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Mining Guild

Business Information


The Mining Guild is Divided into many Divisions as a corporation.

Board of Directors

Corporate Security

Exploration Team

Resource extraction Team

Creative and Development



Expedition Team



Mining Guild Property





    • Ironskin Settlement
    • Mount Venture Settlement
    • Astral Settlement
    • Tundra plains Settlement
    • Freezy Land Settlement

Space Station

Mobile Settlements


The Mining Guild has its own Shipyard




Dune Rider-class Rover:1) these rugged, agile, and fast land vehicles are the Mining Guild’s first land vehicle. It is designed to traverse the harsh desert terrain, equipped with advanced mining tools to extract valuable resources from the sands. They are equipped with advanced sensors and communication systems to gather data and relay information back to base2).

AI and Technology


Systems Owned

Mining Guild Contingent

Shared Control

Tier 0
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Mining Guild Sector Media

The Mining Guild Entertainment is a platform dedicated to showcasing the vibrant culture and recreational activities within the Mining Guild, providing insights into miners' lives beyond their work. It was founded in YE 45 to foster a sense of community and celebrate the unique aspects of mining culture.

About MG Sector Media

General Information about the MG Sector Media Company1).

MG Sector Media Company
““Unearthing Entertainment, Shaping Dreams.””
Faction Independent in Kosuke Sector, based in the New Dusk Conclave
Parent Company Mining Guild
Product Symbol MG
OOC Managers Charaa


In the year YE 45, the Mining Guild embarked on an ambitious endeavor to diversify its operations and build a stronger sense of community among its members. Inspired by their friends and close associates in the Yugumo Corporation, known for their successful ventures in technology, starships, stations, entertainment and media, the Mining Guild saw an opportunity to create something unique within their industry. Realizing the need for a space that would celebrate the vibrant culture and lives of the miners beyond their work, the Mining Guild decided to establish an Entertainment section called Sector Media. This innovative move aimed to not only entertain and educate their members but also to provide an insight into the rich and often untold stories of those who toiled in the mining industry.

Sector Media quickly gained popularity, offering a wide range of content, including documentaries on mining history, profiles of outstanding miners, and coverage of community events within the guild.

Current Time

Over the months, it became a hub for miners to share their experiences, hobbies, and talents. The Mining Guild's decision to create Sector Media in YE 45 played a significant role in strengthening their sense of camaraderie and showcasing the unique aspects of their culture to a broader audience.


The Mining Guild Entertainment, known as Sector Media, is located in the Mining Guild Headquarters on the 4th floor, within the heart of the headquarters' Marketing wing.


Below is the media used by the Mining Guild



  • Ruby the Geologist:

Role: Ruby is a passionate and knowledgeable geologist who works closely with Rocko. She provides valuable insights into the geological formations and helps the Mining Guild locate rich mineral deposits.

  • Blastin' Betty the Explosives Expert:

Role: Betty is the go-to expert for handling explosives in the mines. She's skilled in controlled detonations and plays a crucial role in clearing paths and uncovering valuable resources. Her fearless and adventurous nature makes her a fan favorite.

  • Quarry Quinn the Equipment Engineer:

Role: Quinn is the genius behind designing and maintaining the advanced mining equipment used by the guild. From drilling machines to ore transporters, Quinn ensures everything runs smoothly and efficiently in the mines.

  • Crystal Claire the Gem Enthusiast:

Role: Claire has a keen interest in rare gems and crystals. She often joins mining expeditions to discover unique and precious stones. Her eye for detail and love for aesthetics add a touch of elegance to the Mining Guild's endeavors.

  • Dust Devil Dan the Desert Explorer:

Role: Dan specializes in exploring the vast deserts where the Mining Guild operates. His knowledge of the harsh desert terrain and its hidden treasures makes him an invaluable asset. He often uncovers ancient artifacts and mysterious structures.

Video Game Exclusive Characters:

  • Magma Magnus the Volcanic Explorer:

Role: Exclusive to a video game set in volcanic regions, Magnus is an expert in mining operations near active volcanoes. Players must navigate challenging environments and harness the power of volcanic activity to extract rare and valuable resources.

  • Astro Ava the Space Miner:

Role: In a video game set in space, Ava is a skilled astronaut and miner. She leads missions to distant asteroids and celestial bodies, extracting precious minerals from space rocks. Players join her on interstellar adventures and face the challenges of mining in zero gravity.

  • Techie Tim the Virtual Reality Engineer:

Role: In a virtual reality mining simulation game, Tim is the character who guides players through the training process. He introduces them to advanced mining technologies in a virtual environment, preparing them for real-world mining challenges.

