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The Caelisolan body is an upgrade to the natural body of the Plebeian. In the increasingly moderate views of Elysia's religious and civic leaders, the physical disparity between Plebeian and Patrician was more pressing a concern than the social differences. When research began on the S20 'Perion Seraph', which largely removed the need for Plebeians in menial labor, it was determined that a more capable, more perfect Plebeian was in the best interests of Elysia as a whole. The Caelisolan project was born from that thought. Though the leaders of the Elysian Celestial Empire would never admit to it, a certain envy over the Yamataian body also spurred construction of their improved everyman. The Caelisolan body became available in YE 30.

About Caelisolans

Eli Destin

Socially, Caelisolans are intended to fill the same Plebeian role as ever - they remain inferior to Patricians in ranks and stature. However, due to the lack of the impure alien blood, the Caelisolan body has little of the purely racial stigma that held Plebeians back. Religiously, the Caelisolan body is seen as a bridging of the first gap between Plebeians and salvation, purifying the souls so that they have a chance to achieve true greatness. Though still inferior to Patricians, those with a Caelisolan body can reach higher in military and societal ranks than Plebeians could prior.

In appearance, the Caelisolan is not terribly different from a Plebeian, or indeed, from a human - though a number of the โ€œflawsโ€ in the Plebeian gene pool were removed in engineering the Caelisolan body. They tend to stand somewhat taller than the average human, and tend to appear slender, though it was considered very important that they not have the oft-malnourished appearance that once was a sign of Elysia's inability to care for the Plebeians. (Thanks to Psomi, malnutrition is now quite rare even in Plebeians). Caelisolans have large, feathered wings, with an extended span ranging from two times the height of the individual to about the same breadth as the individual's height. The physical capabilities of the Caelisolan are somewhat greater than that of the Plebeian, due to both careful genetic engineering and the greater prevalence of โ€œtrueโ€ Elysian blood. They remain less physically capable than the very powerful Patricians, however.

The most important physical upgrade is the strength and of the wings and chest muscles. While flight in Plebeians was a less than one in a million rarity due to the weak and usually very small wings, it is not uncommon for a Caelisolan's wings to be strong enough to at least glide for short distances. In some cases, proper flight is entirely possible, as is the case with Patricians.

Playing a Caelisolan

Playing a Caelisolan is much like playing a Plebeian - though the Caelisolan body is intended to grant greater freedom, pride, and autonomy to Elysia's Plebeian majority, it can hardly immediately undo the centuries of tradition which has bound most Plebeians to a fiercely subservient attitude. The notable difference between Plebeian and Caelisolan is opportunity - until Plebeians are completely phased out of the Elysian population, Caelisolans have a greater opportunity for both education and advancement. They are expected to be educated (those Plebeians who lack significant education will be sent through appropriate academic instruction before they are upgraded to the Caelisolan body), and expected to be capable: the Caelisolan body is a privilege, and a great show of faith in the ability and loyalty of Plebeians. The Senate and Church do not wish to be let down.


The Elysian Senate planned to complete the Caelisolan project by early YE 32 at the latest, however, various logistical troubles and the costs of the NMX invasion slowed the project down. While Caelisolans are now far more common than Plebeians, those of particularly low priority - such as convicted criminals and military deserters, as well as Plebeians living abroad outside Elysian Yamatai - may have been left in Plebeian bodies.


The Caelisolan body looks quintessentially Elysian. In most cases, Plebeians choose to look very similar to their appearance before the body transfer, though there are always aesthetic differences - the Caelisolan is taller, stronger, and has larger wings than the Plebeian. Plebeians may also choose a new appearance when transferring to a Caelisolan body, though they are limited by what Elysian scientists considered to be โ€œacceptableโ€ genetic traits.


Appearance Chart

Color Eyes Hair Wings
White Rare Common Common
Gray Rare Common Uncommon
Black Extremely Rare Common Uncommon
Brown Uncommon Uncommon Uncommon
Red Rare Uncommon Rare
Orange Rare Extremely Rare Rare
Yellow Uncommon Rare Rare
Blue Common Rare Rare
Violet Uncommon Rare Rare
Green Common Rare Rare
Skin Color Rarity
Chalk White Common
Pale White Common
Flesh Common
Brown Rare
Gray Rare
Average Stats
Male Height 6'1โ€œ
Female Height 5'6โ€
Male Weight 120 lbs
Female Weight 95 lbs
Build Slender but toned, running shy of the average Patrician even at their top end.
Measurements 34C-28-34

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