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Ambriel Cinna

Ambriel Cinna is an NPC controlled by Aendri.

Ambriel Cinna
Species Patrician Height 6'8“ / 203.2cm
Gender Female Weight 127lbs / 57.6kg
Age 31 Measurements 34B-26-36
Organization Elysian Celestial Navy/Star Army of Yamatai 10th Fleet Occupation: Captain
Rank: Shôshô/Prefectii Current Placement: YSS Anoiktos

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 6' 8” / 203.2cm
  • Mass: 127lbs / 57.6kg
  • Measurements: 34B-26-36

Build and Skin Color: Ambriel has a rather standard slim build, though from the perspective of other Elysians, she's actually fairly heavily built. This results in a slim, well-toned body the envy of many people outside of Elysia. She has flawless Caucasian skin though, pale to the point of resembling pure marble.

Eyes and Facial Features: Ambriel has dark (brownish-blackish), almond eyes, with an unexpected softness to them. She has sharp, Fae features, with only the smallest hint of a smile.

Hair Color and Style: Ambriel has long, blond (going on silver hair). It has only the faintest hint of curls in it, giving it a wavy look. Hair Color (reference for color)

Wings: Ambriel has soft white wings, only average for a Patrician in terms of wingspan.

Distinguishing Features: Ambriel's eyes really stand out from the rest of her person, as their natural soft, almost friendly look goes against her angular features and solid build.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Ambriel is a quiet, thinker kind of person, more likely to pass along orders to an XO to yell at someone than do it herself. This isn't to say she's not friendly, or unable to deal with problems herself, just that she'd rather let someone else handle it so she can keep working on whatever she was doing. She loves talking to other people (especially if they enjoy thinking about things on the same level as she does), just to get different perspectives on life in general, or specific questions if she feels like someone else might be able to understand it. She also tends to offend people completely by accident, because she simply has no concept of limitations in general being a problem for anyone, leading to stray comments making people feel unappreciated or offended.

  • Personality Archetype: Dominant-Realist
  • Likes: Pretty much anything dealing with philosophy or logic, and in a general sense just about anything if it catches her fancy.
  • Dislikes: Not much, unless it actively interferes with her thinking, or goes completely against her logic
  • Goals: Understand as much as absolutely possible.

Background & Information


  • Camael Cinna (father)
  • Suriel Cinna (mother)
  • Chosniel Cinna (grandfather)



Ambriel is from a very well off Elysian military family, with the large majority of her ancestors and direct family having been military, or in some way directly connected to the service. In addition, both her father and grandfather were high ranking officers during their time with the Elysian Celestial Navy (her father being a Lokhagi, her grandfather a Legati and a Senator for a short time), though both have retired at this point. As such, there was a great deal of pressure for Ambriel as well to follow them into the military, and potentially rise to the position of Senator should there be need for her services. Her education was provided for early and well, with the need for education and more information being impressed upon her from a young age. She learned fast, and studied well for all of those years, though her liking for her studies was balanced out well by her liking for physical activities and general fitness. She was never very close to any of her peers, though, her family's kleos and her busy life preventing her from growing friendly with them on a very personal level.

Early Military Career (YE 23 to YE 25)

Thanks to her familial connections, she entered the ECN at the rank of Duplicarii during late YE23, though not in command. Her first posting was as the third in command and pilot of a smaller ship, though injuries onboard her ship during the Fourth Elysian War resulted in her taking over as their infantry leader for a time. During YE24, the ship she'd served on (the ESC Antesignani) was destroyed in the fighting, though the large majority of the crew escaped, with the captain and a skeleton crew remaining onboard to allow the rest of the crew time to abandon ship. She received her second posting in short order, taking her place in the crew of the ESC Celeres as their infantry commander in truth. Onboard a fast response ship, she saw plenty of service in the field, though the fighting was never at it's peak where she was. She performed admirably, proving herself more than capable of leading a reasonably sized number of men in combat, and of serving all around as an inspiration through action to her troops.

Mid Military Career (YE 25 to YE 31)

With her second posting proving much less prone to rapid ending as the first, she served a full three years onboard the Celeres, being awarded a small number of medals for honorable service, as well as being injured once. Early on in YE28, she was assigned a new posting, and given a promotion to Lokhagi, succeeding her father in his command of a mid-sized escort ship. With her father retiring, he prevailed on his commanding officer to give the rising young star commander in the ranks an opportunity to command and fulfill her potential as a commander. Thus, she took up the role of being the commanding officer of the ECS Praetoria, where she would serve for the next three years. Upon the Elysian Senate's decision to bring the Empire into a merge with the Yamataian Star Empire, she was forced to step down as commander of the Praetoria, though given a promotion to Prefectii as a conciliatory measure. She put her family's connections to use once more, and instead of being forced to serve under a Yamataian commander, she was granted permission to take up a position as a test pilot for a time for prototype development of ships and armor systems.

