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Ke-M2-2D "Mindy II" Power Armor

The Mindy 2 is an atmosphere and space capable power armor which became the standard of the Star Army of Yamatai in YE 29.

About and History

Designed for use in any environment, the Mindy is sleek, fast, and highly adaptable through use of highly miniaturized technology and interchangeable modules.

With performance in mind, it was made capable of numerous trans-atmospheric operations, which include being able to 'hover', shift its inertia, come to a quick stop, and increase or decrease its effective weight as needed. In addition, the Mindy can ignore gravity - in particular, it can mimic walking up walls, on ceilings, across water, and midair due to its internal systems. Despite these capabilities however, the Mindy 2 sees most of its use in ship and space environments - on planets, it is typically reserved for fast, lightning strikes and raids rather than prolonged conflicts. The armor was meant to be used by Nekovalkyrja and as a result, may also accept humans such as Nepleslians and Geshrin as pilots, but is unable to accommodate them if pregnant due to size restrictions. This also culminates in a size restriction on pilots as well, due to the naturally small nature of Nekovalkyrja.

The Mindy was designed by the Star Army Research Administration as a replacement for the Lamia M1 Space Mecha. Despite its predecessor being superior in certain different capacities such as armor material, the technologies aboard were becoming dated in the rapidly changing wars that were being fought. In addition to this, the M1 LAMIA was exceedingly expensive to produce precisely due to the very materials that granted its superior qualities over the Mindy which was to replace it. These costs resulted in the M2 Mindy being designed, and despite being a Light Advanced Mechanized Infantry Armor itself, it is both technologically more refined and easier to mass produce.

As a result of its refinements, the Mindy also sees on-site production aboard even small Star Army ships, a testament to its wide spread use and ease of production. Further testifying to its comparative simplicity and ease of modification to the M1 LAMIA, the Mindy has seen numerous changes throughout its service life, including the Ke-M2-1H "Mindy" Power Armor, the Black Mindy - and the later 3A iteration.

Use and production of the Mindy Ke-M2-2D is authorized until YE 41.

Project "Red Haired Stepchild"

Due to the logistical failure in replacing the Mark II line with the 3A by YE 35, Miharu Light Industries revisited the still-heavily widespread Mindy II in order to implement field refits which would allow the machine to perform better in the post-mishhu war era. After a year of testing and development, they made the Ke-M2-2D upgrade available for production.

Revision 2B

The Ke-M2-G2901 Aetheric Generator and Capacitor System was uprated to a M2-G3500 system, which is of similar size but incorporates six years of advances in aether-based technology. The generator's output was channeled up by 11%, the capacitors conversion rate matched it by 11% and improved shielding diminished the unit's visible signature by 24%. To match the improved performance, most power lines in the unit were redone as well, with particular attention given to modular hardpoints.

Revision 2C

The 2B upgrade lay down a foundation which allowed for more drastic changes to be implemented. To follow up on the improved power curve, the built-in forearm aether projectors were replaced with a newer M2-W3500 model that was better optimized, offered better pin-point focus at long-range, with more rugged components which would help the projector suffer less wear and tear in longer engagements.

Due to the increased power efficiency, the forearm capacitors were entirely removed so that the power feed could be directly routed to the weapon. To follow up on this, the forearm shields were eliminated, and replaced by a wholly new M2-G3600 Conformal Barrier System in order to compete defensively with NAM-produced power armor. Multiple field emitters were installed over the chestplate, pauldrons, forearms and lower thighs for greater redundancy and field strength.

Revision 2D

A companion to the 2C upgrade, the D revision remodels the Mindy II's armor cover, introducing the more ergonomically-thoughtout M2-F3600 Outer Armor which introduces YamaDura-alloy as standard for the unit. In addition to better incorporating the extra components added in revisions C and B, the outer armor offers greater segmentation and flexibility, making it a perfect pairing for the new M2-F3601 Hemosynthetic Interior Insert which - as envisioned in the Mindy III's concept - allows lightly garbed soldiers to freely operate the power armor. A rebuild of the helmet unit also includes improvements to sensors and communication that uprates the AIES to model M2-E3600.

