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The Elysian Patrician, also known as an Archangel, is the ethnic elite of the Elysian Celestial Empire. Technically speaking β€˜Patrician’ is the social class and β€˜Archangel’ is the subspecies. They rule over both the empire and their β€˜plebeian’ second rate citizens with a variety of compassionate supremacy. They are the statesman, the scientists and the finest warriors – the elites of the society.

Ambriel Cinna

In appearance Elysian Patricians are very tall humans, often above seven foot tall, thin and muscular. Their most notable feature is their wings – the Patricians have large wings sprouting from their backs complete with feathers. The Patricians are significantly stronger than a human, capable of telepathy and of gliding (in some cases flying) with their wings. They are normally very healthy and can live for centuries, aging very slowly.


Appearance Chart

Color Eyes Hair Wings
White Rare Common Common
Gray Common Common Rare
Black Rare Common Rare
Brown Common Common Rare
Red Uncommon Rare Rare
Orange Uncommon Uncommon Rare
Yellow Rare Rare Rare
Blue Common Rare Rare
Violet Common Uncommon Rare
Skin Color Rarity
Chalk White Common
Pale White Common
Flesh Common
Brown Rare
Gray Rare
Average Stats
Male Height 7'3β€œ
Female Height 6'5”
Male Weight 135 lbs
Female Weight 115 lbs
Male Build Muscular
Female Build Lithe/Toned (clearly strong)
Measurements 40D-30-40

Social Role

The Patricians social role is that of guidance, and leadership. Patricians tend to be politicians, teachers, CEO's and other leadership based positions. They are also some of the strongest warriors, pride driving them to perfect everything they are taught. They view themselves as the ones to guide the rest of the Elysian populous towards the greater good. They believe they are superior towards the Plebeian and Calisolan sub-species, however they are not malicious about this. Instead they see the Plebeian and Calisolan as misguided, and are more then willing to reach out and teach them, rather then outright abandoning them.

Personality Traits

The Patrician is a complex character, the reasoning for this is both their history and their personality quirks. The Patricians all normally have some of the same personality traits worked into their personality as a whole. The biggest personality trait that a lot of the Patricians have, is an intense pride in both themselves, their skills, and their race as a whole in general. It is really easy to offend an Elysian Patrician due to this pride, but it is also this pride that drives them to be the very best1) at everything they do.

Another common trait found in most (though certainly not all Patricians) is the willingness to teach and guide those who are lesser then they, such as Plebeians, Caelisolan, and sometimes even other species - though they are far more lenient with fellow Elysians then they are with other species. Patricians uphold something called Kleos, believing it to be one of the highest honors that one can gain through one's own self-advancement. To some Patricians, losing Kleos is a fate somewhat worse then death - and they will do everyting in their power to gain it back if lost.

Example Patricians

Here are a list of known Patrician's for examples on what a 'good' Patrician is.

Species Categoryhuman
That no one ever was

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