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YSE/ECE Treaty of YE 30

The YSE/Elysia Treaty of YE 30 is a military and economic treaty between the Elysian Celestial Empire and the Yamatai Star Empire that effectively ended tension between the two nations and created a rock-solid military alliance that continues to this day.


Yamatai and Elysia had a history of warfare. After four wars, the two nations were sick of fighting one another. Elysia was finally gaining its economic footing and military power, and Yamatai's new Empress saw them as a valuable potential ally against a growing anti-Yamatai alliance. By creating this treaty, the YSE/ECE conflicts of the past would be replaced with brotherhood, and both Elysia and Yamatai were able to reduce threats against their nations.

In late YE 30, Empress Empress Himiko I invited Elysia to send its Legate to the Empress' Palace. Elysia accepted the invitation and the treaty was worked out in short time, in front of a fireplace.

Treaty Provisions

  • Elysia and Yamatai have formed a sacred brotherhood to stand back-to-back against whatever troubles may come, helping one another as best they can.
  • Elysia and Yamatai agree to assist each other military in training operations, defensive operations and, optionally, offensive operations.
  • Elysia and Yamatai agree to share a significant portion of high-level military technologies with one another.
  • Elysia and Yamatai agree to have fully open commerce and trade.
  • Yamatai agrees not to interfere with Elysian Western expansion.

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