Elemental Alliance more for kids

  • Pyra the Fire Enchantress:

Role: Pyra possesses the power of fire and can manipulate flames at will. She is a skilled fire mage who can harness the elemental force for both offensive attacks and utility purposes. Her fiery personality matches her abilities, and she is often called upon to deal with threats in volcanic regions.

  • Terra the Earth Guardian:

Role: Terra is a stoic and powerful guardian of the earth element. She has the ability to control and shape the earth, making her an expert in creating barriers and manipulating the terrain. Terra is often sought after to handle seismic activities and protect against ground-based threats.

  • Aqua the Water Siren:

Role: Aqua is a mysterious and graceful water elemental who can control the power of water. She is often found near bodies of water, using her abilities for healing and defensive purposes. Aqua is also known for her captivating singing voice that can enchant those who hear it.

  • Zephyr the Air Nomad:

Role: Zephyr is a free-spirited and agile air elemental who can manipulate the winds. He excels in aerial combat and reconnaissance missions, using his control over the air to navigate effortlessly. Zephyr is known for his carefree attitude and love for exploration.

  • Crystalina the Gemweaver:

Role: Crystalina is an enchanting character with the ability to control and shape crystals and gemstones. She can create barriers, illusions, and even channel the energy of different crystals for various effects. Crystalina is often sought after for her knowledge of rare gemstones and their mystical properties.

  • Ferro the Metal Forger:

Role: Ferro is a skilled blacksmith and warrior with control over metal. He can manipulate metallic objects, create powerful weapons, and even use his abilities defensively to form armor. Ferro is often called upon to reinforce structures or to craft special tools for challenging mining operations.

Elemental Alliance

  • Ignis, Terrus, Aquara, Zephyrus, , Ferro and Crystalina:

Role: This diverse group represents the Elemental Alliance, with each member specializing in one of the elemental forces. Ignis controls fire, Terrus governs earth, Aquara presides over water, Zephyrus commands air, and Gemara oversees crystals and gemstones. Together, they unite to protect the world from elemental threats and maintain balance.


Ode to the Mining Guild

The ode to the Mining Guild, is a song, sung by the miners of the Mining Guild

Mining Guild Emporium Jingle

Mining Guild Emporium Jingle, is a song created for the commercials featuring the Mining Guild Emporium


Virtual Reality

The OreScape Chronicles A series of immersive virtual reality (VR) games or experiences set in the rich mining worlds controlled by the Mining Guild. Players can explore mines, extract valuable resources, and face challenges in an exciting and competitive environment. This serves as a marketing tool and source of revenue for the guild.


Gleaming Gems Casino An online casino platform where patrons can play mining-themed slot machines and other casino games for a chance to win real-world mining-related prizes. This can be a fun and engaging way to promote the guild's activities.

OreQuest An interactive mobile app or online game where players embark on mining expeditions, solving puzzles and overcoming challenges to find hidden treasures and valuable minerals. This app can serve as an educational and promotional tool.

Mining Monopoly A mining-themed board game or mobile app where players can strategize and compete to control mining regions, acquire resources, and build mining infrastructure. This game can provide entertainment while educating players about the mining process.

The Crystal Quest A treasure hunt-style adventure game that leads players on a quest to discover rare and valuable crystals, in the form of a mobile app.

Escape Rooms

escape room experiences set in mining-themed environments. Participants must solve puzzles and navigate challenges to “escape” from a mining disaster or locate hidden treasures.

Mining Guild Network TV

The Mining Guild TV Network is a dedicated TV channel (channel 6 in the NDC and 12 everywhere else) with a straming platform site, and app, showcasing a mix of entertainment and educational content related to mining and the Mining Guild. This channel includes shows such as documentaries, fictional series, live broadcasts from mines, and interviews with industry experts.


GuildDocs A series of documentary films that delve into the history and processes of the Mining Guild. These documentaries can showcase the guild's commitment to responsible mining and environmental stewardship.


Mine-Rescue Squad This is a reality TV show that follows a group of brave miners or rescue teams as they respond to disasters, saving lives and valuable resources. This show highlights the heroism and challenges in the mining industry as used by the Mining Guild.

Mining Thrill Rider A thrilling TV series set in the mining world3), featuring a team of geologists, miners, and engineers solving mysteries, facing challenges, and dealing with high-stakes situations in mining environments.

Mining Mysteries : An episodic TV series that combines the elements of mystery, drama, and mining history. Each episode could follow a different mining-related mystery, solving it by the end of the episode. Not all would be related to the Mining Guild though.


Mining Adventure This is a travel based show, where adventurers explore mining regions around the sector(s). In the form of a Host that takes the audience on exciting journeys to discover unique landscapes, minerals, and the cultures of mining communities.


