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Ke-M2 "Mindy" Series of Power Armor

The Ke-M2 “Mindy” is a form-fitting, FTL-capable power armor designed for operation by a full-size Nekovalkyrja. Based on the success of the earlier Lamia M1, it was adopted by the Star Army of Yamatai in YE 25 to replace conventional infantry armor. Over three trillion Mindy armors have been produced since YE 25, making them extremely common. The ubiquitous Mindy is also an icon of the Star Army; it appears on the Star Army's emblem, the Star Army Hinomaru.

Mindy Armor Illustration


The MINDY armor was originally developed by the Star Army Research Administration in YE 25 (OOC: February 2004) as part of Project Rebecca1). It was originally called the LAMIA M2.

In YE 29, the Mindy 2 was released alongside the NH-29 Nekovalkyrja. It quickly became the main power armor of the Star Army for years and and was made in vast numbers and in multiple variations, the last of which was the Mindy 2D in YE 36.

In YE 31 through YE 37, the Star Army attempted to introduce a replacement in the form of the Mindy 3, but it was never put into widespread usage due to development issues.

Ketsurui Fleet Yards finally gave up on the Mindy 3 and released the Mindy 4 in YE 38, which was popular, and the Mindy 2D.

Types of Mindy Armor

Model (Year) Type Fate
First Generation Mindy Armors; designed for NH-17
Ke-M2-1A (YE 25) Test Type Upgraded to 1B (adding missile launchers)
Ke-M2-1B Anti-Starship Upgraded to 1C (adding backup engines)
Ke-M2-1C Anti-Starship Upgraded to 1D (weapons reconfiguration)
Ke-M2-1D (YE 26) Anti-Starship Replaced by 1E and 1F
Second Generation Mindy Armors; designed for NH-29
Ke-M2-1E (YE 27) Anti-Starship Upgraded to 1F
Ke-M2-1E2 (YE 28) Special Operations Model that was used by the Daughters of Eve
Ke-M2-1F (YE 28) Anti-Starship Replaced by 2A (phased out) and 1H
Ke-M2-1G Anti-Armor Prototype Never entered production
Third Generation Mindy Armors
Ke-M2-1H (YE 29) Team Fire Support No longer produced, but still in use
Ke-M2-1I (YE 30) Reconnaissance Was in development until cancellation in YE 40.
Ke-M2-2A (YE 29) General Purpose Replaced by 2D (phased out)
Ke-M2-2B (YE 35) General Purpose Replaced by 2D (phased out)
Ke-M2-2C (YE 35) General Purpose Replaced by 2D (phased out)
Ke-M2-2D (YE 36) General Purpose Being phased out and replaced by the M2-4
Ke-M2-3A (YE 30) General Purpose Canceled model. Test types were available during YE 31-YE 37
Fourth Generation Mindy Armors
Ke-M2-4A (YE 38.4) Starship Boarding Currently in production; standard issue
Ke-M2-4E (YE 39.1) Elysian variant Currently in production
Ke-M2-4S (YE 39.1) Separa'Shan variant Currently in production


The Mindy power armor has a wide range of equipment available to customize it for each mission.

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