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Kaiyō is an open award-winning roleplaying plot created December 24, 2016 run by GM Ametheliana that highlights space combat while fighting for Yamatai!!!

What is the Kaiyo?

Task Force 282 is spearheaded by the gunship YSS Kaiyō II, and was forged in battle following a need for autonomous clandestine operations deep in enemy territory. Now during a time of chaos and conflict with untold enemies of Yamatai willing to wage war, the Kaiyō performs her duty as commanded by Captain Taiyou Hoshi and Princess Ketsurui Aiko. The starship and task force exist outside of the normal theater of operations and sometimes outside of this universe in order to investigate threats to the Empire and eliminate them!

YSS Kaiyō II sub-forum


Currently fighting our old enemy the Kuvexians on Hanako's World!

Temporarily Open to New Players.

GM Info

Contact Ametheliana, the Game Master. raz is also the Co-GM and may GM portions of or entire missions.



2-1-2 (mild language, little to no sex, mild violence)

Crew Roster


Below are the awards Kaiyō has won:

2017 Tournament of Simulations: Excellent Original Scifi 1)

2017 The Prize for Simming and Online Role Playing Simming Prize Laureate

2019 Tournament of Simulations: Great Original Sci Fi 2)

2020 Annual Test of the Best: The plotline about the Kaiyo crew being captured by Kuvexians, their fates in gladiatorial rings and Kuvexian homes, as well as their subsequent rescue won the site-wide award for best plotline. 3)

2020 Tournament of Simulations: Outstanding Original Scifi 4)

2022 Tournament of Simulations: Excellent Original Scifi 5)

Ship Patches

Musical Theme

This is the Kaiyō theme song, made by Wes.

Kaiyo History

This is about the history of the Kaiyō plotship. The plot has utilized the Plumeria-class (2D) Medium Gunship YSS Kaiyō and the Fuji-class Expeditionary Gunship YSS Kaiyō II.

The plot is now called Kaiyō, though it has been called YSS Kaiyō and YSS Kaiyō II in different iterations of the plotship's starship and mission profile. The plot name encompasses RP activity of Task Force 282, which the YSS Kaiyo II is the flagship of. Joint posts are written alongside GM RP in character-driven pre-planned RP spread across multiple ships, but namely the YSS Kaiyō II.

Pre-RP History

Built in YE 38, the YSS Kaiyō is a Plumeria-class (2D) Medium Gunship made to be within a small squadron of four Plumerias of the First Expeditionary Fleet, Sixth Squadron.

RP History

The crew gets briefed on their fight to get to Kuvexian space and take on the adversaries to Star Army of Yamatai.

The squadron of Plumeria were confronted with pirates and took out three Caravan Heavy Freighter and several Ge-L3-1A - Vampire-Class Patrol Craft. Inside the Caravan are hostiles outfitted in Docile that the away team must destroy. Two out of the three Caravan were taken out via demolitions and the Kaiyō's weapons systems. Two prisoners were taken.

The crew gets debriefed. Trust falls and teriyaki dinners ensue.

  • Mission Two: Ni 9)

An unknown craft is spotted and power armor filter out of it. While engaged in a ruthless battle with the power armor, an NMX Neko in a Reaper Power Armor shows up and shoots down the pilot of the craft, a shuttle that has a self-destruct button. The button is pressed by one of the enemies and the shuttle explodes with all of the enemies.

A fleet of L'Kor are engaged after Star Army Intelligence is able to give the Sixth Squadron more information about the enemy, now known as the L'Kor. They are able to read them Rights of Early Contact.

The planet Komorebi is determined to be safe and is also uninhabited. The Sixth Squadron seeks to investigate more about this planet and each of the ships deploys teams to uncover the planet's secrets. While down there, one crew member touches some oozing red liquid and starts hallucinating while another falls hundreds of feet and is impaled. Deciding to head back, most of the team prepares to leave while Amanozako and Mochi go to investigate a path that led them to a shuttle and bomber, which the sixth squadron begins to tow away.

