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Elysian Celestial Navy

The Elysian Celestial Navy was the space-based arm of the Elysian Celestial Armed Forces of the Elysian Celestial Empire. Following the reacquisition of Elysia by Yamatai in YE 31, it served as an independent wing of the Star Army of Yamatai until mid YE 32 when it was reformed as the Tenth Fleet.

Old Organization

The organization of the Elysian Celestial Navy was rather complex due to Elysia's tradition of giving a good deal of independence to independent ship captains, although every ship belonged at least loosely to one of the Elysian fleets. Each fleet patrolled counter-clockwise to cover all five Elysian systems. If intruders attacked or intruded, all or most of the fleets mobilized to that position. The fleets were:

Fleet Status
Amyna Fleet Active
Alitheia Fleet Disbanded
Apoikia Fleet Disbanded
Peripolo Fleet Disbanded
Larikosis Fleet Disbanded
Kalikolo Fleet Disbanded

In late YE 34, the Yamatai Star Empire built a Naval Arsenal for Elysia.

Elysian also once had a Planetary Defense Force, but it was disbanded in a YE 30 reorganization of the Celestial Navy.

Ships and Equipment of the Elysian Celestial Navy

See the following article: Elysian Military Equipment

Assets of the Elysian Celestial Navy

Elysian Naval Arsenal

Scrapyard System

The following assets are currently located in the Scrapyard system.

Ranks of the Elysian Celestial Navy

The Elysian military was based, like most of its society, on a combination of aristocracy and meritocracy - the upper echelons were primarily composed of born Patricians, trained from an early age in the art of war, while the lower ranks are Plebeians although promotion wes fair and it was possible for a Plebeian to 'earn' Patrician status for himself and his descendants through remarkable performance. In addition, due to the combination of the political and the military in Elysian society means that many of those in command simply used the rank 'Senator'.

The tendency for Elysians to concentrate on the performance on single ships also means that there were less ranks than might otherwise be thought.

  • The Elysian Senate (Technically, although usually defers to the War Council.
  • Leader of the War Council - leads up the 'War Council' of military-trained senators, the voice of the Council and also the deciding vote.
  • Duxi - The supreme leader in the field, with control over the largest fleet and superiority over the Legati.
  • Legati - The Legati each control a fleet, it is unusual for one to not also be a Senator.
  • Prefectii - The leader of a tactical group, the size and prominence of which differs greatly according to the ability of the Prefectii and their mission, reflecting the militaries highly flexible nature.
  • Lokhagi - The Captain, who controls their own vessel. This rank varies enormously, and it is dependent on the Kleos of the individual - as reflected by their assigned tasks and ships. A informal hierarchy based on Kleos is in place.
  • Duplicari - This is the highest rank a Plebeian can aspire to, and commands a vessel. However these vessels are those which are not concidered 'worthy' of a Patrician - primarily El-E1-1a Concordia-class Scout Scout Ships and Planetary Defence Satellites.
  • Semeai - This is the general rank for a Plebeian, or indeed a Patrician serving underneath a Patrician on a ship. There is no innate ranking, except for that within the ship - '1st Pilot' is of superior rank to '2nd Pilot' - however on an intership basis the crew is judged on the ships that they have served on.
  • Tironi - An Enlisted cadet undergoing training.


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