Later Military Career to Current Day (YE 31 to YE 33)

Serving under the the former Elysian Celestial Navy's research division as a test pilot was a job that Ambriel was well suited to. Her inquisitive nature, and quick learning rate allowed her to grasp the direction of the prototype projects easily, and therefore test them more accurately, putting them through tests suited to their purpose, rather then general testing. This led to quicker testing processes in general, and better interaction between her and the scientists and engineers developing the various devices. Despite her slightly isolationist nature in the past, she associated happily with the other testers and her co-workers, which led to her being selected to test a pair of very specialized systems on top of the other projects she'd been assigned. The general success of one of the two designs (the Panopteles Class, thought the Arcangèlo Heavy Armor has also been designated for service), brought about its production for field testing, rather than simply lab testing, and her co-workers passed along a recommendation that Ambriel be the commander for the test ship, due to her familiarity with its design and experience as a commander for small forces. Thus, when the YSS Anoiktos was commissioned, the orders came down once more for her to move along, this time to a full command of a solitary vessel.

Skill Areas


Ambriel is familiar with basic radio operation and procedures and can make transmissions to and receive transmissions from other characters through headsets, starships, power armor, and shuttles in both combat and non-combat conditions. She is fluent in Seraphim, and both Nepleslian and Yamataian, as well as a smattering of Ly'thir. She can speak and write both correctly and efficiently and can write reports, fill forms, issue orders under fire, etc. As a patrician, Ambriel can also use her inherent telepathy at a range of approximately 7-8km, though she's never sat down to measure out a specific limit.


Your character received intensive infantry training and is highly proficient in the use of the Xiphos Infantry Blades, Phaelaes War Spear, Aspis Infantry Shield, Atromos Particle Beam Rifle, Dresde Under-Slung Grenade Launcher, Sersis Variable Pistol, Sperion Mini-Grenade and Pelphrys Particle Pulse Autocannon. Your character has also been trained in Pankration throughout her education and is adept in it as a result of her continued practice and development in service. As a Patrician, Ambriel is trained in the use of the Anthedon Power Armour, and has actually been chosen to take part in some prototype development of newer power armors, due to her inquisitive nature when it comes to technology. Her training extends to conditions ranging from zero-gee to areas up to approximately double Elysia Novus's gravity.


Ambriel is a fine physical specimen among Elysians. While she appears to be, at most, lean and wiry to Nepleslian or Yamataian citizens, the inherent strength of the Elysian frame is deceptive, granting her extremely much more physical strength and endurance than it would appear she has. She is an active soldier, despite her love of scholarly pursuits, and actively trains to maintain her physique and frame in their top condition. To this end, she actively practices pankration and runs regularly to keep up her all around form.


She is a consistently solid leader, capable of making the snap tactical decisions and calls that are required of any good leaders. She is also a good public speaker, when she can be persuaded to actually raise her voice. She's naturally talented at inspiring others to take risks they might not normally take, just by virtue of her nature.

Starship Operations

Ambriel is a capable starship pilot, capable of managing any of the Elysian ship classes that only require one pilot, and she can stand in for one of the pilots on a larger ship if necessary. This includes combat flight, and the ability to adapt to and learn new control schemes faster then normal.


Ambriel has a wonderful memory for anything she has read, including a very good rate of comprehension and reading speed. This is a major boon to her inquisitive nature, as she doesn't have to read the same material over and over to understand and pick up on its importance and major information. Her general retention of information is much better then average as well.

She also has a fairly solid knowledge of both Elysian and Yamataian law, and some knowledge of the history of both nations, especially as pertains to their interaction with one another over the years.

Technology Operations

Ambriel is fully capable of using both the standard Kessaku OS systems, as well as the Elysian Mnemosyne computer system. This includes basic troubleshooting, entering and retrieving data, and a rudimentary level of programming, though not enough to create entire programs or significantly alter an existing program.


Ambriel, despite a slight distaste for math, is naturally talented at it, and has received an education up to the upper levels of calculus, though she refused to study further into theoretical mathematics, due to a lack of practical use so far as she could tell.

Tested Devices


Not Yet Adopted/Rejected


Ambriel Cinna is currently a Shôshô/Prefectii in the Elysian Celestial Navy/Star Army of Yamatai 10th Fleet, and makes 7750 KS per month.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
76000 KS Total Savings


This character is not available for adoption.

Character Data
Character NameAmbriel Cinna
Character OwnerAendri
Character StatusNPC In Use By GM or FM
Approval Thread…
Star Army Personnel Database
SAOY Career StatusActive Duty
SAOY RankShôshô
SAOY OccupationStar Army Starship Captain
SAOY AssignmentYSS Anoiktos

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