The Kaiyō crew goes through a trust exercise again, this time playing “one truth and a lie” where the crew went around the room and told the rest of the crew one truth about themselves and one lie and the rest of the crew had to guess as to what the truth was and what the lie was.

The crew are awakened to find that NMX Forces are attacking the squadron. On board is one Ghost Mishhuvurthyar, as well, which phases broodlings into the captain, Teien Eden. There are two manin areas of fighting; in the cargo bay and in the power armor bay. Mitsuko is the hero of the cargo bay, utilizing tankettes and a SLAM against an Advanced-Type Mishhuvurthyar while Meissa takes command of the power armor bay. While the samurai, Rei, is tasked with killing the Ghost Mishhu in the wardroom with her SARAH, Aiko the Princess takes the lead in her Kirie by killing an Advanced Type at Meissa's urging in the power armor bay. It is a pyrrhic victory for the Kaiyō.

The Kaiyō crew get some much needed shore leave in Kyoto as the Kaiyō is repaired. Meissa and Mat go to her home. Rei, Aiko, and William go to Xiuluria. Mitsuko goes to the highschool she used to be vice principal of. Many members of the crew go to the beach

The squadron comes into contact with an SAoY escape pod and contacts it. In it is, surprisingly, an old friend of Eden's as well as some of her crew. They make plans to rendezvous with the escape pod as soon as possible. Using Quantum Encryption technology, the BIES of the escape pod notices monitoring attempts on their communications with the squadron and they counter it. The squadron loses contact with the escape pod soon thereafter. The Kaiyō set out to find the escape pod, but when they got to it, it was burned to a crisp. While this happened, Kikyō, Eden and Saki's daughter, was born. Soon, three cruisers and ten bombers uncloaked themselves and engaged the Kaiyō in battle. Within minutes, they hailed the ship and the enemies were identified as the Elefirn. Teien Eden ordered all power armor units to retreat, had her pilot maneuver the ships so that they were lined up, and shot the aether shock cannon at them. When that happened, though, the Kaiyo's sensors went one way and another, the view screen went blank, and there was a great amount of turbulence. When Eden picked herself up, she was looking at a view screen that showed her own ship.

Eden was hailed by the look-alike ship and found herself staring back at herself. She called for Saki onto the bridge of the other ship came her wife, but this one was captain and was far more aggressive than the Saki she knew. They identified themselves as the IYS Kaiyo and said they were from Yamatai. The crews ended up exchanging personnel and all of them were confronted with look-alike of themselves. The doppelgänger to Hanna Madsen revealed that they were under the leadership of Eve. Soon thereafter, the crews went back to their respective ships after Teien Eden was given a white flowered plant. Shortly after getting back to their own ship, the YSS Kaiyō found they were being towed by the much larger ship.

The ship's crew were having a less than exciting time cooped up aboard the ship while it was towed by the IYS Kaiyō up until the point at which Eden noticed bolts of light through the window of the wardroom. Her sensors operator reported a large energy signature at Eden's position and a moment later, there was a balding man in a friar's frock standing in front of the Shosa. He explained his ability to be omnipotent… Or at least, nearly. In the universe he was in, he was able to know all, but he could not delve into the universe YSS Kaiyō came from.

He revealed that the IYS Kaiyō's Yamatai would have tortured and interrogated Eden's crew, according to him. He quickly got them out of the clutches of the graviton beam and Eden made it to the bridge, disallowing him entry. Once she was in it, though, he appeared and she posed to him the question of why they fought this alternate version of Yamatai and he revealed their developing technology stopped them. Eden was hailed by the IYS Kaiyō. The Kaiyō jetted away and Eden asked for a channel to the IYS version of themselves. They spoke briefly, it did not go well. A number of power armors then uncloaked in the shuttle bay and the Kaiyō infantry were asked to expunge the boarders from the ship. After a quick talk with the entity, Eden soon realized what she needed to do. She ordered to turn around, asked the engineers to work with All as he was now known, and to wait for an away team to get supplies back to the ship. Meanwhile, the boarders were dealt with in swift, careful motions in the power armor bay. Eden opened up a channel with the IYS Kaiyō once more and said she would work with them to expel their enemies from their universe. The power armor infiltrators on the Kaiyō were then asked by the IYS ship to stand down and did so. It was at that time that Eden entered the power armor bay in her own armor, taken from the cargo bay where it had sat, lifeless, for too long.

