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YSS Anoiktos

The YSS Anoiktos (Seraphim for β€œlight”) is a El-S1-2a Panopteles-class Explorer from the Tenth Fleet, created in late YE 33, but not entering service until YE 37. Its original purpose was to investigate problems around the Elysian Territories, however recently its new mission is to find a planet where the Elysian populous can start a new.

YSS Anoiktos in Roleplay

The primary purpose of the YSS Anoiktos is to search out and colonize a planet, with the intent to facilitate the creation of a new home away from Yamatai to assist in the eventual establishment of a new Elysian nation, separate and free. The ship is run by the captain Ambriel Cinna, and her first officer Charalampos Ambrosia.

The plot is run by the GM Semjax and Co-Gm'd by the Elysian Faction Manager Aendri.

Posting Expectations

Here in the Anoiktos plot we have pretty light posting expectations. If you are unable to keep up with these posting rules, or have a reason to be incapable of posting within the expectations time limit, it would be in your best interest to contact the GM Semjax or the Co-GM/FM Aendri as soon as you possibly can, and before you leave as that would excuse you for the time you are gone. So without further adieu here are the posting rules:

  1. All players are required to post at least once after the GM posts their post.
  2. Players are expected to post as soon as they are capable of doing so…
  3. …But not waiting more than week to do so at any given time.
  4. After a week you will receive a PM from either the GM or Co-GM Stating that you should post, this will only happen twice. After that you will not receive a PM, and the GM will just continue without you.
  5. If you do not reply within 1.5 Weeks the character will be taken over by the GM or Co-GM with or without your permission. You will have two days after this to contact the GM and explain why you haven't posted, and get your character back..
  6. If you fail to contact the GM within the 2 weeks period, your character will be placed in the inactive/former section on the crew page. You will then have to apply to the GM AND Co-GM to receive the character back which upon receiving the application, they will discuss and see if you get another chance.

How to Join

So you want to take part in the Anoiktos RP, how do you do that? Well simply put first you contact the GM Semjax either on the Forum or IRC. Then, if you are approved to join the plot.. you make a character using the Creating a Character and Creating an Elysian pages here on the Wiki, both will definitely help you in creating characters not just for the Elysians, but the site as a whole. When you feel like you've completed this step you move to the forum and post the character under submitted characters.

Want some help figuring out what would be accepted on the Anoiktos and what would be most useful to the Anoiktos? Take a look at our Recruitment information!

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