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Kai Ashigari

A former Star Army of Yamatai Taisho, Kai Ashigari is originally from Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia. He is a powerful telepath and the brother of Kenji Ashigari. He was assasinated by Naraku but then revived from a ST backup that was traded for in exchange for Naraku's freedom. After investigating the incidents that led to his brother Kenji's execution he discovered the truth and was eventually marked for elimination by SAINT. He was disposed of along with his long lost younger sister Elena on Ayenee.

Kai's Appearance

Hair color and style: Scarlet Red with golden blonde highlights. The length of his hair is red spinkled with golden blonde while the red mixes in his bangs (some red some gold) his long sideburns are golden blonde as well giving it an overall appearance of fire.

Build and Skintone: Sleekily muscular without an ounce of fat, Asian skintone

Facial Features and Eye Color: Fierce yet handsome, Jade eyes

Height: 5โ€œ11

Mass: 152 lbs

Distinguishing Features: Phoenix Tattoo on back

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