She ordered the boarders to have their armor stripped from them and once they were back to the IYS ships' location, the YSS crew boarded the IYS ship. Cutting down enemies left and right while Meissa set up explosive traps, they made it to engineering of the IYS ship and Eden took a Transuniversal Teleportation Drive from the IYS ship. She exited the room with some of the infantry going ahead and Meissa behind her. It was then that the alternate version of Misaki showed herself and, unable to kill her, Meissa had to cut down the alternate version of her adoptive mother. They ran towards the exit of the ship, but the alternate version of Eden showed herself. They had been trapped by the duo! The other Eden had a Shoulder-Fired Launcher, Anti-Armor Missile, Type 30 and shot it out just before Eden passed the TTD to Meissa and used her Ke-M2-E3000 Leader Support Pack to make Meissa teleport to safety.

The alternate Eden ended up hitting the explosives with the SLEX of the SLAM and incinerating Teien Eden completely. Moments later, Meissa was back on the YSS Kaiyō and handed off the TTD to engineering, which had been working feverishly. They gave the signal and Misaki on the bridge shot out the death blows to the IYS ship and in a pink-hued explosion, they were back in their universe. With little power, the YSS Kaiyō sent all of its energy into sending Eden's death to a hemosynth tube on Yamatai and she was made there. She was able to place where the Kaiyō would be and the ship was found listless hours later.

With the new ship came a few new faces, one of which was Taiyou Hoshi, a veteran and the new captain. This was the official meeting of the new and old crew as well as the presentation of the new experimental Second Lieutenant position on the ship. Everyone had different feelings about Misaki being placed in that position while Taiyou Hoshi took over as captain of the ship.

After a one-month journey, the YSS Kaiyō II arrived in the atmosphere of Komorebi to conduct an aerial drop on the location of a cabin outpost that had been overrun by L’Kor forces. The mission was the first combat operation for the many new-faces on the ship.

Once Eden had completed her descent, she made visual contact with a group of L’Kor who were sitting outside of the cabin. Upon spotting her, the L’Kor ran inside to presumably prepare a defensive in the cabin’s interior. The L’Kor had also planted the head of Santô Hei Fukumashi Sara on a flagpole that extended from a beam of the porch. The away team proceeded to take position by the door before storming the cabin with Eden leading the way. Ume Hatoyama, Meissa Nashira, Arinori Sora, Walter Hyde, and Hanna Madsen followed close behind.

Meanwhile, Iemochi Seinosuke was tasked with finding a potential landing zone for the tankettes and their infantry escort. He quickly found a clearing that was just large enough for the Fuji-class ship to land.

Once the first floor the cabin was cleared, Eden and Meissa scouted the second floor in preparation to storm it like the first one. As they did, a rogue drone was spotted above the cabin, sending distress signals, and strafing oddly. On the bridge, Taiyou Hoshi ordered communications to be opened with it. By this time, the away team began to storm the upper floor of the cabin. The engagement on the second floor was characterized by bouts of desperate close-quarters combat involving Eden, Meissa, Ume, and Hanna.

At the landing zone, Jax Dir Teshin exited the Kaiyō and initiated his search for plant samples with Leeta Aoi on the surface of Komorebi. The tankette formation also disembarked from the ship and began to move towards the away team’s position. Around this time, William also disembarked the ship to join the away team, in defiance of Hoshi’s orders.

With the second floor cleared out, Eden ordered the away team to form a defensive perimeter around the cabin. Once the tankettes arrived and the defensive line was formed, L’Kor shuttles approached the cabin and the away team responded with a barrage of firepower. All the while, Taiyou Hoshi ordered the rogue drone to exit the war zone.

