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Elysian Calendar

The Elysian calendar is, as one could imagine, a means of tracking days, months, and years. However, it varies somewhat from the norm: it is not based solely on solar nor lunar revolution, but rather an intricate combination of the two, one which few Elysians can purport to fully understand, and virtually nobody non-Elysian. The calendar itself tracks the phases of the moon (notably, reliant on the position of the sun), of which there are three each month, each lasting three days.

An Elysian month lasts for 30 days, and each day for 24 hours – these hours, however, are clocked at the equivalent of 1.15 Yamataian hours. The year is 360.003 of these days, which will eventually result in the need for a leap-year – however, since this will only occur every 333 years or so, no direct solution to the discrepancy in the calendar has yet been determined.

Each of the twelve months begins with the first sighting of the Noumenia, or new moon. This is declared when an Elysian Senator can see it standing from the center of the Elysian Capital (Notably, there is no requirement for it to physically be seen, as Elysians are familiar with the concepts of cloud-cover and light pollution. When it is technically in position to be seen from the center of the capital, every thirty point some very small amount days, the new month begins). After this, there is the waxing moon, the observance of the full moon, and the final phase of the waning moon. The last day of the month is called Hena Kai Neia (Old and New).

As a historical side note, the calendar of the Elysian year recently went through dramatic changes – it was prior a technically similar system designed for use from the orbital ‘heavens’ over Yamatai. Elysians speak little of this, and their new calendar and roll of years ignores utterly that they ever even came from Yamatai. Most Elysians would much rather forget the shame of being ousted from their traditional home.

Spring and Autumn are, notably, considered inferior seasons to Winter and Summer, and some Elysians even go so far as to observe only Winter and Summer as seasons. Spring and Autumn are merely the waning tails of greater things.


The months of the Elysian calendar are as follows (including loose equivalents to Western Solar months):


Hekatombaion (June/July) Metageitnion (July/August) Boedromion (August/September)


Pyanension (September/October) Maimakterion (October/November) Poseidon (November/December)


Gamelion (December/January) Anthesterion (January/February) Elaphebolion (February/March)


Mounichion (March/April) Thargelion (April/May) Skirophorion (May/June)

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