Miner's Got Talent A talent competition featuring miners and their families who showcase their talents beyond mining. This include singing, dancing, and other artistic skills, providing a heartwarming and entertaining look into the personal lives of miners.


An additional talent competitions and talent shows to discover and promote entertainers and performers who have a connection to the Mining Guild. These artists can be featured in guild-sponsored events and promotional campaigns.

Miner's Artistic Showdown

A competitive reality TV series where artists, sculptors, and creators compete to produce mining-themed artworks. The show can highlight the artistry and creativity that can be inspired by the mining world.

Mining Masters Cooking Show

A cooking show that focuses on creating dishes using ingredients inspired by the minerals and resources found in mining. It can be both informative and entertaining for food enthusiasts.

Mines & Music Fest

An annual music and arts festival set in a scenic mining location. This event can attract a diverse audience and highlight the aesthetic aspects of mining while providing entertainment through music, art, and cultural activities.

Rock 'n' Gem Concerts

A series of concerts in underground mines, turning these unique venues into musical experiences. These concerts feature a variety of artists and genres, bringing a fusion of music and mining culture.

Reality TV

Miner's Millionaire

Develop a reality TV show where participants compete in various mining challenges, aiming to strike it rich and become the next “Miner's Millionaire.” This show could offer an inside look at the mining industry while entertaining viewers with high-stakes drama.


Mining Guild Kids' Adventure” is a captivating and educational children's TV show set in the exciting world of mining. The show is designed to both entertain and inform young viewers about the mining industry, geology, and the importance of responsible resource management. Here are some key features and details about this concept:

  • Title: Mining Guild Kids' Adventure
  • Format: Animated
  • Target Audience: Children aged 6-12

Key Elements: Adventure and Exploration: The show follows a group of diverse and relatable young characters who embark on thrilling adventures in mining regions. They uncover the beauty of underground caves, fascinating minerals, and the challenges faced by miners.

Educational Content: While entertaining, the show incorporates educational elements, teaching kids about geology, mineral types, the Earth's formation, and sustainable mining practices. Each adventure becomes an opportunity for learning.

Characters: The main characters might include curious children from different backgrounds, a friendly geologist, and a wise, experienced miner who guides them on their journeys. These characters work together to solve problems and make discoveries.

Plot Variety: Each episode presents a unique adventure, whether it's searching for hidden gemstones, exploring ancient mining legends, or dealing with environmental challenges. The characters use teamwork and critical thinking to overcome obstacles.

Safety and Responsibility: The show emphasizes safety and responsible mining practices, showing kids the importance of protecting the environment and respecting the resources of the Earth.

Interactive Elements: To engage the audience, the show could incorporate interactive segments where young viewers can participate in simple geology experiments, trivia quizzes, or craft activities related to mining.

Positive Messaging: Each episode concludes with a positive message about curiosity, friendship, and the significance of taking care of the planet. The young characters emphasize the idea that the Earth's treasures are to be cherished and preserved.

Supporting Materials: The show could have a dedicated website with additional resources, such as fun facts about minerals, printable activities, and links to further educational content.

Partnerships: Collaborations with educational institutions or environmental organizations can enhance the show's credibility and offer additional learning opportunities for kids.



Mining Guild Merchandising

A line of branded merchandise, including clothing, accessories, and collectibles related to the Mining Guild. These items can be sold to enthusiasts and serve as a source of revenue and marketing outreach.

Mining Mysteries

A series of mystery novels or podcasts set in mining communities, with thrilling plots centered around hidden gems, lost artifacts, and the challenges miners face. These stories can engage a broad audience while promoting the guild's work.

Mining Guild Museums

An interactive Mining Guild-themed museums in various locations, where visitors can learn about the history, geology, and technology of mining through engaging exhibits and hands-on activities.

Mining Guild Podcast

A podcast series that explores various aspects of the mining industry, featuring experts, adventurers, and enthusiasts who share their experiences and insights, making it an engaging and educational resource.

Mining Guild's Lifestyle Magazine

Publish a glossy lifestyle magazine that not only covers mining news and developments but also features articles on the lives, hobbies, and interests of people working in the Mining Guild.

Crafting Workshops

Workshops and classes where participants can learn crafting and jewelry-making skills using mined materials. These workshops can be both educational and entertaining, allowing people to create their own mining-inspired jewelry.

Mining Guild Trading Cards

A collectible trading card game featuring characters, equipment, and resources from the Mining Guild’s shows. Players can trade cards, build decks, and compete in friendly matches, making it an engaging and competitive hobby.

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