvurthyar interpreter let slip that the Daughters of Eve were working on a project to find “Amaya's Gate”.
    • Shortly afterward, Miharu's FTL systems were jury-rigged back online and she makes an emergency fold out. Some rescue vessels make it out as well, but most of the 5th XF's ships present are decimated along with the Taiie IV colony.
    • Following the retreat of the few refugee vessel's flight to the Tsuyosa system, repercussions of an anti-FTL field the Shlarvasseroth had deployed were still felt - FTL capabilities was unavailable until better repairs could be made.
    • Taii Kotori choose to make a stand and support the beleaguered 5th XF Kinkou Carrier Group, which was acting as rear guard for the crippled transport vessels. Miharu forced the command elements of an SMX skirmish battlegroup into retreat.
    • Miharu fought and destroyed a group of new SMX Elplifhurl-type phasing corvettes, winning the day where many other Yui-class destroyers succumbed with a clever combination of an expanding interphasic inversion field, graviton beams and a burst of projected energy beams.
    • Taii Kotori ordered to effect rescue and salvage operations on one of the Kinkou group's crippled Yui 4-class scout destroyer, the GSS Shikuka, adding two of the derelict's surviving members to her crew as well as recovering its supply of AS-5 torpedoes to restore Miharu's depleted reserves.
    • Tsutomu-Taisa, the nekovalkyrja in charge of the small surviving flotilla of 5th XF vessels, is convinced to hide with Miharu in a group of asteroids with enough metallic and radioactive elements to help hide their engine signatures, if all the ships in their flotilla went into silent running. There, on one of Kotori's hunches, they lie in wait for the appearance of a rogue Black Spiral vessel to investigate their disappearance.
    • The SS Meng Po, a Black Spiral Nozomi-class scoutship, is caught spying in the vicinity - likely acting as a would-be spotter for a newly-arrived SMX Assault battlegroup which had been investigating the system after the defeat of the previous wave.
    • In a short but brutal engagement, the Miharu's Black Knight armor wing boarded the Meng Po and incapacitated the vessel and her crew, capturing its MEGAMI-IES computer core intact.
    • Investigation of the Meng Po's MEGAMI unveiled crucial information on the joint sensor-and-communication nodal network the enemy had, which had given them a powerful tactical advantage due to them being able to eavesdrop on subspace communications between Star Army of Yamatai vessels. This explained why the Mishhuvurthyar forces lead by Melisson had been outmaneuvering the Star Army of Yamatai so well since late-YE 28.
    • Using the latest information, the Miharu's crew turned the tables on the SMX assault group present in system and delivered false orders which had them fold to the Koenic system where Taisho Yui had ships waiting to ambush them. The whole assult group was easily destroyed by the ambushers with minimal losses.
    • With the SMX menace lifted, the flotilla escaped the Tsuyosa system and reached the allied Gemini Star Fortress. Meng Po was turned over to Star Army Logistics.
  • Miharu remained in spacedock for 2 months for repairs and refits based on its first trial-by-fire.

YE 30

  • Newly promoted Taisa Kotori reported to Taisho Yui the performance of the Himiko-class prototype. With the project viewed as promising, the YSS Asamoya is built as a second test vessel.
  • Miharu undergoes harsh field testing to insure its good function before its next mission.
    • After an influx of new crew, Miharu's missions shifts from hunting down Black Spiral rebels to directly countering the Daughters of Eve seeing that Taisa Hanako convinced a large part of Black Spiral to merge back with the Star Army of Yamatai. The vessel is launched into pursuit of a Yui-5 SAINT scout, the Sekkou, whom had disappeared after reporting spotting a large force of rogue KFY-built vessel spirit a Novacorp Wormhole Gate out of the Lor star system. The Miharu, bearing weaponry and engine drive systems whom functioned much better than other ship inside nebulaes, was the perfect choice for the mission - they were to find the trail left by the probes with their powerful sensor system and find out why the rogue faction had stolen a gate and what use they intended for it, as well as rescue the Sekkou if it was in need of such and finally find a way to deal with any enemy stronghold if such are found.
    • A power armor simulation was held, with its focus being the defense of Miharu against invaders. The sprite Nimura solved the scenario in a rather unorthodox fashion. Nimura's solution - leaving the simulation to threaten the person overseeing it - met a lukewarm reception from the rest of the crew.
    • Miharu hunted down probes left behind by the Sekkou within the Great Southern Nebula for several weeks, eventually tracking it down to the Bowhordia star system. The enemy was present, however, the two dozen vessels present was not a force Miharu could to directly confront. Taisa Kotori ordered a withdrawal.
    • The ship rendez-vous with the YSS Pelican, an Anri-Class Deep-Space Repair Vessel, for maintenance. Then both vessels return to Yamatai to report back. The arrival to Yamatai reveals that the Mishhuvurthyar have pulled back and that the war seems to an indefinite stop. The crew celebrates that along with the birthdays of two of their members, though the mood is spoiled by dire events which lead the United Outer Colonies to declare independance.
    • Taisa Kotori staged various subterfuges with former Black Spiral elements to draw much of Bowhordia's defending forces out of the system.
    • With most of the Bowhordia's defending fleet away, Miharu folded in the Bowhordia system and engaged an Ayame-class command carrier and its escorts in battle while Hoshi disconnected from the main hull to raid a Black Spiral outpost on the planet with the aim of rescuing the Sekkou's crew, and capture the base's datacore.
    • Miharu destroyed all defending ships. Hoshi invaded the base and the Black Knights armor wing fought the Nekomachina for the first time.
    • The Black Knights armor wing fought their way down the base, encountering and defeating a youngling daughter of Eve, before destroying a Mishhumachina while trying to prevent the base from succumbing to a self-destruct sequence.
    • Having accomplished all their objectives, Miharu, Hoshi and the rescued Sekkou narrowly escaped Bowhordia after being confronted by a rogue squadron of Sakura-class gunships. They all returned to Yamatai for repairs.