Overall, the unit's weight increased by 15 kg, which puts it on par with the later models of the Mindy Mark I series.

Retirement From Service

When the Ke-M2-4 Series "Mindy" Armor came out in YE 38, it began replacing the M2-2 series Mindy armors and Star Army command set a goal date of YE 41 for replacing all of these armors with the M2-4 series. As of the start of YE 41, this has not yet been fully realized but the Star Army hopes to distribute the newer model by the end of the year. The M2-2 armors will be placed into storage at Star Army depots as emergency supplies in case of a shortage of the newer models.

General Data


  • FTL: 10c (or 0.25 LY/m only with Hyperspace Fold Booster)
  • Space: up to .375c in a vacuum using combined field system
  • Atmospheric: Mach 1.8 at Earth sea level

Size Information

Small and compact, the armor and pilot height may vary plus or minus 15cm from the average, standard height expected in field use.

Size Armor Height Pilot Height
Extra Short 135cm 120cm (3'11”)
Short 155cm 140cm (4'7“)
Standard 175cm (5'7”) 160cm (5'3”)
Tall 195cm 180cm (5'11“)
Extra Tall 215cm 200cm (6'7”)

Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

  • Body: 8 ADR SP
  • Graviton Barrier: 8 ADR SP, Threshold 2

Systems Listings

  1. Ke-M2-E2902 Conformal Psionic Signal Control Device
  2. Ke-M2-F2901 Titanium Alloy Chassis Layer
  3. Ke-M2-F3601 Hemosynthetic Interior Insert (stararmy:nh-33 type)
  4. Ke-M2-F3600 Outer Armor with Thermoptic Camouflage (YamaDura/Yarvex)
  5. Ke-M2-G3500 Aetheric Generator and Capacitor System
  6. Ke-M2-G3600 Conformal Barrier System
  7. Ke-M2-P2902 Gravimetric Backup Engine and Thrusters
  8. Ke-M2-R2901 Inertialess Drive System

Optional Systems

The Mindy was designed as a modular platform that could be tailored to mission specifics. Consequently, it has numerous, optional components that can change or enhance its performance. A full list of optional accessories can be found here.

Weapons and Accessories

  • (2) Ke-M2-W3500 Forearm Weapons
  • Upper Leg Hangers
  • (1) Dorsal Hardpoint
  • (2) Shoulder Hardpoints
  • (2) Lower Leg Hardpoints (paired)
  • Optional Handheld Weapons


Ke-M2-W3500 Forearm Weapons (2)

Each of the Mindy's oversized forearms holds a weapons system that draws aetheric energy from space and projects it out in three modes.

The first is a powerful energy blade consisting of a three foot long, two inch wide projection of aether for melee combat, and a six foot projection for hull cutting. It is powerful enough to ignite flammable objects, cut through blast doors and through most power armors in this melee blade mode, but is intended to slowly burn through thick hulls in hull cutting mode. Due to the dispersal of the energy over a longer surface area however, it is marginally effective in combat. The second mode fires a stream of rapid, piercing pulses akin to a short-range energy machine gun. Finally, the third requires two seconds to charge, but fires a more powerful beam which boasts longer range and better shield penetrating capabilities. The forearm weapons cannot function at the same time the forearm barrier shields are activated for each respective arm.

As the power source for the forearm weapons is the Mindy's Aether Generator, the weapon does not require munitions or batteries, effectively granting it unlimited usage time.

  • Primary Purpose: Anti-Power Armor
  • Secondary Purpose: Anti-Personnel
  • Damage: Tier 9 Heavy Anti-Mecha - Wristblade, Tier 5 Medium Anti-Armor - SMG, Tier 7 Light Anti-Mecha - Charged Beam.
  • Range: 1m (3') - Melee Blade, 2m (6') - Hull Cutter Blade, 5,000 m (3.1 mi) - SMG, 60 km (37.2 mi) - Charged Beam
  • Rate of Fire: Constant - Blade Mode, 8 pulses/sec in submachinegun mode and a 2 second delay before firing a charged beam.
  • Payload Effectively Unlimited

Nodal Support Drone Upper Leg Hangers

The Mindy carries six nodal support drones - these multi-purpose drones can be used for numerous roles, from observation to the shooting down of incoming missiles. When not in use, these NSDs are docked at the lower thighs.

