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Year-End Traditions

The Year-End Traditions, also referred to as β€œThe Holidays,” occur at the end of every Yamataian Calendar year (during the OOC month of December). While the significance of the holiday is debated to this day, it is commonly agreed by all those who celebrate it (everyone) that at the very least, the Year-End Holidays are meant to spread good cheer, good will, and good food among all Good folks.

The typical holiday colors are red, green, white, and gold.

The Star Army of Yamatai even has a special kit for the holidays: Star Army Holiday Kit, Type 36


Below are some of the things that occur during the Yule Tide season:

  • πŸŽ„ Acquiring a β€œYule Tide Tree”. This is a coniferous tree (also known as evergreen: pine, fir, yew, redwood, etc), in which lights and various ornaments are then hung on its branches.
  • 🎁 Getting gifts for friends and family. They are typically placed under the tree, opened only on Yule Tide Day (and placed under the tree during Yule Tide Eve)
  • 🧦 Filling large stockings full of treats and Yule Tide trinkets and sweets. Socks hung over a Fireplace or a spot on a wall
  • πŸ’‘ Stringing up lights and holly wreaths over a dwelling or in the corridors and doors of a ship
  • πŸ— Yule Tide Feast held on Yule Tide Eve: Some form of Pork (ham) or poultry (chicken/goose)), bread, corn, green beans/baked beans, potatoes, cranberrys, Rum-Spiked eggnog are the essentials (bare minimum).
  • 🌿 Mistletoe hanging from random ceilings; the tradition is you are supposed to kiss whoever you are standing under the mistletoe with
  • πŸ˜‡ Giving gifts of material and food wealth to the needy / acts of charity
  • πŸŽ… Dressing up as Father Yule
  • apple cider, gingerbread houses, candy canes, jingle bells

These are, of course, only some of what takes place during the Yule Tide Holidays, though this is the most common form of celebration, especially for less wealthy members of any society

Historical Stuff and Etc

No one is entirely sure where and when Holidays began, or that the holidays themselves were originally called Yule Tide. Thus far no one has been able to explain then just where in their history the holiday started. The holidays are mysterious in the sense that it has always been. Many, particularly the Elysians, believe the Holiday to have religious connotations, taking the message of Goodwill, Good Cheer, and Good Food and applying it as the will of a God or Goddess or The Gods. More Radical religious groups have taken to claiming that the Holiday is actually a celebration of the Birthday of a prophet or God, though very few take this notion of the Yule Tide Holidays very seriously, as in the end it doesn't matter where it came from, only that it is a season of Good Will, Good Cheer, and Good Food.

OOC Notes

The reason for the holiday suddenly showing up IC in the RP should be explained by the occurrence of three factors:

  • Elysia has rejoined Yamatai and some aspects of its culture and holidays are being picked up by Yamatai
  • All the death and destruction of the Second Mishhuvurthyar War prompts people to want to celebrate life, friends, and family more.
  • Nepleslia can roll some of the Yule traditions into Pasco Day perhaps.

Maybe after the holidays, plots that participate can post examples of traditions actually roleplayed.

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