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Creating an Elysian

This article will guide you through the process of making an Elysian character.


Elysians generally have Greek, Latin, or Hebrew names (keeping lingual corruption over centuries of use in mind). Among Patrician the given name always ends in -el, -al, -il, or -ul (for example Nariel, Sariel, Karael, Israfil, Raguel, or Mizial). Patricians almost always maintain their family surname, even if they change their given name. Among Caelisolan and Plebeian specimens this rule is not so absolute, though it is still an overwhelming tendency. Other occasionally seen variations among Plebeians and Caelisolans are -phon, -an, -as, and -os (for example Sandalphon, Israphon, Aetian, or Kallios). Not all Plebeians (or ex-Plebeians) have a last name of their own, though many adopt one, or marry into one.

Here's some helpful random generators for ideas:

General Information


Patricians are the social, physical, and intellectual elites of Elysian society. They are extremely physically strong, many are even strong enough to fly. Elysian society moves and aligns at the whim of the Patrician minority, a long-standing reality due to both tradition and religion. Being pure-blooded 'Elysian', Patricians naturally dominate over the multitudes of lesser, impure Elysians. Playing a Patrician is reserved for experienced players, and requires Game Master permission.

Caelisolans are a genetically engineered replacement for the Plebeian subspecies. As an effort to eliminate “impure” blood from the Elysian genome, The Elysian Senate started a sweeping program to transfer the souls of all Plebeians into Caelisolan bodies by YE 32. The project was mostly completed, however logistical difficulties caused by the invasion of the NMX and cost overruns kept it from affecting certain Plebeian elements until YE 34. Though not as strong as the Patrician body, many Caelisolans are capable of flight, and a few of the “defective” human traits that plagued many Plebeians have been removed. Caelisolan bodies are very common, and are the ideal “player character” body for Elysians.

Plebeians were the social underbelly of Elysian society. Relegated to the lower rungs of the social, political, and military ladder because of impure alien blood, Plebeians are seen by outsiders as downtrodden and neglected, but rarely saw themselves as such. Plebeians, like Patricians, largely saw their servitude as natural - decades, even centuries, of tradition have ensured as much.

Plebeians are now relatively rare due to the Caelisolan Project: most Plebeians have been upgraded into Caelisolan bodies. Those who have not typically fall into one of a few categories: convicted criminals, military deserters, defectors living abroad in other nations, and those who for personal reasons rejected the offer of an improved body. These are only available as PCs to experienced players, and make up less than 2% of the remaining population.


All Elysian subspecies are equally distributed between male and female.


Patricians are most often very proud of their familial history, and usually know every member of their family for several generations back. Though Elysian society is focused around the merit of the individual, it is hardly above taking pride in the merit of those closely related to the individual. It is extremely rare for a Patrician to have ever experienced poverty, though many have experienced combat and personal loss during the Heavenly Wars.

Caelisolans sometimes know a good deal about their family history, but usually don't learn anything beyond their immediate family unit. As until recently, Caelisolans were often caught in a very hopeless situation before switching to their new bodies, such luxuries as tracing one's family back for fifteen generations rarely existed. In the past, Plebeians rarely had money, typically living in abject poverty and often without sufficient food. Though poverty is still far from uncommon among Caelisolans today, starvation was all but erased a few years past thanks to the introduction of Psomi.

Plebeians, being almost completely converted to Caelisolan bodies, have the same familial structure as Caelisolans, though those left in Plebeian bodies are mostly not the kind of people who would care overly much.

For more about Elysian Families, see this article.


Patricians may work for The Elysian Senate as senators, diplomats, aides, or researchers. Patricians, like all Elysians, are permitted to join the Star Army of Yamatai, however, since the merger of the Elysian Celestial Navy and the Star Army, many Patricians find military service to be distasteful: Patrician pride doesn't mesh well with subservience to Nekovalkyrja, though many remain employed in the combined fleets as well as the primarily Elysian. Civilian Patricians are almost always self-employed, running the show with a number of Caesolian/Plebian employees, though their businesses are becoming more integrated with the rest of the Yamataian Empire.

Caelisolans may work for The Elysian Senate in any of the same roles as Patricians. Caelisolans may also join the Star Army of Yamatai, and are far more likely to be found in the Star Army than Patricians or Plebeians - Caelisolans are more physically capable than Plebeians and easier able to meet specifications, but lack the prideful disdain for serving others common to Patricians. Civilian Caelisolans are sometimes self-employed, though usually serve the same role as Plebeians used to - working under the employ of a successful Patrician. While Caelisolans have rights and advantages that Plebeians did not, the social attitude is often much the same.

What Plebeians are left are usually found in the same jobs as they used to hold, if they're still a part of the Elysian “nation” and not incarcerated. Outside of the Elysian nation, they still tend towards the more menial labors.