At the defensive perimeter, dozens of L’Kor power armors began to drop from the shuttles. After a few minutes, the L’Kor power armors began to emerge from the trees and proceeded to initiate an assault on the away team’s defensive position. After a short bout of combat, the away team won the first round of the engagement. Eden ordered the away team to reposition along the fence. Walter Hyde was assigned to escort the drone off of the battlefield.

After the conclusion of the first round, a prisoner was taken from among the L’Kor infantry and was escorted to the cabin. Iemochi Seinosuke was also called to lead a team to retrieve more ammunition for the away team and to escort the injured Reina Madoka from the battlefield. After the resupply team left, another wave of L’Kor power armors arrived to engage the defensive line. The weaponry of the Kaiyō, operated by Arbitrated Iemochi continued to rain down devastation on the L’Kor power armors. When the resupply team returned to the ship, Taiyou Hoshi identified a problem in engineering and dispatched one of the engineers to fix it. Later on, the Second Officer, Teien Misaki took care of the problem in engineering herself.

Once they restocked their ammunition and escorted Reina Madoka back to the ship, the resupply team returned to the picket line and re-engaged the enemy armors. The Kaiyō also took on some damage to the gun turrets. Once they arrived at the front, Iemochi Seinosuke Iemochi led a team into the forest to search for more L’Kor hostiles.

Back on the bridge, Hoshi spotted a hostile gunship approaching on their sensors. In response, she ordered Kyōi Kiseki to fly the ship away from the surface. Meanwhile, Iemochi Seinosuke and his team came across a crashed L’Kor shuttle with a few survivors still at the crash site. Janna Madsen and Seinosuke quickly dispatched two of the most-able survivors.

Back at the picket line, one of the tankettes had been disabled by a missile barrage. Anastasia Barlow made an attempt to fix it, however the vehicle had been heavily damaged. In the forest, the AI Chlorate’s drone was disabled by an electronic magnetic pulse. Walter Hyde also made an attempt to fix the drone, but most of it’s electronics had been rendered useless by the blast.

Once the second wave of the engaged had concluded, Eden sent out a few of the infantry to scout the surrounding area and to report back on their findings.

After encountering resistance from Hanna Madsen, Walter Hyde compromised and downloaded Chlorate to a FARS Drone instead of to the tankette.

Once the problems were fixed in engineering, Arbitrated Iemochi unleashed the full firepower of the Kaiyō on the pursuing starship. Once the enemy ship was destroyed, the Kaiyō landed to extract the away team from Komorebi, thus concluding the mission.

Using information collected from a L'kor POW that had been captured during the counter-attack at Komorebi, the Kaiyo II and her crew were to assault and destroy a Kuvexian built and owned space station. This mission was the first official operation for the newly-created SOFT 501, who were tasked with infiltrating the station while the majority of the Kaiyo II's infantry were to defend the Yamataian starship.

As the ship was piloted closer to the station, the crew which were to be doing the fighting were preparing themselves in the ship's Power Armor bay. When given the order and clearance to do so, the SOFT team teleported onto the station's exterior to begin their infiltration; meanwhile, Yoshida Kokoro was assigned as the field commander for the infantry during the mission.

In the beginning of the combat, the L'kor had sent a single gunship and a lone soldier in power armor towards the Kaiyo II, in an attempt to probe the defenses of the starship and her infantry compliment. Unfortunately for the Kuvexian forces, the armor was shot down, and a coordinated attack against the starship forced it to stall; it was destroyed moments later by the Fuji-class. By this time, the SOFT team was infiltrating the station from a small hatch on its exterior surface.

The battle around the Kaiyo II and the station started to escalate rapidly, as several more gunships launched from the station to combat the Fuji-class; there was a lapse in the chain of command as several members of the infantry team began to fly towards the station in order to assault it directly. Within moments the entire infantry team had begun to charge towards the station, leaving the Kaiyo II to defend itself against the incoming enemy ships. As the infantry team landed in several hangars on board the station, they began to wreak havoc upon it; not only did this allow the soldiers to engage the L'kor directly, it also created an optimal distraction for the still-hidden SOFT.