YE 31

  • Miharu underwent repairs in orbit of Yamatai, though supplies are scarce thanks to the ravages done by the Second Mishhuvurthyar War. The crew saw some changes, new additions coming in and old faces being reassigned. Preparations were made to leave for Nepleslia to deliver a prisoner they saved from Bowhordia back to the DIoN.
  • (draft: left for a NDI port for repairs and refit in preparation for Mission 5)
  • (draft: start of the 'Battle of the Blue Rift')

YE 33

  • (draft: timeskip due to emerging from a time-frozen dimension - Hoshi only; end of the 'Battle of the Blue Rift')
  • (draft: Second Draconian Fleet survivors go to the Claw Nebula for refit - Hoshi only)
  • (draft: Second Draconian Fleet navigates to Nataria and destroys the NMX garrison to reclaim it for Nataria - Hoshi only)
  • (draft: Crew is debriefed by Yui - Hoshi only)
  • Miharu's complete computer records are copied from the Hoshi to YSS Eucharis for analysis.

YSS Miharu Personnel

Crew Roster


Warrant Officers

Rank Name Position Color Player Orders Notes
Ittô Juni Kurohoshi Masako Chief of Security Matthew Orders “Black Knights” Wing Leader
Santô Juni Tom Freeman Chief Engineer Tom Orders Also fills in as Caretaker



  • Santô Hei Miharu Cho
  • Santô Hei Miharu Hisa
  • Santô Hei Miharu Haya
  • Santô Hei Miharu Kinu
  • Santô Hei Miharu Tori
  • Santô Hei Miharu Suzume

Former Crewmembers

  • Santô Hei Kamiyama Morita - Caretaker (Dismissed)
  • Santô Hei Leutre Veressis- Technician: Salvage Specialist (Dismissed)
  • Nitô Hei Amagasaki Chigusa - Technician: General (Dismissed)
  • Santô Hei James Dige - Power Armor Pilot (Dismissed)
  • Santô Hei Nishimura Ryzard - Technician: General (Dismissed)
  • Santô Hei Ito Rei - Technician / Demolitions (Dismissed)
  • Santô Hei Sato Naoko - Technician: Engineering (Dismissed)
  • Ittô Hei Serizawa Ichi - Science Specialist (Dismissed)
  • Ittô Hei Kei - Samurai Trainee (Returned to training)
  • Ittô Hei Yuri - Samurai Trainee (Returned to training)
  • Ittô Hei Asher Orkin Westwood - Power Armor Pilot (Reassigned)
  • Nitô Hei Tsukade Yuril - Power Armor Pilot (Dismissed)
  • Ittô Juni Kôsuka - Power Armor Pilot (Departed)
  • Shoi Ketsurui Sora - Medic (returned to training)
  • Santô Juni Hasegawa Sumaru - Ketsurui Samurai (escorting Sora)
  • Santô Hei Kaida Nagamira - Infantry (Dismissed)
  • Ittô Hei Mizuno Yoroko - Infantry (Killed In Action)
  • Jôtô Hei Mizuki Azumi - Nurse (Killed In Action)
  • Jôtô Hei Takuma Kimura - IT Specialist (Killed In Action)
  • Shoi Miharu Miharu Mara - Starship Operator, Miharu's sprite avatar (Killed In Action)
  • Nitô Heisho Miharu Ichigo - Senior Technician (Killed In Action)
  • Santô Hei Miharu Eiko - Technician (Killed In Action)
  • Santô Hei Miharu Etsu - Technician (Killed In Action)
  • Santô Hei Miharu Junko - Technician (Killed In Action)
  • Santô Hei Miharu Kichi - Technician (Killed In Action)
  • Santô Hei Miharu Kuni - Technician (Killed In Action)
  • Santô Hei Miharu Maya - Technician (Killed In Action)
  • Santô Hei Miharu Miko - Technician (Killed In Action)
  • Santô Hei Miharu Ozuno - Technician (Killed In Action)
  • Santô Hei Miharu Rei - Technician (Killed In Action)
  • Santô Hei Miharu Sanri - Pilot (Killed In Action)
  • Santô Hei Miharu Tama - Technician (Killed In Action)

Players (with usernames)

5tar Aendri Doshii Jun Dragonnova Gallant Kai Kel Kim Kyoki mizunoyoroko Moon Man Nyton Tom Aria Matthew CadetNewb

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