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Star Army Discharge

In the military, discharge (除隊/jotai in Yamataigo) is term used for the process separating from the military and returning to civilian life. Members of the Star Army of Yamatai receive a discharge from when they are released from their obligation to serve in the military, which is typically when they have fully completed their term of enlistment or term of service. Discharges can also be given for failing to meet the military's standards, for medical reasons, or as punishment.

Types of Discharges

The Star Army of Yamatai has several types of discharges:

  1. Hardship
  2. Honorable
  3. General
  4. Dishonorable
  5. Bad Conduct
  6. Medical

Hardship Discharge

When a soldier goes through a major personal hardship event of a non-temporary nature, the Star Army may consider an early discharge from military service. If the hardship is expected to less than a year, the Star Army will consider a hardship assignment instead.

In order to qualify for a hardship discharge:

  • The hardship must be a a severe, non-temporary nature
  • It developed or worsened since the soldier joined the military
  • The soldier has already made every reasonable and practical effort to improve the situation
  • A discharge is the only available solution to the problem.

Honorable Discharge

An honorable discharge is the best type of discharge.

To receive an honorable discharge, a soldier must:

  • Fully complete their term of service/term of enlistment
    • For officers, who do not have a fixed term, this is generally serving for over 5 years and resigning under good circumstances.
    • Some exceptions may be available for hardship discharges
  • Meet or exceed standards for performance in their duties
  • Be considered a good or excellent soldier

Sometimes honorable discharges are also given to Star Army soldiers who are no longer able to serve due to medical reasons caused by their military service, such as combat injuries or PTSD.

Veterans with an honorable discharge are eligible for free transportation (on a space-available) basis aboard most Star Army starships as part of their benefits.

General Discharge

A general discharge is a basic administrative separation from the Star Army.

Possible reasons for a general discharge include:

  • Requesting an early end to the term of enlistment (usually involving paying a fine to the military. See Buyout Option).
  • Failure to meet military standards, such as physical fitness
  • Medical reasons unrelated to their military service, including pregnancy in some cases
  • Betrayed Yamatai to join the United Outer Colonies

In the Yamatai Star Empire, a general discharge is not really considered good or bad, but certainly does not carry the prestige of an honorable discharge.

Dishonorable Discharge

A dishonorable discharge is the worst type of discharge. The Star Army gives someone a dishonorable discharge when they think that person is scum.

Reasons for a dishonorable discharge could be:

  • Deserting (note: desertion is also a crime)
  • Committing a major crime, such as murder
  • Undermining the Star Army's war efforts

People who have been dishonorably discharged are barred from re-enlistment and most civilian employers in the Yamatai Star Empire generally will not hire them either.

Bad Conduct Discharge

Bad Conduct Discharges are given to people whose actions and conduct show that they're not able to maintain the standards of quality and professionalism that all members of the Star Army are expected to display. This is when the military kicks someone out for doing so something bad or stupid that it makes more sense to fire them than to continue employing them.

  • Drug addiction
  • Embarrassing the Star Army
  • Sexual harassment or minor sex crimes

OOC Notes

This page was written by Wes. It was Approved by Ametheliana on Nov 28, 2017.

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