Despite entering the station in separate areas, the infantry team suffered little in terms of damage for the beginning stages of their assault; in five separate areas the team assaulted the station, clearing away a large amount of the enemy crew within. A coordinated attack between Walter Hyde and Miles Belmont Emiko managed to cripple and neutralize an enemy gunship before it could even take off. As Kyōi Kiseki and Arbitrated Iemochi worked together at the controls of the starship, the battle started to rapidly approach its climax.

The SOFT made their way through the station with little resistance due to the successful distraction of the larger infantry force. Within several minutes they had found the main reactors of the station. It was at this time that Teien Eden repositioned herself away from the Special Operations team and joined the main infantry assault further upwards on the station. Under Misaki's command the infantry reorganized into two distinct teams, clearing their way through the station in order to recover an enemy VIP that Eden had received information about.

It was around this time that the Nepleslian boy William had become critically injured by an unusually skilled enemy soldier; it took a short time for a shuttle to be dispatched on account of the various enemy starships still around; it took a little bit more time for the bridge crew of the Fuji to clear them away enough for the small craft to launch safely. As the shuttle approached the station, its aether generator started to fail again - an incident which had been reported previously during the initial exploration of Komorebi.

As the shuttle began to fail, the Weapons Operator worked with the MEGAMI to bypass many of the safety systems of the weapons; this maneuver was able to destroy almost all the enemy starships at the cost of significantly damaging the Kaiyo II's weapons. With the space mostly clear of threats, a medic was able to transport William onto the Raccoon shuttle quickly to administer medical attention. At the same time, a civilian human who called themselves “Mark” was found within the station, conscious but with amnesia.

As the Special Operations Firing Team began to breach into the primary engineering area of the station, the bulk of the Kaiyo II's infantry forces entered an upper-level hangar which was occupied by both L'kor and Kuvexians. Though both forces began to fight intensely, the imminent destruction of the station forced the YSS Kaiyo II's team to teleport and retreat; before she escaped, Teien Eden identified an enemy VIP, though there was no time to interact or attack them. The SOFT force had been surprised by a suicidal L'kor who wore an explosive vest, and were forced to retreat after accomplishing their primary objective of arranging for the station to self-destruct. In the initial explosion, the teleporters of both Hanna Madsen and Anastasia Barlow were damaged. Arinori Sora attempted to carry Hanna out of the station, as her teleporter was inoperable, but was forcibly teleported by the command of Teien Eden, causing the spaghettification of the infantry neko Hanna Madsen. Anastasia's teleporter had, rather than being inoperable, been set to teleport her to an unsafe, unknown location inside of the station. As the station was destroyed, the Elysian woman was deemed Missing In Action, presumed dead. (…almost everyone that had participated for the Komorebi mission had been ranked up once. Arbitrated Iemochi had received a double promotion but the rest of the Jôtô Hei had stayed their current ranks. The XO and Captain, though, had retained their ranks of Shosa and Chusa…)

The Kaiyo crew went to Kyopelinvuori for some down time in between the taxing mission and the next! It was a small adventure for some such as Sacre and Mark, who both got Symbiotics Overview or Somatic Tuning. Hoshi and Muyomi accompanied them in the separate encounters with the Iromakuanhe technology.

The team was to work on Yamatai and trained at Ralt for a week before being brought to what appeared to be only a crevice in the ice where the Temple of the Stars is said to be, though it was covered by a thick sheet of ice. The foundation of the temple was seventy feet below the top of the ice where they had arrived and they soon went down to beneath it, into a briefing room where they suited up in prototypical Shibui Powered Suit (Test Type). Then they made their way to the center of the temple, cut a hole in the ice and foundation, and ascended…

Many hijinks later and they had found an Avatar's message upon opening a box.

