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Draco Eridanus System

The Draco Eridanus System is rich in asteroids and natural resources. It is controlled by the Mining Guild.

Information about the corporation's mining operations can be found here.

Star Data

The star of the Draco Eridanus system is an A5 III White Giant star.

  • Name: Draco Eridanus
  • Type: A5 III White Giant
  • Mass: 7.45 x 1030 kg (3.74 x sol)
  • Radius 7.33 x 106 km (10.54 x sol)
  • Temperature 8600 K
  • Luminosity 3.86 x 1028 W (100.97 x sol)

System Information

Draco Eridanus is a system filled to the brim with asteroids. A nice, large nebula covers it from above with a blue that reminded Nyx Pine of her grandmother, Sarah Pine, when she first saw it. Thus, Nyx decided to name the nebula the Sarah Nebula in her honor. Because of its beauty, the miners are given a nice view when they were on a break and the civilians and newcomers go about their daily life with pleasant scenery. 1)

The following is a list of the Asteroids within the Field.


Draco Eridanus was once a system of nine planets, with an extra dwarf planet that had merely captured comets, and ice chunks made from accumulated water. Whether it was some cosmic anomaly, something happened to the system, and the planets were destroyed, leaving asteroids, and the ice drifts.

Current History

In early YE 42, the Mining Guild was chartered to go to Draco Eridanus by the New Dusk Conclave government after the Kurosaki sisters and the Royal representative Nyx Pine, discovered the system. With their new mining techniques and technology, plus the funding from their marketing efforts and the funding given by the NDC, they claimed the system.

Because of its sheer size, the Guild knew from the beginning that it would take a long time to mine the system. They split the system into alphabetical sections and had the miner groups work each section in shifts, depending on the needs of their species. There were talks of creating a racing course here too, but there were safety concerns.

The Mining Guild had purchased Daikoku-Class Agricultural Ship as a means to move farming to new areas for safety reasons.

At the Fourth Annual Founder’s Day Celebration, Project Terra was announced to not only the entire nation of the NDC but to the whole sector as well. Project Terra was the massive project in which a planet would be artificially created something thus far, no one in the sector let alone the NDC has ever tried to do before. The inhabitants and the Mining Guild were confident in their abilities to create a planet would be successful no matter what any nay-sayers would say.

At the end of Ye:44, their friends in the Motoyoshi Clan have decided to go on an expedition to new sectors in their galaxy, and seeking more resources, and potential for wealth, The Mining Guild has created a Mining Guild Contingent which would journey with the Motoyoshi as part of the Colonial Initiative Fleet, and contributing to this fleet with their own fleet

In addition, they began construction of new headquarters for the Contingent now named Station Decacron along with a new class of capital ship called the reforged class. The Capital ship was soon sent on a shakedown cruise with escorts, and it was tested on some pirate ships. On its return, the ship also brought genetic samples which were made into clones.

However, one clone Escaped due to a misunderstanding and remains missing.

Rogue Planet Enters Draco Eridanus in YE 45

Flora and Fauna

Structure Info

Structure 1 Details
Type Space Station
Name Station Omacron
Station Type Habitat/Industrial
Population 6,100+
Structures 3 Details
Type Shipyard
Name Dracrei Shipyards
Station Type Shipyard/Industrial
Structures 3 Details
Type Defense Platform
Name Guardian Defense Platforms]]
Station Type Automated/defense
Weapons Missiles, laser based weapons, particle beam weapons

Planet Info


Planet 1 Description
Planet Invader Planet
Environment Molten Lava World
Settlement 1

Project Terra Planet

Planet 2 Description
Planet Project Terra Planet
Environment Terrestrial Utopia
Settlement 0
Population 0 planet is still being formed
Satelites 1

Kurosaki Fields Data

Sector A

Small clusters of asteroids that lead and follow Draco Eridanus's Star in its orbital path, with an Orbital Radius of 0.72 Astronomical Units, most of the Sector A is composed of Class C Asteroids. Sector A were some of the first asteroids outside the Sanctum planetary system to be mined for raw materials by the Mining Guild. Most of them have been mined and are now materials for Station Omacron. and another project The Dracrei Shipyards are nearby.

Sector B

Similar to the Sector A fields, Sector B is still rich in material wealth and is being mined. Sector B usually has a variable population between 300 and 500 individuals depending upon the bi-quarterly shift change cycles. After Sector A, Sector B has the second least amount of asteroids, with an Orbital Radius of 1.44 Astronomical Units.

Sector C

This sector is a lightly populated asteroid field orbiting at 153.75 AU, and it is divided by the other sectors with a border in the shape of a thick line. Because of its light population of asteroids, the Station and the Shipyards are visible. There is enough room for transport to travel safely but the pilots are still careful to watch for rogue asteroids.

Outer sectors

The other designated sectors of the asteroid field continue from Sector D to Sector Z. Every single sector has asteroids that orbit at 175.75 AU. Unlike Sector C and below, the other sectors after this are much more densely populated, featuring a great deal more asteroids that increase in size the further out a ship travels.

Outer Planet

Ranks Description
Planet number 3
Planet Ice Drift Planet
Environment Ice Dwarf Planet
Settlement 1
Population 5,000

3)In the outer layer of the system are the leftover water, hydrogen, and comets that have gathered. These have formed into floating icebergs in space, held in the system by the gravity of the sun. The Mining Guild have come here when they developed mining technology better able to withstand freezing temperatures. Freezy Land is the settlement set up here, though in early YE 45 the ice drifts have begun to consolidate into a ice dwarf though the name still stands.

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Map Locations
Map to UseKikyo Sector
Map Display NameDraco Eridanus
Map Coordinates2188,1887
Map ImportanceLandmark
Map Marker
Map Tooltip ContentHub of the Mining Guild
Show label?yes
Marker AnchorBottom Center
Places of the SARPiverse
Opened/Settled (YE)YE 42
Place Categoriesstar system
It's 1500 light years away so it will be not only visible from the cieling of the Station but the planets too
2) , 3)
Art by Charaa using copilot

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