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Mining Guild

Business Information


The Mining Guild is Divided into many Divisions as a corporation.

Board of Directors

Corporate Security

Exploration Team

Resource extraction Team

Creative and Development



Expedition Team



Mining Guild Property





    • Ironskin Settlement
    • Mount Venture Settlement
    • Astral Settlement
    • Tundra plains Settlement
    • Freezy Land Settlement

Space Station

Mobile Settlements


The Mining Guild has its own Shipyard




AI and Technology


Systems Owned

Mining Guild Contingent

Shared Control


Mining Guild

The Mining Guild is a business based primarily in the New Dusk Conclave Formed in YE 41, that deals exclusively with mining and everything to do with that profession. In order to honor the New Dusk Conclave originally, the Mining Guild had the New Dusk Conclave as part of its name, but while it does have locations on the capital world of Sirris VI it is not controlled by the government

About Mining Guild

The Mining Guild was created to fill a need that the New Dusk Conclave would soon find itself needing, in order to produce the metallic materials for the shipyards to produce ships, for their vehicles, and various other items of metal, and for the Jewelry stores to create their Jewelry from the gems that were mined. By creating the Guild and creating their own mines, they cut the cost of imports from the other Governments that neighbored the NDC.

Formed in YE 41, after Nyx Pine’s activation, and her seeking out a means to help her father and uncle's government, the Gynoid Princess encountered twins Astrid and Aeta Kurosaki.

Their encounter with Nyx Pine filled an important need, namely the backing of the royal family, or at least one of them. With Nyx at their back, they began forming the Mining Guild, gathering the personnel chosen from the willing and able, from Refugees as they had been to to additional other Personnel, such as Yamatai expats alike, including a robot workforce.

Nyx and Aeta came up with ideas in order to help them like the Mineral scanner, in order to detect the specific minerals which made the work much easier. They also made an agreement, that if they found a deposit that measured up to a typical home, they could individually keep it, but anything bigger than that was for The New Dusk Conclave to use as they wished, and they had to make sure that they were finding deposits for the New Dusk Conclave.


“From dusk we'll dig, for inside every world is the sun of a new dawn.”

mining_guild_insignia.jpg 1)

General Information

Here is some General Information

Mining Guild
CEO Astrid and Aeta Kurosaki, Nyx Pine
Faction New Dusk Conclave
Product Symbol MG

Additional pages

In this small section are links to additional pages that belong to the Mining Guild.


The following systems are chartered by the Mining Guild.


The Main Headquarters is a large building in the downtown Obsidian City, close to the middle of the City itself.


The Facilities of the Mining Guild are largely the mines themselves, but there are locations near the entrance and random tunnels that have bathroom facilities, as well as a mess hall filled with food and water for the Miners to consume as well as places to purchase drinks for later use.

Some facilities are the Refineries to process their ore to metals and their gem ore to gems, and they have Their Industrial shuttle to also carry their water concerns.

As of YE 42 they have Engineering facilities for their tech needs, and their Engineering corps to build it.


At locations too far from Obsidian City, Arcadia, or Amit Base, they have Mining Guild Settlements, and lastly DracoTown


The Mining Guild produces a vast quantity of refined metals and gemstones for a variety of future creations, whether that be Starships, buildings for cities, or vehicles. But this production isn’t quite limited to those, thanks to a periodical partnership with the Department of Engineering, they can also produce technology for their own use, and for the rest of the New Dusk Conclave.

Products Manufactured by The Mining Guild

Products made by the Mining Guild are listed below.

Below is a list of the gems that are mined and eventually sold to their partners. as a result of the Gems, the Mining Guild has a constant 1,108,254 for use. The metal gives them 24,520.1274 for use



Item per Money
Jeremejevite carat 1,500KS
Blue garnet carat 1,500KS
Taaffeite carat 2,000KS
Black Opal carat 2,000KS
Demantoid Garnet carat 2,000KS
Poudretteite carat 3,000KS
Benitoite carat 3,000-4000KS
Sapphires carat 4,000-6,000KS
Musgravite carat 6,000KS
Emerald carat 8,000KS
Red Beryl carat 10,000KS
Alexandrite carat 10,000KS
Paraiba Tourmaline carat 12,000KS
Diamond carat 15,000KS
Ruby carat 15,000KS
Jadeite carat 20,000KS
Grandidierite carat 20,000+
Red Diamond carat 1,000,000+
Painite carat 200KS
Serendibite carat 50KS
Black diamond carat 3000 KS3)
Amethyst Carat 100


Item Per Money
Aluminum lb ks0.9006
Cobalt lb ks19.400
Copper lb ks3.5503
Pure Chromium100Gks 32
Bulk Chromium100gks 0.28
Gold oz ks1847.10
Iron Ore mt ks147.01
Lead lb ks0.9183
Pure Magnesium100gks 3.7
Bulk Magnesium100g ks 0.29
Nickellbks 8.0771
Palladiumlbks 2265.00
Platinumozks 1102.00
Silverozks 27.325
Silicongks 0.50
Hyperpure siliconoz ks100
Steel lb between ks 549 to 726
Titaniumlb ks 30.00
Zinclbks 1.1560

OOC Notes

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The Mining Guild can be contacted through the New Dusk Conclave's mail system, as well as Subspace communications, and any other way like most other Corporations, though it is best to contact them after 9 am Sirris VI time and Draco Eridanus time.

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Mining Guild Insignia was created by Rawolfe
Some of the information about the gemstones sold was found here Gemstones,
9000 per Dia

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