The mission ended just before YE 40 and those that were with the YSS Kaiyō II as personnel or civilians got the Kaiyō Year-End Traditions for their efforts on past missions and Project Star Princess.

At the beginning of YE 40, the YSS Kaiyō II were brought into another universe, Ayenee. This mission began with a short briefing (Every enlisted member of Kaiyo that had been brought to Ayenee had received two ranks up by Hoshi and Command) and turned out to be a simple scouting mission, but it initially held the guise of being a search and retrieval of a pomegranate. Some were sucked into a tarry swamp monster, another group found themselves becoming increasingly out of control in a stupor created somehow in the area they were in. A few had a run in with a demon that ended poorly and in the med bay. Another group headed to the city nearby and ended a fight between ogre and warlock, then inevitably found a row of pomegranate trees. It was a marred victory.

Briefings were terse and nobody besides XO and Captain knew much. The Transuniversal Teleportation Drive was being used… But for what? They popped into a universe with space the color of the sky on Yamatai and then went into a water planet-structure. The ship stayed inside of it while many of the crew sped into an aether sphere in the middle of it, in which they had little control over the environment. They found a way to leave the aether sphere, which destroyed many of their Mindy, and then the Kaiyō used its main weapon array to blow up the entity which was the aether sphere. They high-tailed it out of that universe just as it imploded.

(All enlisted personnel that had been on the mission to the blue sky universe had received a promotion.)

The crew headed to Planet H as some electromagnetic disturbances were seen by Yamataian sensor probes and the ship went to investigate. They were joined halfway through the mission by an unidentifiable ship, which was boarded and had in it Kuvexians. The entire planet also fragmented and became a projectile, heading towards Core Yamatai. The ship's main weapon array decimated the planet and most of the crew survived, with some casualties and injuries. Eden collected purple, deep blue, and teal hair that once belonged to Hanako and a scientist collected fruit the princess once cultivated while living on the planet. The fruit now grows in the Kaiyō II's science dome.

The crew were briefed about going back to the universe in which they had encountered the IYS Kaiyō and their mirror selves. Apparently the universe now had control over transuniversal hopping and could get into the Kikyō Sector. They had only sent out a scout ship to the Kikyō Sector, but that was enough to alert the Kikyō Sector's Yamatai. The Kaiyō II was to go to this universe, one many of the crew had already been to and despised. They made it to the universe, but soon found on sensors a black Plumeria, which identified itself as being operated by Pumpkin, who spoke to the bridge and offered her help. Hoshi would have none of it and cut the transmission. Only the bridge knew of this extended helping hand. Soon thereafter, a second Plumeria was seen, this one from the IYS universe. The Kaiyō crew promptly boarded it and took out the bridge and captured the captain and MEGAMI Nekovalkyrja, who shut down upon the destruction of the IYS ship. A second IYS, a scout ship, appeared and Pumpkin's vessel shot it down. She comm'd in to the bridge and Hoshi agreed to meet her.

The crew worked on various tasks throughout the ship. One member had a neurological seizure while Pumpkin arrived. The IYS captain was questioned to no avail while the MEGAMI was butchered in order to extract information by some crew, also to no avail. Pumpkin spoke about her army of NH-40 Nekovalkyrja Mishhuvurthyar and Eden agreed to transfer into the body of one in order to lead the army and the Kaiyō crew simultaneously. The away team attacked the flagship of an incoming battlefront, led by Eve from the very ship Eden and her team were now infiltrating. Pumpkin's army and the YSS Kaiyō II led a series of assaults and evasion maneuvers.

Pumpkin's appearance in the IYS universe had been preceded by her ships leaving the Kikyō Sector and its universe behind, which had been picked up on Yamataian sensors. Jinja Emi and her team soon came into the IYS universe to investigate the signatures and found the Kaiyo in the midst of battle. Emi's Operative moved in to the flagship while Hoshi apprised Emi of the situation on the ship itself.