  • NSD STL speed: 0.8c
  • Purpose: Anti-Personnel, Point Defense
  • Damage: Tier 2, Medium Anti-Personnel, Stun
  • Range: 500 meters. Max 750 meters.
  • Firing Modes: Standard, Heavy, Standard Stun, Heavy Stun
  • Rate of Fire: 2.5 Rounds per Second (Standard), 1 Round Per 2 Seconds (Heavy)
  • Payload 6 Nodal Support Drones

Modular Equipment Hardpoints

The M2 Mindy can be adapted to fulfill many mission profiles. From its resting position in a typical Star Army rapid launch bay, the power armor can be installed with several modules in key hardpoint locations. The components can be installed by hand in the field by someone with proper knowledge in power armor maintenance - to aid in the ease of modularity, the AIES can also eject or jettison any component from the various hardpoints on the Mindy as needed.

Dorsal Hardpoint

The Dorsal Hardpoint is located in the middle of the back and just under the utility compartment of the Mindy. It is typically reserved for modules that are the most demanding in terms of energy. These include advanced components such as teleportation modules, or additional shield modules.

Shoulder Hardpoints

Each Mindy has two Shoulder Hardpoints. These are located at the very base of the shoulders, and just above the general area of the shoulder blades. In most configurations, they are used to mount additional weapon systems onto the armor, which may include gauss cannons, missile launchers or aether pulse cannons. Besides these, certain utility modules such as capacitors can also be mounted.

Lower Leg Hardpoints

Like the Shoulder Hardpoints, each Mindy also sports a total of two Lower Leg Hardpoints. These are located on the outer side of the lower legs at the calf. Unlike the Shoulder Hardpoints however, the modules mounted here must be paired together, and cannot be differing from one another. These are typically reserved for various missile launchers and utility modules.

See: List of Mindy Accessories

Additional Optional Equipment

The Mindy can use hand-helds like the weapons found in the List of Mindy Accessories (which can be attached on shoulder weapon mounts) or other human scale weapons - Its offensive capabilities can be supplemented by the newer Type 29 variable pod with armor assisting drone functions. It has two slots on the front of its thighs to hold an ammunition or battery clip for any hand-held it could carry. An utility compartment built between the Mindy's shoulder blades allows it to store equipment; its inventory typically is:

  • 1- Rolled up Star Army Uniform (in air sealed wrapper)
  • 1.8 liters of distilled water (in foil bag rations)
  • 2 foil wrapped rice cake packs
  • 1- Utility knife


The Mindy II uses a modular approach, putting to its wearer's disposal a tight array for reliable main weaponry and using several hardpoints over the armor to configure its loadouts for specific missions or to suit for certain user preferences (if approved by the officer in charge).

