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Scorpio Star Fortress

Scorpio is a formerly secret research base located near the Ketsurui Nebula. It is the first of the Zodiac-Class Star Fortress series.


The teleporter and the shield barrier modules for the Ke-M2 "Mindy" Series of Power Armor were invented here.

During the Second Mishhuvurthyar War, the station was heavily damaged: “The Aeon and the rest of the squadron moved cautiously towards Scorpio to assess the station. Katae brought the squadron to a stop just outside the debris cloud that surrounded it. The Zodiac-Class Star Fortress survived. But, it was by no means going to be operational. Katae even from this distance could see great rents torn in the hull of the station. The amount of fire power required to wreak this kind of damage was hard to imagine. Every one of the radial arms had suffered catastrophic damage and was missing one or more sections. Venting plasma could be seen as flares of light from all over the station. The station itself was in a slow tumble as its station keeping systems were clearly overwhelmed by the damage to the systems. Debris from both the station and destroyed ships alike created a deadly cloud that the station rotated within occasionally causing more damage. If the station was salvageable Katae was certain it would be months before it would be operating at any semblance of normal.”

Since the war's end, the station has been repaired. In the immediate aftermath of the Second Mishhuvurthyar War, Scorpio Star Fortress's position was in the Oum system (called UX-25 at the time).

In YE 36, this station became part of the PAINT public transportation system and has a Tenba that regularly visits and provides passenger flights to Shinjuku Starport on Hanako's World and Oum IV. This service stopped at the end of YE 37 when Scorpio returned to the Ketsurui Nebula.



Scorpio Star Fortress is primarily populated by Nekovalkyrja.


Technician Veridia Aquilae is the primary contact secretary for Scorpio Star Fortress.


Characters currently on Scorpio Star Fortress are:

Character PicPageOccupationGenderSpecies
Hisô IsekiRetired PilotFemaleNekovalkyrja
Kessaku Sakai YuukoPower Armor Test PilotFemaleNekovalkyrja
Veridia AquilaeCommunications Secretary for Scorpio Star FortressFemaleMinkan

These Star Army of Yamatai characters are currently assigned to Scorpio Star Fortress:


OOC Notes

Wes wrote this article.

Star Army Bases & Facilities
TypeStar Fortress
LocationKetsurui Nebula
DescriptionSARA Research Base
OrganizationStar Army Research Administration
Contact PageVeridia Aquilae
Map Locations
Map to UseKikyo Sector
Map Display NameSF Scorpio
Map Coordinates1660,1610
Map ImportanceMinor RP Location
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