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YE 46

YE 46 is the current in-character Yamataian Calendar year. It began on January 1, 2024 and will end on December 31, 2024.

IC/OOC Schedule

This table shows how the IC calendar is aligned with the OOC one.

IC Month OOC Months Events
YE 45.1 Jan
YE 45.2 Feb & Mar Love Day
YE 45.3 Apr Hanami, Hinamatsuri
YE 45.4 May & Jun
YE 45.5 Jul Kikyō No Sekku
YE 45.6 Aug Ocean Day
YE 45.7 Sep Keiro No Hi
YE 45.8 Oct & Nov Candy Festival
YE 45.9 Dec Year-End Traditions


Yamatai and Nepleslia have entered the Third Mishhuvurthyar War and is trying to explore the galaxy and track them down before they become too big of a threat to handle. But exploring a galaxy is a huge task and they will need every brave captain and crew member they can find to get out there and see the galaxy, making allies and quelling threats along the way.

Notable Events

Listed below are some notable events in various factions that happened in YE 46.


Star Army Events


the marines and surviving mercenary to the local police.

  • The Myrm briefly invade Stenkagorad in the Svodog system.
  • Amidst tensions brewing between the two factions on Stenkagorad a Civil War breaks outbetween the local Kuzynetski mercenaries and the governor-appointed mercenaries on the planet.
    • A ship boarded by the Myrm goes off course heading for the planet with a breached reactor that if going critical when the ship breaks up in orbit may cripple the capital settlement on the planet with an EMP resulting in the deaths of millions due to the cold if the cities shields are not raised in time.
    • The shields, unable to be raised due to the absence of the governor fall under the responsibility of local NSN and NSMC personnel to activate. Teaming up with the same mercenaries suspected of shooting down their shuttle and attempting to kill them weeks prior local marines fight a protracted battle against the very same Kuznyetski mercenaries they had been shot down with alongside their sworn enemy.
    • Being cornered and unable to raise the shields the marines and their mercenary allies fail. The shields, however, are raised, uncovering the corruption of the city's administrative AI by the Appointed Governor and the local NPF planetary commissioner to take over control the city from the kuznyetski.
    • The governor's mercenaries take all the credit for saving the city while the marines are detained and only released under pressure of an NSN ship captain who takes the marines off-world.


  • Shasta No Sekai corporation spends close to 6-million DA on an ancient super-frieghter, converting it into an operational mothership.
  • Warmaster Alpha-Beta assembles a Coalition of various groups centered around the shared liberation of the Osman system from the NMX. Such groups include:
  • The Strays detonate a Devils Death Bell 'Unguided' Tactical Nuke on Rogers World IV in an attempt to kill The biggest bug but fail. The Giant slug is killed after ramming it with a grounded starship that was set on fire with its transported tanks of starship fuel. Chips Roger is declared mutant-king of the surviving populace of the world now ridden with cancer and intense radiation.
    • The Strays flee Rogers World IV after looting the treasury, The cult of Yamog takes power on the world after a child is born with just one eye.
  • The Osman Coalition takes Fredriksburge from the NMX after a day of intense fighting ended only when a starship crashed nearby covering the entire area in soot and carbon. No survivors of the locals are found at Fredriksburge and were suspected to have been moved elswhere.

Products Released


These characters were born in YE 46. To update this list edit the struct data on character pages.

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Timeline: Years
OOC Start Date01/01/2024
OOC End Date12/31/2024
Neshaten EoEEE 007
ElysianAD 4017
HSC (Poku)765 CY
IromakuanheAR 947.25
Abwehran263 AF - Fourth Quarter

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