Examples of Known Configurations
Balanced: Ke-M2-P3000 Teleportation Unit, Ke-M2-W2905 Left Shoulder-Fired 50mm Gauss Cannon, Right Shoulder Weapon Mount (with any handheld from the List of Mindy Accessories), Ke-M2-2907 Countermeasure Augmentation Pods.
“Bobcat” Shock-Trooper: Ke-M2-P3000 Teleportation Unit, Left K2-M2-W2906 Shoulder-Fired Missile Pod, Right Ke-M2-P3001 Energy Cloak Shield Projector, K2-M2-3001 Leg Capacitor, K2-M2-D3000 Forearm Ellipsoid Shield.
“Death Blossom” Assault: Ke-M2-P2904 Barrier Shield Module, Left Ke-M2-2906 Missile Pod, Right Ke-M2-2906 Missile Pod, Ketsurui Fleet Yards Ke-M2-2908 Offensive Augmentation Pods.
“Dragonfly” Anti-Starship: Sylph Wing pack, Ke-M2-2907 Countermeasure Augmentation Pods.
“Hornet Nest” Anti-Infantry: Ke-M2-2904 NSB Launcher, Left Shoulder Weapon Mount (with M4-W2901 LASR), Right Shoulder Weapon Mount (with any handheld from List of Mindy Accessories), Ke-M2-2907 Countermeasure Augmentation Pods.
“Shrike” Anti-Armour: Ke-M2-W2905-BPX Gauss Cannon backpack extension, Ke-M2-W2905 Right Shoulder-Fired 50mm Gauss Cannon, Ke-M2-W2905 Left Shoulder-Fired 50mm Gauss Cannon, Ke-M2-2907 Countermeasure Augmentation Pods.


Armour and Stealth Systems

Outer Armour

On the Mindy, outer armour 1) is a mixture of segmented Yama-Dura alloyed plating, Yarvex, and an advanced, flexible Titanium-based alloy frame. The armor is the thickest on the main body at the chest and upper waist, as well as the the outer section of the limbs. Even with the loss of appendages, Mindy can still function without its limbs, so long as the pilot, power core and propulsion is intact. For obvious reasons, this would mean loss of limbs for the wearer.

The helmet for the Mindy is reasonably well armored and is removable for entering or exiting the armor. Unlike its predecessor however, a NH-29 using the Mindy can project commands to the Mindy's AIES directly without the helmet as an interface. An optional Zesuaium Coated Titanium Boron Carbide Plate and Zesuaium Chain Mail mesh set 2) is also available to replace the default YamaDura set and is intended for officers and ace pilots.


The Mindy's insides are composed of a muscular flesh covered over by a thin crosshatched-textured synthetic material on the surface. The organic inner layer provide shock absorption as well as augmented strength to the wearer. This includes a sophisticated Hemosynthetic, blood-based femtomachine system that can repair damage to the Mindy's interior once breached by damage. The interior is shielded from heat and radiation to protect the wearer from the rigors of space travel and atmospheric reentry. Operation of the Mindy can be done through the SPINE for soldiers equipped with it or the headset system in the helmet for Yamataians and other humanoids.

Pilots can wear their standard skin-tight bodysuit uniforms. To get in, first remove the armor's helmet. The armor will recognize its operator and open its torso, revealing its smooth dark gray interior. The chest and abdomen armor splits open along the armor's centerline. The pilot would then back into her armor, putting each foot in and then sliding down into position. Once the pilot is in place, the armor will close around her and she may retrieve her helmet and put it on. The Mindy can be operated by Nekovalkyrja SPINE interface, even helmetless, but other non-neko users will require the helmet for proper operations; in either case, most sensor and communication devices will be unavailable without the helmet on.

It is recommended that belts (especially with holsters), rank pins, and any sharp objects be removed from the pilot before entering the armor.

Life Support

The insert of the Mindy also offer life support functions, which includes the hemosynthetics system, a rebreather system, oxygen supply, and a sterile, nutrient-enriched water supply. Nekovalkyrja and Yamataian pilots receive oxygen and nutrients through their hemosynthetic umbilical port, while oxygen can also be pushed through the skin if necessary. The Mindy can support its wearer for up to 15 days before replenishment is needed, or up to 10 years in stasis. If needed, the Mindy can filter outside air to replenish its supply (not usually done until absolutely necessary, though). The Mindy's interior includes a catheter organ that wriggles its way into the wearer's urethra and bladder, keeping the pilots from having to exit the suit to urinate. The interior flesh also will massage the wearer's body from time to time to encourage blood flow and provide increased comfort.

Control Systems

Actual operation of the armor is natural to Nekovalkyrja and is fairly simple and easy to learn. In a Mindy, the wearer's nervous system gains an extra circuit through the Somatic-Projection Interlinked Neural Ensemble, or SPINE. All signals to the body are routed through the Mindy and control it like as if it were the Nekovalkyrja's body. Signals to and from the body during operation are sent from the Mindy's nervous systems. Some Mindy power armors are set up to provide strong stimulus to the wearer's pleasure centers when enemy kills are scored.