Elysian PCs enlisting in the Star Army of Yamatai begin at the rank of Santô Hei, unless a higher rank is approved by the appropriate Game Master.

Civilians are not constrained by military ranks, though social rank in Elysia is very important, and is based around the valorous deeds and socially responsible actions you perform.

Eli Destin

Current Assignment

Your current assignment is determined by your GM. Talk to the GM of the plot you wish to join.

Physical Characteristics


Patricians range from 6' to 8' in height, with males averaging 7'3“ and females averaging 6'5”.

Caelisolans range from 5' to 7' in height, with males averaging 6'1“ and females averaging 5'6”.

Plebeians range from 5' to 6'5“ in height, with males averaging 5'11” and females averaging 5'5“.


Elysians have hollow and extremely light-weight bones, making them significantly lighter than their build would otherwise suggest.

Patricians generally weigh from 90 to 150 pounds, with males noticeably heavier than females.

Caelisolans generally weigh from 80 to 135 pounds, with males marginally heavier than females.

Plebeians generally weigh from 80 to 110 pounds, with males slightly heavier than females.

Build and Skin Color

All Elysians will be built on a lighter frame than you would see for someone of similar stature, but they all (including Plebians) have much more power in their frames then it would appear. Plebians, despite appearing like malnourished children in many cases, still fall only a small amount shy of the average human, while a patrician is markedly much stronger then even well trained humans, even on the lower ends of their spectrum.

Distinguishing Features

Elysian distinguishing features vary wildly. Especially among Patricians, Caelisolans, and well-respected Plebeians, personal creativity and expression is encouraged, and this sometimes takes the form of body modification, tattoos, dying one's hair or (rarely) wings, and piercing. Body modification is usually quite tasteful, with clashing or offensive colors almost always right out, and everything done with the intent of being aesthetically pleasing.

Psychological Characteristics


Elysians have a full range of personalities, just like humans. There are, however, a number of uniquely Elysian things to consider when writing a personality. Patricians tend to be very prideful, and always value intellectual pursuits highly. They usually have a strong code of honor, though it rarely extends to other species. Some Patricians harbor an undeserved sense of accomplishment, though the truly successful are those who view their social advantage as a launching point, and not an end in itself.

Caelisolans, being former Plebeians, tend to be somewhat subdued and submissive towards Patricians. However, as they currently represent the best, boldest, and most accomplished of Plebeians, these traits are often less prominent. Caelisolans are far more likely to harbor grand ambitions than Plebeians, though they still realize that their place is below the elite Patricians.

The few Plebeians you might encounter are almost always subdued and soft-spoken. They often wish for a better lot in life, but rarely have the ambition to make it happen, and often lack circumstances that would allow for such ambitions anyway. Many Plebeians (and former Plebeians), especially the elder members of both groups, are still quite uneducated, despite the increasing push towards improvement that goes hand in hand with the Caelisolan program. Elysian in Star Army Service Dress Coat Virtually all Elysians are fiercely religious, believing in a single ethnocentric god. While all species are worthy of salvation, Elysians are far and away the most worthy, with even the tainted Plebeians ranking high above such as the Nepleslian and Yamataians.


This varies greatly with the individual. Patricians are often very educated and value intellectual pursuit highly, while Caesolians for the most part have just reached the point where these things becoming viable for them. All Elysians have a tendency to like sport and competition.


Again, this varies greatly with the individual, though a strong resentment for the Yamatai Star Empire remains prevalent among older Elysians.

More information about likes, dislikes, and personality impacting parts of Elysian culture can be found here.


Over the past thirty-five years, Elysia has fought four wars against the Yamatai Star Empire, and lost all four of them. These defeats involved retreating from their (supposed) home world, a loss of decades of colonization, and the onset of a painful famine that devastated the Plebeian population for years. Even among Patricians, there are very few individuals alive who were not affected negatively by the wars with Yamatai. Though a recent treaty has cemented the two nations as allies, it should be a rare Elysian who doesn't have some history involved with the conflicts between the two. It is recommended that new characters not have an extensive military history, though even those who were civilians - or children - during the wars would still have suffered greatly from the fighting.

The recent invasion of the NMX marked the fifth major military defeat for Elysia, and in YE 33 with the Elysia Novus System likely to be the next target, many Elysian Senators looked towards the Star Army of Yamatai as a way to protect their home in the aftermath of the devastating losses of the Elysian Celestial Navy, eventually leading to the decision for an alliance. With the remainders of their military now fully integrated into the military of Yamatai, it is a potentially distasteful option, but an option nonetheless.

Additional Info

If you want to get really in depth, take a look at the List of Elysian Articles.

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