On the flagship, the away team moved into the bridge and captain's quarters. Alastair Belmont found many captive women in Eve's quarters while Teien Eden, Wyatt Fujiwara, and the Operative of Emi's took out Eve and made a lasting impact on the IYS universe. Eden managed to contain the IYS Eve in her mind when the woman moved between bodies on the flagship, exhibiting a trait that the Kikyo Sector's Ketsurui Yui retains. The Kaiyo crew was victorious in putting an end to the reign of this universe's Eve, though the Nekovalkyrja mind of the IYS dictator still remained within Teien Eden own digital mind.

The crew are investigating a derelict Yamataian starship ship outside of Yamataian space. Surprisingly, a sole building exists on the lightning storm-infested planet it is in orbit of. Within that building is a bathhouse filled with bathing winged humanoids. After making contact with an individual named Sophia, the team on the planet learned this place is called a *thermae*.

Back on the derelict ship, a dust has settled on many surfaces and in the engines. The once-alive crew have seemingly been frozen in time. The chief medical officer is working on uncovering the mysteries, but has found de-myelination was the cause of death amongst the crew members examined. Engines were found to be down with no apparent cause that diagnostic tools could detect. A sweep found one escape pod was gone and not much else askew. A ground team was deployed to the planet, where they found a large Greco-Roman bathhouse filled with white winged humanoids, much like Creating an Elysian going about their business in the large bathhouse rooms. A body in repose was discovered, at this point it was only bones and feathers. The body was identified as what was once an Elysian Star Army officer. Within the room she was in, a book which she had written outlined an epic adventure that climaxed at a bathhouse much like this one. The officer had written an epic poem that held within her kleos, or spirit: a common practice for Elysians nearing the end of their lives. The crew had to fight the enemy she had written about it when they appeared as shadowy whisps with Galactic Horizon laser tag gear because the enemy was not real so much as the fabrication of a swarming alien species that inhabited the planet's atmosphere and beyond. When the original Yamataian ship had come into contact with this alien species, the inhabitants that had digital minds had been killed almost instantly by the nature of the alien's electrical interaction with their brains. As a misplaced apology, of sorts, the species had created this illusion for the Elysian based on what she had written in her escape pod, her kleos. Upon defeating the shadowy whisp-like enemies, the Kaiyō crew was able to give the alien species a reason to end their illusion, since the epic poem's conclusion had been met.

Deep into Kuvexian space, infiltrated a religious space station where Kuvexians had cloned true and look alike spiritual leaders of several alien species with the intention of guiding the species into subservience of the Kuvexians. The crew liberated the alien species with a rousing speech of freedom from Ketsurui Aiko to the Leinve.

Got boarded, had a Nekovalkryja loaded with false intelligence get captured while pressing back invaders, avoiding having to shoot her into space like originally planned.

Went undercover to acquire parts to repair the ship after the boarding left it with a gaping hole in her hull.

Saved a smol alien child from Kuvexian hands in order to trade for Zesuaium from a independent space station operator.

Went undercover to sell stocks and find Kuvexian electronic devices to do that on. Only did the latter half correctly as the undercover crew was kidnapped instead.

Taiyou Hoshi and Ketsurui Aiko regroup after a year or so away from the YSS Kaiyo II to investigate why the Uesureyans has been poking around Yamataian sites. They did so by conventional means, but the team were found out and strong armed into battle alongside Uesu's Fleet. Afterwards, they were allowed an audience with Uesu himself.

The task force creates a beachhead at the Northern continent of Kessica, a planet which Uesu use to hold, but the Mishhuvurthyar took from him. There they encounter terrifying Enhanced Mishhuvurthyar.

Hoshi evenly moved the forces of Task Force 282 between three outposts and towns. Their goal is to get to the city of Redan the outposts and towns stand in their way. They are also outnumbered almost two to one. They have set up teleportation jammers at each place. The enemy also evenly moves out their forces. At the moment before battle, Hoshi recalls most troops to just Kohan town, where they fight in the strongest numbers while those still at the other towns and outposts simply distract the enemy from falling back to Kohan. The enemy is outnumbered there because of the ploy and the task force is able to move in to Redan.

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