Combined Field System

The Mindy M2 armor is equipped with an Ke-M2-P2901 Combined Field System which performs its functions through the usage of spatial distortions. Though it originally provided propulsion as well as defensive shielding for the Mindy 2, it was heavily modified with the 2D iteration. The system was relocated away from its traditional location on the forearms and into the back, as it was re-purposed to focus on providing propulsion. Its protective properties only extend to environmental hazards such as radiation and scalar fields. Due to the nature of the CFS, both protective and propulsive in nature, the field generated is capable of causing lethal harm to unshielded organic organisms including personnel within a 1 meter radius of the armor as they pass through the threshold of the field - ammunition may also be affected by the system, and may prematurely detonate.

Conformal Barrier System (7)

Built into the forearms, lower thigh, pauldrons and chestplate; the emitters can provide an all-around conformal graviton field (typically referred to as 'Barrier') which can help repel anti-armor weaponry. In case of damage, up to five units are required for full-coverage; with less, the conformal field with break down and separate barriers will only cover the vicinity of the emitters.

It is possible to boost the potency of one emitter at the expense of others, meaning that the barrier's threshold value may locally be improved (diverting more than one unit will result in breakdown of the conformal cover, as outlined in the paragraph above).

The M2-G3600 unit also has the perk of not being quite as hazardous for living beings to stand next to while activated in comparison with earlier designs. The graviton emitters generally create subsonic vibrations which are strenuous to eardrums (which is, in turn, prone to riling up most nearby animals), but the worst health hazard they can cause to people in close proximity is nausea.

Active Camouflage

Using the optical tracking system, the Mindy puts the image of what is on one side of the power armor onto the other with its integrated volumetric systems, creating the effect of invisibility, and also functions in the infrared spectrum. For utility uses, the Mindy can also use this system to project holograms up to two meters away. In addition, the exterior of the Mindy is equipped with flashing red collision-avoidance light strips, which can be turned on and off at the AIES' or the wearer's discretion.

Conformal PSC Device

The Mindy armor is equipped with a Ke-M2-E2902 Psionic Signal Controller, which prevents the pilot and the suit from coming under harm from Psionic assaults.


The M2 Mindy can be triggered to self-terminate so that its technology will not fall in enemy hands. This process can be initiated by the wearer or AIES if the wearer is dead. The process involves having the hemosynthetic fluids inside the fleshy parts of the suit turn hostile to matter for a sufficient period of time and cause significant damage to the armor's internal systems and supports, eventually leading the suit to becoming a mere burned out husk of what it was, with any organic remains dissolved and evaporated.

Alternatively the power armor can be destroyed by deliberately overloading the Ke-G3500 Generator and Capacitor System. The process takes only a few seconds and results in an aether energy explosion powerful enough to totally destroy the armor and anything within twenty meters.

Armor Integrated Electronics System

The Mindy M2 is equipped with a standard Ke-M2-E3600 Armor Integrated Electronics System (AIES), which provides sensors and communications systems besides a suit based AI. Amongst others, some key features include both radio and subspace communications systems for local and faster-than-light communication. For more secure, difficult to intercept and short range communications however, the Mindy features laser based communications systems as well. A key feature for combat, the Mindy is equipped with an external audio system as well, allowing it to directly communicate with nearby individuals unimpeded.

For sensors, the Mindy has a wide band optical imaging and tracking systems located at the helmet. Beyond this, its key advanced sensor system is the time modulated ultra-wide band radar - it can easily see through non-metallic substances, and works well within atmosphere and nebulae. Unlike more advanced models however, it does not feature a Tachyon tracking system.

An emergency homing device is also present within the Mindy to allow lost, isolated units to be found.


The Mindy 2 is highly customizable with many accessories. See: Mindy Accessories.

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