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The Elysian Plebeian makes up the underclass of the Elysian Celestial Empire – they are both the majority of the population, the workers and the low rank specialists. It is not only a social rank, but also a racial one – Elysian Plebeians are not pure Elysians, but are ‘tainted’ with human blood which makes them smaller, weaker and as the Patrician (and indeed the Plebeians) see it – inferior.

In appearance the Elysian Plebeian is similar to the Human, normally somewhat taller than a human but with poor posture which bring their normal stature to only around six feet. As notable from their mongrel heritage this is largely variable – along with much of an Plebeian’s physique. They are usually malnourished, and so their physical strength is usually below that of a human – and the wings on their backs are normally small, scrawny and completely useless. Plebeians rarely live over the age of sixty due to poor living conditions.

Plebeians are fiercely subservient to their Patrician masters and to their nation, but also have a knack at surviving and ingenuity bred by their difficult lives.

Playing the Elysian Plebeian

The Plebeians are the workers and the underclass of the empire. Their entire lives are spent working, usually for a Patrician, hard and for little reward. Their personalities are always subservient to those of a higher rank than they are – especially to Patricians, but at the same time they are a very hard work, passionate and in many ways brave people. This bravery and devotion is sprung out of ‘national Kleos’ – the idea that they are working for the eternal glory of Elysia. This often leads to the idea that the nation is more important than they are, and a high degree of self-sacrifice.

Plebeians are rarely educated, but posses an eager intellect and an ingenuity which (when allowed to flourish) can produce remarkable results. They especially have a knack for mechanics and engineering – things which the Patricians consider inferior to art or organic science.

There is a minority of Plebeians who try and emulate Patrician values and whose goal is to themselves become a Patrician. This is in fact a possibility – once a Plebeian reaches a certain social level it is common (if he has proved his worth) to be granted an Archangels body and the position of a Patrician. However for most Plebeians wishing for this is uncouth – they believe that they should know their place.

Plebeians are naturally telepathic, although not to the same degree as a Patrician. Their telepathic talent is almost never trained, and rarely utilized, but your average Plebeian can communicate telepathically over a range of 1km. Telepathic ability, like much about Plebeian physiology, is variable – some (unlikely to be a PC) show remarkable ability.

Plebeians have small wings on their backs, but on almost all cases these serve no purpose. They often have muddy coloured feathers (some unfortunate Plebeians never grow feathers and have naked wings) and are nowhere near large or strong enough to glide upon – let alone fly with.


Plebeians vary enormously in appearance – the exact amount their genetic material has been ‘tainted’ by that of ‘inferior breeds’. Thus some look more like normal humans, while others look more like Patricians. However there are several features which they all share due to their lifestyles.

Almost all Plebeians are ill nourished: Plebeians do not have enough food to keep themselves well fed. While this has improved in recent years due a slightly more compassionate government, it remains true that the average Plebeian is very thing, scrawny and relatively weak. It is only their Elysian heritage which means that their strength is only a little below that of a Nepleslian.

All Plebeians are somewhat alien: This is to say that there is something strange about a Plebeian as seen by a human. They have a certain angularness about the face, a certain angelic set to them that makes them look a little ethereal. And of course they have wings.


Appearance Chart

Color Eyes Hair Wings
White Uncommon Common Common
Gray Uncommon Uncommon Rare
Black Extremely Rare Extremely Rare Rare
Brown Rare Common Rare
Red Rare Rare Rare
Orange Rare Uncommon Rare
Yellow Rare Common Rare
Blue Common Rare Rare
Violet Uncommon Rare Rare
Skin Color Rarity
Chalk White Common
Pale White Common
Flesh Common
Brown Rare
Gray Rare
Average Stats
Male Height 5'11“
Female Height 5'5”
Male Weight 115 lbs
Female Weight 85 lbs
Male Build Skinny and malnourished.
Measurements 29A-26-32
Species Categoryhuman

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