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Daughters of Eve

This is a guide for the Daughters of Eve, a group led by the principles with which Eve upheld.

Quote from [YSS Rave] Suspicions
β€œDo you know anything about the legendary neko called Naraku?” Uesu asked.

Notable Assets at the Disposal of the Daughters of Eve

  • They possess around 15 KFY-built vessels that they acquired through Black Spiral.
  • They have access to most SAINT/Black Spiral equipment, though in more limited quantities.
  • They have an ongoing project named Amaya's Gate
  • They have access to the Nepleslian Black Market, through which they may obtain other resources such as the Vale-class raiding cruiser.
  • Though due to a lack of fondness for using sprites as combat fodder, they instead use synthetic humanoid drone mechas named 'nekomachina'.
  • They have access to allies amongst the SMX, whom they in turn assist by providing intelligence on the enemies of the SMX. It is an uneasy relationship.
  • They have some measure of PANTHEON-access, allowing them the uncanny ability of being able to obtain certain Soul Transfer Backups.
  • They are apparently pretty rich. How is not known.

Individuals of Note

Below are some individuals of note:

  • Eve (Alias: Naraku)
  • Meni (Twin to Mani)
  • Mani (Twin to Meni)

Info on Eve/Naraku

What The Star Army of Yamatai Knows

Eve was one of the first Nekos created, and is considered Yui's sister only because they were created at around the same time, and possibly because they have close genetic ties. Being artificial beings, they don't have β€œparents” in the true sense of the word. Eve's current status is unknown, but her dark deeds are infamous among the citizenry of Yamatai and Nepleslia. Most notably she had a horn on her forehead and was a Pennyeater that could create objects from her hemosynth, often in the form of kusarigama/scythes.

Eve was known for having kidnapped, tortured and murdered about a 100 children of Ayenee's Capital City early in her lifetime. She left such an impact that for several decades, parents used her name to scare small children into behaving.

Naraku killed the late Taisho Kai Ashigari. She is a dangerous assassin and aligned with the Daughters of Eve. There is a bounty on her head.

What Many People Don't Know

Naraku = Eve

OOC Notes

Created by Wes and Yangfan and moved around by Ametheliana

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